Who want's to see Elon Musk in Top Gear's reasonably priced car?

Who want's to see Elon Musk in Top Gear's reasonably priced car?

Anyone dream of seeing Elon Musk drive the reasonably priced car, or maybe Top Gear's tame racing driver in a P85+?

I guess it's a lot to ask and I am only hoping that some day they will sit face to face and talk about ICE vs electric and all the other things Jeremy would ask.

If you like the idea. Please share this with your friends and maybe some day we all can see how fast the Model S is around Top Gear's test track!

Carefree | July 5, 2013

I don't think Elon wants to have anything to do with Top Gear. Remember they are the ones who "faked" the bricking of the roadster.

Elon went as far as suing them but the court ruled that Top Gear was purely for entertainment and could not be held responsible - despite the fact that Top Gear acknowledged the fake episode.

jonesxander | July 5, 2013

Yeah to heck with Top Gear. I don't watch their show anymore after that all came out and was acknowledged by them.

HenryT2 | July 5, 2013

I don't want to see anyone in Top Gear's anything anymore.

I watched them for a while after that incident, but it took the wind out of the sails for me. They won their case because they're not actually reviewing the cars, but are just entertainment. They have no obligation to tell the truth. Consequently, they're just infotainment.

jonesxander | July 5, 2013

Yeah, that takes all their credibility out. Then why are we watching your stupid show?

Personally I would have settled out of court and kept my guise as an actual legitimate review show.

Chuck Lusin | July 5, 2013

Top Gear just likes to trash anything that moves.

I don't think you will see a Tesla on Top Gear for a long time.

bent | July 5, 2013

Top Gear is essentially a sitcom with cars in it.

I'm sure I would have found it great fun (I usually enjoy British comedy), except I'm not really interested in cars at all so meh.

HenryT2 | July 5, 2013

I wonder if, because of the Broder incident, we now have to consider the New York Times "just entertainment" as well? The fact that they didn't print a full retraction bugs me. Yes, it was "legitimate", but when he pushes the car to the limit and then keeps "shoddy notes" and yet reports as if he kept precise notes, that needs a full retraction and apology.

Does Broder still work for them?

KWTESLA | July 5, 2013

Tesla is obviously to good a car for Top Gear .The only good episode was the Toyota Hilux farm truck the rest is some low information Brits talking about car stuff. ICE cars are heading for the dust bin very soon . My Tesla S is proof. Not a week goes by with out someone going for a test drive in our Tesla.

Good luck Top Gear Tesla Electric cars are here to stay even if you can't see it!

anders.heibo | July 5, 2013

They probably pissed off half of the world by now so it's not just Elon who is angry with Top Gear..

Top Gear's show is about tearing cars apart, and sadly with the Roadster they had to lie about it to make it bad. As did they with the Nissan Leaf.. And there are very few cars who get a good review. But when they give that super review on a car it is something, and I believe that the Model S is so good that it will get Jeremy to shout out: "This is an amazing car!" Of course he'd probably hate the 17" display, and a lot of other things about it, but he is a brit, so what more can you ask? As I mention in the Google+ post it has to be without range in mind.

I know that Elon took this one quite personal, but I'm hoping to see the Model S spin around and be driven like a supercar on TV. I have watched a lot of clips on youtube etc, mostly people are just drag racing it and there have been a lot of filming with just one camera. I'm pretty board with people going around it with a handy-cam explaining every little detail. I still haven't found that final touch of quality that the film crew on Top Gear is so great at when it comes to a speedy car. Remember that some of us here in Europe still are spending hours a day looking at this and other forums, waiting... And dreaming... And we could use some entertainment while we wait. And that is some of the reasons why I posted my wish.

Jolinar | July 5, 2013

yea, Top Gear (as many other petrol heads) don't understand EVs and makes fun of it, however I heard somebody say that it was for the first time he saw Tesla Roadster there and was pleasantly surprised that EVs don't have to be slow ugly cars so even bad ad is free ad.

