What does P# stand for and why it disappeared in MT GARAGE ?

What does P# stand for and why it disappeared in MT GARAGE ?

Is P# assigned based on MVPA signed sequence ? And anyone know why it disappeared in MT GARAGE ? I could see it 2 weeks ago.

mcptwo | March 5, 2013

P generally stands for General Production Model S.

Although the "P85" on the rear panel of the car stands for Performance model S with 85Kw battery.

What have you ordered?

vincent1001 | March 5, 2013, the P# I asked is the # assigned to me after I signed MVPA. I got P#19033 and would like to know what it stands for. And I could see it in MY GARAGE but it disappeared 2 weeks ago.

DouglasR | March 5, 2013

@vincent - Yes, it probably is your reservation sequence. There is some speculation that Tesla no longer wants to show this number because it makes it possible to derive sensitive corporate information, such as the rate new reservations are added.

I'm not certain, but you may be able to find it by right clicking on the page (but not on an image), selecting "view page source," and then searching for the text, "reservation-sequence." Let us know if you find the number there.

vincent1001 | March 5, 2013

@DouglasR - Thank you although I still can not see P# in source page. Actually, my Reservation Number RN327438 still can be seen in MY GARAGE but I guess it is useless because it was assigned when reservation was done. Someone maybe reserve MS earlier than me but has not configured it yet which means no P# is assigned to him/her.

nickjhowe | March 5, 2013

That is the sequence number and says you are the 19,033rd person to place an order for a production series (not signature, or founder, or roadster owner) Model S in North America.

DouglasR | March 5, 2013

It is my understanding that people are now getting their invitation to configure within a day or two of the time they reserved the car. In other words, TM has worked through its backlog, at least in the U.S. If so, then there is really no longer any need for a reservation sequence number -- cars will be built in an order determined by the options they choose rather than when they reserved.

cgiGuy | March 6, 2013


Good tip. Although I saw my sequence number on my "your order is complete" email (very bottom, small grey text, I was also able to see it in the source of the dashboard page.

cgiGuy | March 6, 2013

Tried pasting the line in the last message, but it was stripped due to the angle brackets..

input type="hidden" class="asset-reservation-sequence" value="19,542"

soundgeek | March 6, 2013

Actually, it looks like the last part of (what will be) the VIN. The current VIN series ends in Pxxxxx.

Chuck Lusin | March 6, 2013

@bkc, yes that is your P#, you are P19,542.

Brian H | March 6, 2013

Display angle brackets with (eliminate spaces): & lt ; and & gt ; So < ☺ >

I added the minismilie.