Vehicle Improvements feasibility study

Vehicle Improvements feasibility study

Dear all ,

I would like to suggest the following, please forgive me if someone else already suggested , i might have missed it .

The Photovoltaic market is increasing really slowly which means that improvements in the technology used in PV is also taking place in a slow pace .
If you check online there are 5 different materials used in PV (Photovoltaic) Panels and various ways to install them ..
One of them is the thin film strip PV application ...
This material is a thin layer of PV used in windows/buildings external walls etc with a really low glare ratio and is combined with glass/plexi/plastic/vinyl etc .
Studies show this material now is more and more effective with bigger life cycle expectancy and so on ,

So my idea-question-suggestion is : if it is feasible why not integrate thin film strip PV on the outer top body of a Tesla Car embedded in a way to be ''good looking'' and efficient by connecting to the battery pack of the car and to actually charge the car while driving/parked outside under the sunlight ?

Some info for people that dont know what im talking about :

bottom line is to combine if possible PV with Tesla Battery to power a car like a home/car Tesla tech combined ...

Always here to respond in any questions may arise ...

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Dramsey | September 15, 2015

Because it wouldn't make economic sense. This has been discussed here countless time, at least three times in the last two weeks alone.

Short answer: you'd pay thousands of dollars extra for a solar roof that under the very best of circumstances would give you only a mile or so of extra range per day.

There's just not that much energy in the amount of sunlight that hits an area as small as a Tesla. It doesn't matter how efficient the solar cells are.

Timo | September 16, 2015

That last paragraph of Dramsey message is the important one. Sunlight is weak source of power.