Is this true?

Is this true?

I am interested in confirmation and more details related to the claim in this article. This concerns me

lolachampcar | March 6, 2013

I've not read your link but you may want to listen to the Q4 conf. call it you are interested in Tesla's reduction in temp. labor and overall quality of build reducing hours to build (thus the labor reduction).

jeroens | March 6, 2013

BSN? sounds to me like Bull Shit News...

more curious about the reference to NBC and if it exists...

L8MDL | March 6, 2013
EVTripPlanner | March 6, 2013

This is what Elon indicated in earnings call - had overstaffed to ramp up and for "insurance" - now working on improving efficiency (profit margin). We'll see if it impacts ship rate or quality...

eAdopter | March 6, 2013

     The news is probably "true" but people need to understand how a new business manages startup labor costs and employee expectations.  It's very(!) unlikely assembly staff will be reduced unless there was individual poor performance.  Some temporary staff will technically be laid-off and then rehired as permanent staff.  Other staff have fulfilled short-term needs such as managing one-time projects.  Other examples would be tasks such as initial installation of a computer network, printers, etc.  Once complete, only a smaller maintenance staff is needed and this is normal.  If a temporary staff performed well, has necessary skills, and continues to show interest they will likely be transitioned or hired into a permanent position.
     This is smart management strategy by Tesla.  Don't let the poor reporting fool you.

cloroxbb | March 6, 2013


Exactly what I was going to say :)

Captain_Zap | March 6, 2013

House cleaning?

sandman | March 6, 2013

Go look at the careers at tesla page. Tesla is hiring in some areas and firing in others. It is normal and healthy for companies to adjust to new needs and new phases of a plan.

scriptacus | March 6, 2013

As others have said, Elon indicated during the conference call that they were overstaffed to meet production. I'd imagine this is actually positive news (not for those laid-off) in that it may mean they've gotten production efficiency to the point where they don't need the extra staff or overtime to meet their goals.

jat | March 6, 2013

Yeah, I don't know that this is any different than retailers hiring people for Christmas season and then letting them go, assuming it was just while they rushed to catch up.

I'm going on my long-delayed factory tour in a couple of weeks -- it should be pretty obvious if they aren't running at full capacity.

Brian H | March 6, 2013

I bet the guy who fumbled Dave's nuts still isn't there.

Just sayin'.

jat | March 6, 2013

@BrianH - watch it, this isn't that kind of forum

ian | March 6, 2013

He did say fumbled, not fondled. ;-)