Washington’s 440 mile Cascade Scenic Loop is EV-ready

Washington’s 440 mile Cascade Scenic Loop is EV-ready

Some Tesla owners helped get this ball rolling!

NKYTA | June 20, 2015

+1 Zap

Bighorn | June 20, 2015

What's their policy on local deadbeats?

Captain_Zap | June 20, 2015

Here you will find a list of charging stations.
(Not including the Burlington, WA Supercharger)

Captain_Zap | June 20, 2015

I'm confident that there not very many Model Ses local to Burlington.

Most of these destinations are remote, gorgeous and charming. Segments of the roadway are closed all winter long.

Captain_Zap | June 20, 2015
muddy | June 20, 2015

Thanks Zap. We'll save the links as favorites. And thanks to all the Washington EV people who helped make this happen. How can you beat EV friendly remote scenic destinations?

Captain_Zap | June 22, 2015

Crossing my fingers that the Hwy 101 Olympic Peninsula loop is the next to be completed. Then, the Washington coast.

hammer @OR-US | June 22, 2015

Olympic Peninsula is an EV wasteland. That would be really nice to have chargers there.

Baribrotzer | June 22, 2015

One place that might be worth talking to about getting a destination charger: The Lake Quinault Lodge. It's at a nice endpoint for a day-long drive. Also, the time I visited, the management had trouble getting customers - partly because it was pretty remote, and partly because it was historic and rather rustic, with such amenities as clanking steam radiators, in a way that upscale guests tend to turn up their noses at. Now that was a number of years ago, and things might be different today.

But it's also possible that they aren't, and the place could use a few electric-car vacationers - whose status as technology pioneers might make them a bit tolerant of things that aren't effortless, and maybe a bit rustic.

Brian H | June 23, 2015

Your description makes me wonder if the place/area is adequately served with electricity to support many chargers.

DTsea | June 23, 2015

Yes Brian, Washington State has electricity.

Baribrotzer | June 23, 2015

Brian does have a point, though.

Lake Quinault - which is off on the far side of the Olympic Peninsula - is a small vacation community far from big towns, or really any towns at all. Aberdeen + Hoquiam are some forty miles away, and Forks, upwards of sixty. None of which means that it might not have a past as a lumber town and a respectable amount of hydropower.

Captain_Zap | June 29, 2015

I'd like to see Kalaloch Lodge get a charging station. It is a good location (distance wise) with basic services and an awesome beach. There is a huge campground next door, but it is usually packed to the gills during the high season.

Another good location for a charging station would be near Lake Crescent or Sol Duc Hot Springs.

Some of the residences on the Peninsula were not electrified until the mid 1970's, especially near the Hoh Rainforest. The infrastructure still may be a bit lean due to the sparse population on the West side of the peninsula.

ooagentmm | August 2, 2016

Just a little update, Port Angeles now has a L3 charger which I've used and it works fine. You can pretty easily make it from Port Angeles down to Seabrook, where a L2 charger exists. I'm hoping they eventually put a Supercharger in Aberdeen or something, which would make sense with the 101 Superchargers they have been opening recently.

david.w.abrahams | April 24, 2019

Apologies for resurrecting a zombie thread, but there has been some good progress on the Olympic Peninsula. The lodges mentioned (Quinault, Crescent) have L2 chargers now.

Here's my stops on a 4 day tour of the Olympic Peninsula, round trip from Seattle. Starting from the south and going around the coast:

1) Aberdeen super charger
2) Lake Quinault lodge L2 charger
3) Forks is supposed to get a supercharger in 2019, but if not...
4) Multiple camp sites with RV power in the Forks/La Push region. Bring an ev-compatible TT30 adapter.
5) Lake Cresent L2 charger, or alternatively camp at Sol Duc where they have nema 14-50 outlets for RVs.
6) Sequim super charger

That's way more stops than needed even for my 200 mile battery, but it gives you some options of camping vs lodges vs just passing through.

Firaz | April 24, 2019

Thanks for the update @David, looking forward for the Forks super charger to go online.