We have begun sourcing parts for your order

We have begun sourcing parts for your order

Checked into my dashboard today and received a new updated message! VIN 16080 was assigned on June 26 and Dashboard now says "We have begun sourcing parts for your order". Anyone have input on timing from this point to actual delivery? My delivery window is scheduled for July 26 - August 9.

I am hoping this will put it closer to the 26th.

Captain Ducman | July 18, 2013

@pdx4s "I think Boeing was planning to have one in their Charleston 787 ass. line." was that before all the outsourced parts did not come together as planned? :)

Ill keep flying the Tripple until they get everything sorted out. Chuck Yeager said "never fly the A model anything"


FranknWC | July 18, 2013

vin 16071 went form sourcing to building yesterday. Delivery date went form 7/30 - 8/13 to late July. Saw in on my dashboard and realized I got an email from my delivery specialist at 3:30 PM EDST asking for license, insurance and lending info.

Brian H | July 18, 2013

Some being squoze later, some earlier.
(Note for non-native English speakers: "squoze" is an invalid irregular humourous declension of the verb "to squeeze", which is actually a regular verb, using "squeezed" for the past tense.)

ehandman | July 18, 2013

Just drove away with my new car - delivered today. Status still says "We have begun sourcing parts for your Model S" - it's clearly a bug. Also my Android app won't work. It says "No Vehicles Linked to This My Tesla Account - Your vehicle may not be ready"

Hope they solve this. I can ask when I bring it back to get the driver door handle fixed. It won't auto extend. The passenger handles works fine.

emoflash | July 18, 2013

Frank, I am 16080 and I take deliver on July 31st. 13 days and counting!

Superraz | July 18, 2013

I take delivery during the first week of August.

My status just changed to "in production"


Brian H | July 19, 2013

The plans -- and cars -- are coming together. :)

ironmikeii | July 19, 2013

How long does it take to get delivery of the HPWC? Pushing three weeks since my order and no word, and no response from Solar City, Tesla "preferred vendor". Not happy about that because if the car is delivered and I don't have the ability to charge it I'm SOL

eddiemoy | July 19, 2013

mines 15760 also went from sourcing yesterday to building this morning!!!

Brian H | July 19, 2013

I've heard of Solar doing a temp 6-50 or SLT while awaiting back-ordered HPWCs. Phone.

Dcp9142 | July 19, 2013

Went from "producing your model S" today to "ready for delivery". DS called to say ready to deliver. Have appointment for tomorrow morning. And tonight status is "sourcing parts".

Colasec | July 21, 2013

Mine is back to "Sourcing Parts" too.

Dripps | July 31, 2013

MyTesla page shows "sourcing parts" since I finalized a couple weeks ago. I've already gotten a call and scheduled delivery in NJ for 8/23. Now I just want to see they're building it. It would be like waiting for Xmas and then finding out it was pushed back a few weeks if this delivery doesn't happen when they told me to expect it! I'm counting the hours.

thompsonshearth | August 7, 2013

How accurate has this been for current owners during your build period? My order was finalized July 21 and scheduled delivery is set for Aug 26th and here I am at Aug 7th checking my status multiple times a day but it still says sourcing parts. I have been told that it only takes 6-7 days to build so I'm still within a delivery window but as I'm sure, all of us have hoped for an early delivery:) So, back to the question, did your status change 2 weeks before delivery or did it say sourcing parts all the way up to delivery?

rcp85plus | September 15, 2013

I confirmed my order on 9/9/13 and currently showing "we have begun sourcing parts..." pestimated delivery date late october. ordered P85+ max option

Brian H | September 16, 2013

The dashboard is confused. Ignore, for the sake of your sanity.

rcp85plus | September 21, 2013

Been notified 9/20 "...entering production process..." with a vin # and schedule delivery date of 10/22. Dashboard still showing...sourcing parts

dramingly | September 21, 2013

Mine was totally accurate, as far as I know. A few days after "Production complete," I got an email from my delivery specialist saying the car had arrived and I could pick up any time (about 2 weeks ahead of original scheduled date).

erici | September 21, 2013

I picked my car up in Fremont on July 27th.

That very morning, my dashboard said "we have begun sourcing parts for your order".

They were amazingly fast at putting the car together -- 5 hours later I was driving it away from the factory. That's really good for a Saturday when the robots weren't even running!

Brian H | September 21, 2013

Hand-made, obviously! ;p

rcp85plus | October 7, 2013

Pick up date pushed back to 10/30 from 10/22