'Three Tesla secrets' article is one of the best written arguments I've read on the short term Tesla strategy towards AWD.

'Three Tesla secrets' article is one of the best written arguments I've read on the short term Tesla strategy towards AWD.

Very convincing research and thought put into this article. I would have to agree now that 'right under our nose' is the front located motor adding all wheel drive to the Model S.

Benz | April 11, 2013

"Right under your nose" would refer to between the two front wheels of the Tesla Model S, where an extra motor can be fitted for AWD? That sounds really interesting. But I will believe it when Elon Musk will announce it himself.

My own thoughts were going in the direction of the battery pack. Because I think Elon Musk refers to the nose of the driver himself. So, therefore I thouhgt that he might be going to announce that the Tesla Model S will be available with an even bigger battery pack (100 kWh?) due to advanced development in battery pack technology. It's just a thought. Who knows, let's wait, we will hear it in a few weeks time.

Cattledog | April 11, 2013

Read the article, I highly recommend it, speculative but well-reasoned.

dbfish | April 11, 2013

AWD with the Model S will absolutely not happen until after Model X ships - you don't announce a product that cannibalizes sales of a future product! I seriously doubt major hardware changes that would affect production lines (Battery pack, motor) will come until after Model X.

Think accessories--parking sensors, announced in Europe already, vanity mirror replacements already promised, oh-shit-handles would be nice (that's not what you guys call them?), or software--Supercharger status would be great, elevation-aware route planning, Pandora app, that kind of thing.

Benz | April 11, 2013

"Right under your nose", what does Elon Musk mean by that?

sethvandermeer | April 11, 2013

Maybe an ICE motor that you can keep in the frunk :-)

riceuguy | April 11, 2013

@Benz, in case you are not a native English speaker, it is a phrase meaning "right in front of you." If you are a native English speaker, my apologies for misunderstanding!

lph | April 11, 2013

The article by Randy Carlson is interesting. However he is a bit rosy on the performance figures. Lop off about .4 sec on the 1/4 mile and 0-100 times.
I have always been intruiged with the frunk cubby hole in the middle right where the front motor would be. Looks to me like the space is to show that this car is ready for AWD.

Steve Proteau | April 11, 2013

My guess is your mouth is under your nose, and that tesla is going to give incentives for word of mouth sales. The backlog of orders has shortened and I think Tesla is concerned.

DouglasR | April 11, 2013

Think small. The "really exciting" announcement concerned a fairly mundane financing package. "Re-engineering service" turned out to be Model S loaners. The supercharger announcement will probably involve upgrading them to 120 kW. I can't believe that the "under your nose" announcement involves something so major as introducing an AWD Model S.

JoeFee | April 11, 2013

Think=small….Hope = large

ltd | April 11, 2013

I doubt the announcement is AWD. The speculation here on "just add another motor on the front" is ignoring simple physics of look at the layout of the floorplan and battery, I don't believe there is physically room to do what is suggested.

My AU$0.02 is "under your nose" is referring to your mouth, and I'd guess additional voice activation stuff, perhaps Siri integration.

Whity Whiteman | April 11, 2013

"My AU$0.02 is "under your nose" is referring to your mouth, and I'd guess additional voice activation stuff, perhaps Siri integration."

could be!

it's like: "Kid"..."get me out of here"

Aleksandyr | April 11, 2013

This is exactly what I thought he would be announcing. Who knows? The retrofit will likely be too expensive to justify!

Benz | April 11, 2013

@ ltd

"additional voice activation stuff", interesting and yes that could be possible.

jk2014 | April 11, 2013

Elon has a track record of over selling an announcement, so expect it to be a software/wifi related surprise, nothing bigger.

Model X will be awd. Not mod s. maybe never will. Mod x needs that differentiation for sales. Ideal scenario, customer will buy sedan for work and normal travel, and then buy SUV for family and abnormal travel (towing a boat and off-roading).

I think the market for mod x will be twice that of mod s. just an overall better value proposition for SUV customers, then the sedan is for sedan customers.

Cattledog | April 11, 2013

jk2014 - Tesla said they thought Model X sales would be 70% of Model S, FYI.

Tiebreaker | April 11, 2013

Customizable dash and screen?

Brian H | April 12, 2013

The "off-road" considerations are mostly theoretical for most. What % of SUVs sold ever leave the pavement?

rlarno | April 12, 2013

The way Elon said "If you drive a Model S, it is right under your nose", I would assume the new feature is already in the car and will be available to all current Model S's. So more voice and/or wifi are the most likely options. Wifi activation also allows a slew of other features such as downloadable maps for the navigation. And an avenue to communicate with the car in lots of other ways, involving more data.

Perhaps a 'personal tuning' feature, where you send (upload) your in-car stored data of your driving habits and/or daily commute to TM, and the Tesla servers respond with a personalized tuning configuration allowing you to gain even more range.