Two different types of footwell cover

Two different types of footwell cover

When my car (VIN 2298) was delivered back in January the footwell cover for the trunk was on the due bill.

It was delivered on Feb 10 - a very light material that (after some minor disassembly) turned out to be a honeycomb material that is pretty flexible. Not the most robust thing I've ever seen.

Today I was in the Dania store and the show car has a completely different footwell cover. He is much heavier and sturdier, seems to be made of plastic and has the lift handle mounted in the right (IMHO) place at the rear (as opposed to being in the middle on the original)

Sooooo... I'm speculating that there are a batch of cars that had footwell covers that are the equivalent of the interim carpets (got the proper ones today). So if your footwell cover is light and flexible and you'd prefer something a bit more substantial I'd give your service center a call and inquire about getting the legitimate article.

Robert22 | July 17, 2013

Indeed. When I received my loaner during a windshield repair I did a walk around and interior check and noticed the upgraded footwell cover and a few other *changes* introduced later than my December delivery. I've seen at least three differently constructed footwell covers. The newer one has underside plastic panel reinforcement and doesn't sag when weight is applied as in the original thin honeycomb design. It's definitely worth swapping out. As with most upgraded items, if you don't ask, you don't receive since no notification is given to owners when parts are upgraded.

nickjhowe | July 17, 2013

@Robert22 - what other (non-footwell-cover) changes did you notice?

KendallPB | July 17, 2013

I saw a pic of the newer one with the plastic bottom and I'd like it. I'm in no rush, but hope to get mine "upgraded"--maybe at my annual service, whenever that happens, since they fix/replace a bunch of stuff from service bulletins then, supposedly.

Robert22 | July 18, 2013


Some changes/ upgrades I've seen previously mentioned, others I haven't. I should mention that my loaner was a performance model and I own a standard P85:

1. Door Handle release mechanism. Requires the slight tug on the newer cars (previously discussed)
2. Frunk latch. Mine requires a double push. My loaner did not.
3. Nav Screen resolution. The contrast is noticeably different. I mentioned this to service and they agreed. 4.5 was supposed to include a screen resolution upgrade but I can't see an improvement. Will discuss on my next visit.
4. The front seats are positioned 2-3 inches further to the rear or have increased excursion in the performance models. This was again confirmed by service and is likely due (per service) to the different seats used in the performance models. Mine is a standard 85. This is significant for taller drivers and makes a big difference in comfort. I wish it had been listed in the specs.
5. J1772 charger. Updated adapter requires considerably less force to latch onto commercial charger handle and is also constructed of a different material (mine was swapped out)
6. Electrochromatic autodimming rear view mirror works in the loaner. Check yours. Mine doesn't appear to be working which is why the headlights from cars behind me were always so bright at night. Easy to overlook.
7. Hood on loaner appear stiffer and more solid than on standard (previously discussed)
8. Upgraded front and second row floor mats.
9. Footwell cover fits flush to floor in new models with no ridge.
10. No motor squeal on acceleration (Mark has talked extensively about this)

There are few other items but I want to speak to service first to see if these might be performance only items although none are listed as such.

KendallPB | July 18, 2013

@Robert22: It's helpful to know when you got your car and/or your res. #, to gauge which of these are warranty issues that need resolving in your car and which are actual changes.

For example, my res. # was a little over 8000 (got it Feb. 9th) and my electrodim mirrors have always dimmed fine. I hadn't heard this was an issue on early cars and don't know if you have an early car anyway; my first thought on reading that item in your list was simply "huh, his are flaws"--not that they changed something in the mirror.

But I've heard of most of the things you mentioned, e.g., #1, #5, #7, #8, maybe #9 and #10.

#2 - do you mean double-push on the key? I hadn't heard of this change. Not sure it's a good idea, IMHO (easy to push a fob button accidentally, but less easy to accidentally do a quick double-push).

#3 - which is it, contrast (software controlled) or resolution (hardware, so unlikely to change)? They can't increase resolution in a software upgrade, but they can use better graphics and fonts, which may make it look like the resolution's better. I'm not sure if that's what they're doing or if you really mean contrast like in your second sentence...or if I'm just misunderstanding you ;-( .


tobi_ger | July 19, 2013

Re #3: the fonts on the navigation should be a bit larger, afaik; i.e. no physical resolution change.

Alex K | July 19, 2013

@tobi_ger | JULY 19, 2013: Re #3: the fonts on the navigation should be a bit larger, afaik; i.e. no physical resolution change.

On V4.5 the fonts are not as pixelated. In previous versions, if you increased the font size, the fonts would just be scaled up. In V4.5 they use different fonts for the various font sizes.

jbunn | July 19, 2013

I'm VIN 3851 S60 delivered about Feb/March to Seattle. Floor mats are not good. Have they updated since? Any earlier car owners that have received upgrades from the service center?

Alex K | July 19, 2013 | JULY 19, 2013: Floor mats are not good. Have they updated since? Any earlier car owners that have received upgrades from the service center?

I found a new set of floor mats (front and rear seating area) in my trunk after my 7,500mi tire rotation service. Since I had already bought the upgraded floor mats from the Tesla store, I have not used them, but they appeared to be better quality than what shipped with my car initially.

TeslaOR | July 19, 2013

My flimsy floor mats were updated from the service center after I went in for a minor item. The new ones are much better. Thanks Tesla. Initial delivery was in early April.

Robert22 | July 19, 2013


I received my car in mid-December, P413. The mirror is probably defective, not an upgrade. I mixed my issue lists of items to be addressed, apologies. The double push is with my hands on my existing frunk hood. The latching mechanism was different on the new car. The new car hood latches with one hood drop, mine does not. This is not a defect on my car. As for the screen, service suggested I wait for software which suggests contrast, but I think based on my observation it's more likely to be resolution which points to hardware. I will need to place the screens side by side again, but service DID notice the difference clearly with the CNN home page on the web browser.

nickjhowe | July 19, 2013

Thanks @Robert!

KendallPB | July 21, 2013

@Alex K & @TeslaOR: I've heard of this, but I took my car in for 6,000-7,000 mile tire rotation and a software fix (restoring mirror auto-tilt-in-reverse) and they did not replace my front mats or add rear mats. ;-(

@Robert22: Interesting re. the screen. But the frunk hood--weird! I've never had to push the frunk hood twice; I just give it one firm press. They recommended using both hands, because it's a delicate flower that dents easily (eye roll), so I usually (but not always) use both hands. But I've never heard of having to push on the frunk hood twice. Can you actually feel the latching both times, like a primary and secondary latch engaging separately? Or does it just seem like it doesn't catch the first press, but the second one it does? I'm probably misunderstanding; I can't imagine why they would've designed it like that...if I understood correctly, though, that sounds annoying.

KendallPB | July 21, 2013

P.S. Just to clarify, I never (almost never) drop the frunk hood; I lower it and then press to latch. Again, because that's how they taught me to when I got the car, because the frunk hood's so delicate. ;-) I have heard that more recent hoods are sturdier and one doesn't have to baby them as much, though.

ssarker | July 22, 2013

I wish I had a easy to use 1-push frunk. My VIN is 8945. I invariably have to push the frunk down at least 2 or 3 times to get it to latch securely. As such, I only use the frunk if I have to (too many bags of mulch, 3 bikes in the car, etc) or if my son wants to show off.

nickjhowe | July 22, 2013

@ssarker - get service to check it. Mine (VIN 2298) closes first time every time. Might be an adjustment on the latch height they can do/