What full-charged range you can get on MS60 now with 5.8 firmware ?

What full-charged range you can get on MS60 now with 5.8 firmware ?

Just curious. Since my 40/60 only gets 128 miles when fully charging with 5.8 firmware, it makes me to consider upgrading to 60.

DTsea | November 20, 2013

198 with 13000 miles on the car at full range charge.

kawaiia | November 20, 2013

205 with 5,500 miles on full range charge.

Lou in SoCal | November 20, 2013

201 w/ close to 10K miles. | November 20, 2013

202 w/ more than 9K miles.

mrspaghetti | November 20, 2013

You get the same range you always did, now it just estimates it differently.

larryh | November 20, 2013

My 40/60 now reports 135, previously 141.

Sudre_ | November 20, 2013

More important Vincent is has your average watt/mile gone up?

If not then it's all just software updates not really your range. I finally just set my car to Ideal. I've been driving long enough that I just know what range I will make looking at the average watt/mile based on how much charge I have.

riceuguy | November 20, 2013

Mine actually increased slightly to 208 with the latest update and I am at about 8k miles...

scole04 | November 20, 2013

208 at 10k. Range charged first time last sat.

Groeneweg | November 20, 2013

200 with 22k miles.

bart | January 24, 2016

185 with 23k Miles | January 24, 2016

200 with 31K miles. Likely higher as I didn't check it until about 5 hours after it reached 100%. Tesla does not trickle charge, so the range/SOC will drop up to 2-4% over time after reaching the set SOC before starting the charge up again. This means it could be as much as 8 miles of range higher for me.

Best is to measure the range about 1 hour after it reaches 100% SOC for the most accurate reading . It may do some cell balancing during this extra hour, so slight charging may still be going on after reaching 100%.