What Equals Mainstream?

What Equals Mainstream?

Every year at this time a large pumpkin patch opens up on Highway 1 along the coast in Santa Cruz , CA. On my Sunday bike ride I spotted a black Tesla Model S filled with kids coming out of the field. So the question is : If you see a Tesla Model S leaving a pumpkin patch loaded down with kids does this make the Model S a mainstream car?

Suturecabre | October 13, 2013

I wouldn't be counting on finding Model S headlights and yacht floors at Wal-Mart just yet...If the Bugatti Veyron had 50+ cb ft of rear space and was seating 7, you'd see it at the pumpkin patch too! Don't worry, it's just because "they can"....All that space and goodness, why not? Just shows how versatile it is!

stsanford | October 14, 2013

I've taken mine camping and yes, this weekend, just went pumpkin picking with 4 adults, 2 kids. Great time. Car is so frickin' versatile it's silly...