What do you keep in your car?

What do you keep in your car?

With all this talk about the dash, storage compartments, etc. I sat in my car this morning and wondered what I actually keep in the car that might justify a group of extra cubbies. Here is what I came up with:
-spare fuses
-spare bulbs
-tire pressure gauge
-sunglasses in their case
-bottle of water
-splitter for the cigarette lighter socket to power my ipod and portable GPS
-cords for these items
-a box of facial tissues is still on the passenger seat from when I had a cold this summer
-cooler bag with my lunch
-snow brush/scraper (on the floor behind the driver's seat because the trunk often has too much snow on it to open properly in the winter)
-407 transponder
-some coins from my last trip through toll booths in the US
-a small pack of breath mints

With my inventory in mind I started wondering what would benefit me the most in terms of storage. I came up with a few items:
-a tissue holder/dispenser
-a place to put the soiled items that isn't too obviously a garbage can (I tend to get colds 1-2 times per year, and a couple of my friends have allergies)
-a sealable coin holder
-a door to hide my sunglasses case
-The glove box should be able to hold whatever spare bulbs and fuses may be appropriate to carry in a Model S, the cords, mints and tire pressure gauge (I haven't heard anything about TPMS in the Model S)
-somewhere to place the lunch bag where I can't accidentally tip it over in a corner
-one cup holder per passenger

All this and make it look like I spent a lot more on the car than I actually did (ok will) :)

Is this even close to being in line with what others want for storage in their car? I know there were a lot of wishes for more storage, but what are we keeping in there? What would be the cleanest/sexiest way to hide it?

At least I won't need the jumper cables and diesel additives from my trunk! :)

Mycroft | October 28, 2011

In the trunk: California duster and a small bag of tools for my job. (Easily fits in the rear footwell in the S)
Driver's door pocket: hair brush (convertible), mileage log, hand lotion.
On hump in front of gear shift: sunglasses case
Glove box: spouse sunglasses, iPod audio cable
Pass. Door pocket: tissues, litter bag.

So very similar to you cablechewer.

ncn | October 29, 2011

This is a good list of stuff. I would add maps and papers with addresses (though I usually stash them in the pocket behind the seat and have the passenger grab them for me.