Unofficial Tesla Model S Options Pricing Spreadsheet for All Base Models

Unofficial Tesla Model S Options Pricing Spreadsheet for All Base Models

Hi Everyone!

I was so happy to see the options pricing on the website yesterday, so I created a simple options pricing Excel spreadsheet for each base model. I just posted it to Google Docs in case others find it useful.

After you cut-and-paste this line, click on [Download original] to get the spreadsheet.

If you see any pricing errors, please post and I will correct them. Of course, it's an unofficial spreadsheet.

Have fun!


PS. If I had to lock-in my config today, I would get:

Regular 85 kWh in Arctic White, with: Pano roof, Aero wheels, Nappa leather, Tech, Sound Studio, Active Air Suspension, Parcel Shelf, Twin Chargers, and a High Power Wall Connector.

Originally, I was more interested in the 60 kWh, but the unlimited miles warranty changed my mind, and the fact the pack my only offer 70% of original range after 7-8 years. We drive about 15K miles a year. I can depreciate this vehicle in our business (real estate).

I would wait to decide on S Performance until I test drove both of them. The faster car I've owned so far was a 2007 CLK 550 (<5.0 seconds 0-60). It was a lot of fun to paddle shift it!

Klaus | December 21, 2011

I think you should add in the $7500 rebate and delivery charge so people can figure sales tax on the total. Then we can subtract the rebate and get a better picture of the true cost.

engle | December 21, 2011

What is the delivery charge? On forum, someone asked me to include the reservation deposits, which I'll add, too.

I'll show actual base prices, then take the $7,500 IRS tax credit off at the end in the summary.

Maestrokneer | December 21, 2011

This is great, thanks! I took Klaus' recommendation and added those things myself. These options are killing me. $75,000K after taxes, rebates and credits for only the 60kWh version.

I've been thinking about this as a "50 thousand dollar car" for too long. Not sure I'm going to be able to move forward with my reservation. 75K goes a long way towards a bigger house.

Oh well, thanks again for the spreadsheet. Great seeing it in one place like this. If I get some free time, I might add some macros and drop down boxes to clean it up a bit. Great start though.

engle | December 22, 2011

UNOFFICIAL Tesla Model S Options Configurator Excel Spreadsheet - Version 2 is now available here:


Changed Base Prices to BEFORE $7,500 IRS Tax Credit (increased by $7,500 each)
Added "My Model S Config" and "Minimum Config" tabs
Added a place to input your sales tax rate on each tab, with a link to all CA rates for reference in case you live in CA
Added a "COST SUMMARY" with Base, Options, Destination & Delivery, Sales Tax, IRS Federal Tax Credit, Reservation Fee Paid, and Balance Due

Please keep your requests coming, and I'll get to them when I have free time.

Happy Holidays to All!


PS. You can use this spreadsheet to cost-out various base model and options scenarios until Tesla adds the functionality to their "Model S Design Studio". | December 22, 2011

I created an easy to understand table that lists a summary of the option for the Model S and the Signature version. This table does not include the Sport options for either.

If you can't read it here, or would like to read my assessment of the options and pricing, you can read it at

David M. | December 22, 2011

Pretty neat. Actually in Florida taxes are computed on the sales price less trade in vehicle credit. Tesla is rumored to be accepting trades. So if you have a valuable trade and a high sales tax, this could make a big difference.

Larry Chanin | December 22, 2011

"...would like to read my assessment of the options and pricing, you can read it at"

Hi Max,

Very nice website!


Brian H | December 22, 2011

trades would be a major change in policy. Either it transforms Tesla into a used car dealer, or they will simply pass/sell off the trade-ins to other dealers. Not sure the financials make sense, but ...

Leofingal | December 22, 2011

Hi Max,

Apparently there is a manual shade available now for the panoramic roof, so you can update that in your article. Also, the leather package gives you more adjustability of the seat (12 way vs 8 way, though this doesn't explain what the ways are), as well as the most important part of that 1500 adder, the heated seats.

Nice article though!

