Trouble Getting Parts After Accident

Trouble Getting Parts After Accident

Someone hit my driver door and it has to be replaced. tesla is unable to give their recommended repair shop a time estimate as to when the door will be available. While I love the car(still drivable!) have been less than impressed with TM service on a number of levels."You'll have to wait' seems like the standard response-at some point that is not going to be acceptable if TM wants to be a first class compnay.

GeekEV | April 24, 2013


There needs to be an off-the-shelf parts inventory available. And if there isn't, they need to take one off the next car being built on the assembly line. They're cranking out 400+ cars per week so the parts exist...

eAdopter | April 24, 2013

Yes, and build a minimum 10-year part inventory so the car isn't obsolete when they stop making a specific model.

Imagine Model S production ends in 2015. Then in 2016 you need to replace a broken pano roof panel and it's not available. Now imagine a blue tarp covering your "convertible" until someone else sends their car to the junkyard for salvage.

thomas.schlatter | April 24, 2013

Don't make me scared. I hope I didn't make a mistake ordering this car!

rdalcanto | April 24, 2013

By law, isn't a car company required to have parts available for many years after the stop production date on car?

L8MDL | April 24, 2013

I seem to recall it was a minimum of 10 years of OEM parts availability (I'm not a lawyer - but I did portray one in a school play once). Of course if the company goes belly-up, all bets are off - just ask any Fisker owner.

eAdopter | April 24, 2013

I'm not sure regarding the law. There may be production thresholds before a 10-year part supply requirement would kick in.
I told my wife last night: Wish I had enough money to open a Tesla salvage yard. The parts should be worth a small fortune.

negarholger | April 24, 2013

My last ICE was a from the first batch of a new model... also parts shortage and people where stealing headlight etc from brand new cars. I by chance surprised them while they were working on my car, but for months I saw same models with missing headlights or tail lights in my neighborhood. For 2 years I parked in the garage every night. Fortunately the MS is in love with my garage... there is the food.

Gator | April 24, 2013

Dudes, no worry. Tesla came through like champs and the part was sent to the body repair shop. Awesome service by Tesla on all fronts and the body repair shops. I cannot express more how they helped me out. Now I am afraid to drive her, having Deer collision PTSD.

Superliner | April 24, 2013

@ rdalcanto

As to any law requiring a manufacturer to make a part or parts available for 10 years or any amount of time beyond warranty I can tell you THERE IS NO SUCH REQUIREMENT

Beyond required warranty replacements (even they can be of similar kind quality) Parts availability is supply and demand driven.

MGlasfeld | April 24, 2013

I sure hope Gator is right and the body shop I brought my P85 to on Monday is wrong. I have front end damage and they said the last Model S they worked on waited three months for parts.

Mine is un-driveable, so, we'll wait and see whether Gator's optimism is correct, or, if thomas.schlater and laryrob's concern is more valid.

I'm accustomed to getting parts for out of production cars, even from over 60 years ago, but, this problem seems to be of a different flavor.

CPM | April 24, 2013

I was hit on driver side door and had new door fixed in 3 weeks. Awesome job by Chicago's Gold Coast Auto and by Tesla. They called me back on a Sunday to bing down the stress about a new car getting dinked by a teenage driver.

MGlasfeld | April 25, 2013


Good feedback. 3 weeks beats 3 months. I'll hope for an outcome closer to that time frame, as well, then.

Thanks -

L8MDL | April 25, 2013

FWIW, this attorney's opinion, dated Feb 2012, states that the manufacturer must provide parts for 10 years per the US consumer protection law. Just saying'...

I would welcome an attorney or car dealer to chime in with any references available.