Text messages on display

Text messages on display

I am picking up my MS tomorrow but I was thinking it would be very cool if there was someway to read and possibly send text messages from the display. It would be a great way to get around those texting tickets in many states. Prob not great from a safety stand point but still would be very cool.

Salman | March 7, 2013

A lot of newer smartphones support reading (and replying) to text messages through a Bluetooth head unit (i.e. the one built in to a car, or a BT headset/speakerphone). This works on the MS with my Windows Phone. Probably better (from a safety perspective) than making you take your eyes off the road to read the message.

mlaiken | March 7, 2013

Salman, thanks for the reply but I am aware of doing it via Bluetooth audio. The voice recognition usually leaves much to be desired in terms of accuracy IMO. Would be very cool even when parked to be able to read and reply on touchscreen.

hnashif | March 7, 2013

Usually reading out text message (text-to-speach or TTS) is accurate, although may sound artificial and not very intelligent as far as text abbreviations. Voice recognition is used to dictate an outgoing text message may have a recognition issue, specially in a noisy environment (audio on or windows rolled down).

mlaiken | March 7, 2013

I have no issue with Siri reading my texts. That works. But answering using Siri is rarely correct. Especially in the car like you mention. I thought it might be a cool function to integrate into the touchscreen.

Captain_Zap | March 7, 2013

Why don't you just call people and use your voice to communicate?

Robert22 | March 7, 2013

That really upsets everyone these days.

lolachampcar | March 8, 2013

I am ornery and do not like talking to people. I am glad to see the rest of the world is catching up :)

Captain_Zap | March 8, 2013

Talking seems so much more efficent and less time consuming.

glaserud | March 8, 2013


Texting and driving? Bad combination imnsho.

rkang | March 8, 2013

I find that the speech recognition in my Model S is inferior to my Prius' for some reason.
Siri recognizes what I'm trying to say 90% of the time in my Prius. In the Model S, maybe 70% or less.

I'm not sure if this can be improved through a software update? Or is it a(n inferior) hardware issue? (bad mic)

hnashif | March 8, 2013

@rkang. Voice recognition is working fine for me. If anything, the problem that I am encountering w/ voice recognition, is user error. Somehow, I can't keep the "recording" button pressed while speaking. This is an odd requirement compared w/ other voice recognition systems that I have worked with.

In general, voice recognition can attempt to recognize keywords and ignore out-of-vocabulary words. i.e. in Google now, the engine is waiting to recognize "google", or some other keyword, and ignoring everything else, before it starts general voice recognition. For me this is ideal. On other systems, you are expecting to press a button, or provide some physical gesture (as in moving phone up) to initiate the recognition (as in Siri).

Captain_Zap | March 8, 2013

Sometimes I forget to turn down the Sound System when keying the microphone. That has caused me some problems with results.

bp | March 9, 2013

I'm having periodic problems getting the voice recognition to work.

I've also had several people mention that the voice quality on my end of phone conversations isn't very good.

The two problems might be related - poor audio quality for the microphone.

My previous car (LS 460) had a diagnostics menu I accessed to fine tune the microphone volume control - and was able to fix a similar problem in that car.

To determine if you have this problem - a simple test is to call leave yourself a voice mail, while you are driving - and see how good or poor the voice quality is. If it's poor - and you're having problems with voice recognition, that's likely the cause.

As for turning down the sound system - in my car, the sound system turns off/pauses while the voice command button is pressed - so there shouldn't be any interference between the sound system audio and the voice commands.

I rented a Ford with Sync recently, and it has the text-to-speech for text messages built-in. That should be possible with the MS - with some additional software - and is hopefully on their "future feature" list.