David M. | December 22, 2011

I heard Tesla is working a deal with a wholesale company to transfer the trade-ins to. Kind of a pass through. A lot of Model S buyers are not the kind of folk who would post the car on Craigslist or AutoTrader and sit around the house and wait for people to come by look at their vehicle. If Tesla did this, they wouldn't even have to store the trade-in cars.

Here in Florida, the tax on a $90K car would be about $6,300. But subtract $20K for a trade-in and you are taxed on $70K, and save $1,400 in taxes. Those savings will pay for another Model S upgrade.

Peter Spirgel | December 22, 2011

In New Jersey, electric vehicles are exempt from sales tax. That's a 7% savings over the cost of comparable gas vehicles. For once, something is taxed less in New Jersey!

Soflauthor | December 23, 2011

@David M: I certainly hope you're correct and that TM will work a deal with somebody like CarMax for trade-ins. Would certainly make the process easier for those of us who have little inclination to sell the car ourselves. The sales tax advantage could be substantial, even if you got a bit less in trade.

mscottring | December 23, 2011

I honestly hadn't even considered the trade in issue. I really would prefer not to sell any vehicle on my own. I do hope Tesla helps with this issue in some way.

Robert.Boston | December 23, 2011

The sales-tax issue is compelling; this is a feature of trade-in value that I had never thought about.

mscottring | December 23, 2011

Indeed. Sales tax in this area is over 8% (lucky me).

XrstalLens | December 24, 2011

Thanks for putting this worksheet together, @engle. It's very helpful.

I was looking for something that had a more textual/visual summary of the chosen options, so I created an alternate version which can be found here:

You choose your specific options from dropdowns. It does not filter the options based on the base model, but will tell you when you've chosen an option that's not available on your base model.

As with the other worksheet, use the "Download Original" link to get it.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Robert.Boston | December 24, 2011

Thanks, Lyle, this spreadsheet has a very nice interface. Much appreciated!

XrstalLens | December 24, 2011

Thanks. I fixed a formula error in the "Total after federal credit" value, so if you've already downloaded you should get the latest version.

engle | December 26, 2011

Thanks, Lyle! Your Excel spreadsheet works much better than my original one.

I noticed subtle differences between Signature and Signature Performance, so I enhanced your version. The result is here:

Use the [Download original] link to get it.

I also added the basic facts (range @ 55 mph, 0-60, top speed, battery warranty, supercharging, and enters production) and made them autopopulate when a base model is selected. (Included is "daxz" from TMC forum's calculated unofficial est. ranges for 75 mph.) Finally, I added dropdowns for each option, since your version I downloaded on Google docs didn't have them.

If anyone sees any errors, please post them here, so Lyle or myself can fix them.

Happy Holidays!


cablechewer | December 26, 2011

Interesting. I downloaded it and had a quick look. Can you make the tax credit configurable? Not every jurisdiction has exactly the same benefits. I built a much cruder version of this for my own use. The only other thing I needed in my own copy was a currency converter so I could get a better idea of what the price would look like in Ontario.

I guess I have to hope the US Dollar loses a bit of strength before I purchase to make the numbers nicer for me :) Tesla has said in the past the Canadian price will pretty much be a matter of currency conversion. Hopefully that is somewhere close to being true when they announce final pricing.

XrstalLens | December 26, 2011

Good idea, @cablechewer. I've updated my copy of the document to include Russ's changes as well as added a field at the bottom where you can enter the federal credit amount. All calculations that account for the federal credit will use the amount you enter.

The base prices are still the cost that Tesla has on their website plus $7500, as they have assumed the U.S. credit of $7500 in their price listings.

XrstalLens | December 26, 2011

P.S. Thanks for your updates and corrections, Russ. I see where I had a few errors.

engle | December 26, 2011

Thanks, @Lyle. I've copied your version to my download link, so the people using the forum will have the latest one, too:

pdesamours | January 10, 2012

@engle thanks for putting the spreadsheet up. I've used your work and added a few things like trade in and financing.