Testdrive in Belgium 17 - 18 May

Testdrive in Belgium 17 - 18 May

Thanks to the Tesla team that took care of the test driving sessions this morning in Brussels. they were very helpful, friendly and professional as you expect from a young team.
the test track was a bit too short too convince me fully to buy a P85+ but at least one gets a good idea of the capacities of the model S.
first impression driving the car; it drives very comfortably. my current car (CLS AMG) is pretty hard although it got only 19' wheels, the P85 had 21'. the second positive impression is of course the linearity of the accelerations. a negative point is the floaty feeling when accelerating firmly, my AMG outscores the P85 largely here. I shared this with another testdriver who agreed fully. I believe the performance plus package might solve this ... for a friendly upcharge of 6600 Euro...
since I had been reading remarks on the forum about the noise, I was a bit anxious about it but I have to say that it's acceptable, as far as one can make a good judgement on the bases of such a short trip.
another pleasant surprise was the fact that all seemed to be assembled pretty well for a newly introduced car. no cracking, no noises! I had other high end first series BMW/Merc's that were not assembled as good. the quality of the interior is not really up to the BMW/Audi/Merc's top range and that's a pitty. with a price of abt 100K to 119K Euro for a fully equiped P85+, I expected better. the center console is poorly finished, the touch and looks of some material should be better, and the floor mats/carpets looked a bit worn already.
overall my impression is positive but I'd need to drive the car on a bit longer and known track to be assure and confinced fully. I'd be happy to rent the car for a day but that's not possible yet.
I had a few discussions after the test drive and if I may suggest one thing to the Tesla team it's to get well informed about the specific tax and fiscal advantages driving an electric car in Belgium. I'm sure most potential buyers in Belgium are either CEO/CFO's/Partners or business owners. I like the Model S and the vision of TM very much in many ways but the extra trigger I had to consider buying a Model S is the important fiscal advantages you get from a company point of view. it's cheaper to drive than many other less expensive premium models regardless of the energy saving. to the team, check it out and make comparisons to show potential buyers if asked for.

I hope this review has been helpfull for other European / Benelux potential buyers.

electric color | May 18, 2013

Here is your posting. I agree with you on the interior. It bothers me that the head line is always tan. My old car was a Mercedes S and I have to say the interior was much nicer. But I LOVE driving my MS!

negarholger | May 18, 2013

I disagree on the interior - clean, uncluttered that's the way I like it. I am glad that Tesla tried a more modern look and didn't copy the last century interior of the Benz, etc. But that is a matter of taste. And there have been endless discussions about this.

dirk.saenen | May 19, 2013

I will answer in Dutch, with respect to the specific tax and fiscal advantages in Belgium.

Voor zover ik gevonden heb :
* 7% subsidie (voor vennootschappen)
* lage belasting op inverkeerstelling en jaarlijkse verkeersbelasting
* minimale VAA
* 120% aftrekbaar
De regels rond autokosten voor vennootschappen zijn algemeen onduidelijk in België; met de constante wijzigingen. Een coherent en stabiel beleid dringt zich op.

I assume once the Belgian Store gets up and running; they will be able to inform you in detail.

bernard.amand | May 20, 2013

@dirk: I was well aware of the last 3 points, but not the first one. Where can I find more information about this? thanks.

SamO | May 20, 2013


How much does a CLS AMG cost in Belgium?

How much do you spend in fuel during a typical month?

In CA USA, $300/month gas.

VAT/State Tax = ~10% on top of Retail Price

Tax rebates of $.60/mile driven for business.

Not even accounting for simplified maintenance costs.

Xfrank | May 20, 2013

zie agentschap ondernemen / ecologiepremie
onder technologienummer 641
"electrisch aangedreven vaartuig of voertuig met vier wielen of meer voor gebruik op de weg"
premie= 35% op de meerkost van 20% (=7%)

dirk.saenen | May 20, 2013


hi Bernard,

only in Flanders...

"Uw investering moet gebeuren in het Vlaamse Gewest"

Dewittekoen | May 22, 2013

@dirk.saenen ; re 7% subsidie = great tip, thanks !
BIV vlaanderen = vrijgesteld - jaarlijkse belasting : 75,77 €
zie ook ;

Dewittekoen | May 22, 2013

driving this kind of cars has become extremely expensive in Belgium as off Jan 1st 2012, at least if it's a company car. I got to pay 20K € tax per year to drive this car since Jan 2012. used to pay 2,5K€ till December 2011. didn't mind paying a bit more but that much is ridiculous.

fuel consumption is abt 13 liter/100 km at 1,69 euro. acceptable for the kind of performance you get.

switching to an EV would safe me a lot of money -:)