Although we all know what happend with the Roadster, I'd like to see Model S and X in TopGear. Hmm ok, maybe wait for wrong-hand drive version and AWD Model S and than will be the right time. Maybe there will be some SuperChargers in GB too, which they could just mention.

TikiMan | July 5, 2013

The Top Gear folks are notorious for turning their noses up at anything that is fuel efficient, or even practical for that matter. Going 'green' is just a punch-line for 'British racing green', in the minds of the producers at Top Gear, and that's fine with me, as it's a fun show to watch, and very entertaining!

With that said, Top Gear is about lavish excess (in other words... dreams for the 99%). Top Gear deliberately focuses on what the majority wishes they could do and own. In the UK premium fuel is upward as high as $13.00 -$15.00 a gallon, thus VERY few Brits can actually afford to drive anything other than a tiny slow petrol sipper (mini-coopers, Fiats, VW's, et al) Thus, what many of us consider an average sport-car in the US, is a dream-car, or weekend-cruiser by UK standards.

I suspect the MS will RULE in the UK (and all over Europe!), however, as much as we would love to see Clarkson, Hammond, and May eyes pop out of their heads with excitment at the wheel of a P85, it doesn't fit with their show's idea of 'lavish excess' beyond what the avarage man can afford. Plus, the producers at Top Gear get their hands on some insane exotics to do as they please, and I don't suspect Ferrari, Lamborgini, or Aston Martin would be too thrilled watching an episode of Top Gear whereby an amazing, pratical, efficent P85 blow-away their 1%'er toys.

S4WRXTTCS | July 5, 2013

Top gear is quite simply entertainment, and no one in their right minds should ever base a car buying decision on what happens on that show. This is exactly why Tesla lost the lawsuit. What was Tesla even thinking in trying to sue them?

It's was not, and it will never be in the best interest of Tesla to have ANY car on Top Gear. The potential for it going bad is just way too high.

The question is whether Top Gear will cower away from testing a Tesla MS.

They'll look like a bunch of idiots for not acknowledging pretty much the undisputed car of 2013, and quite simply probably the most significant car that has come around in the long time. It's also a very important car for the European market.

The Tesla MS is also a car just begging to me made fun of. I can just see Clarkson carry on about how fast the MS was, but then ponder on whether it can take a corner. I'm sure they'll show it handily spanking a bunch of fancy exotics in a drag race, but it's a whole different story on the test track.

BBC easily won the lawsuit so what would stop them from entertaining their viewers with some entertaining pseudo review of the Tesla MS? All they have to do is find some owner willing to lend them their car (which could also be a very foolish thing considering how they treat cars).

Brian H | July 5, 2013

Then there are apparently a large number of people not in their right minds, according to survey.

Winnie796 | July 6, 2013

Top Gear is brilliant entertainment. It's about boys and their toys having a laugh. If you use Top Gear to help you decide which car you should buy then you are hereby cordially invited to my next poker evening.....and bring ALL your cash!
If you watch Top Gear regularly then you'll realise very quickly that they are very good at balancing criticism with praise. They lied about the Roadster because they are Petrol Heads but I feel very confident they would heap praise on the Model S.

George with SacEV | July 6, 2013

I watch and enjoy Top Gear as entertainment with a car theme. Though James May can sometimes be more practical and realistic, even he owns a late model Ferrari.

Basically, Clarkson , the Hampster and even Captain Slow appear to need get petrol fumes to get high. Jeremy dictates from the perspective of valuing loud, fast, and brutish, and revels in insulting individuals, groups, lifestyles, nations, places, and even animals. I watch, in part, to see who or what he is going to attack next.

It is virtually I possible to believe even the Model S would get an honest review after the way they staged the presentation of BOTH the Roadster AND the Nissan Leaf.

George with SacEV | July 6, 2013

Excuse the typos above....

Captain Ducman | July 6, 2013

+1 Winnie and GParrot

Andre-nl | July 6, 2013


"Top gear is quite simply entertainment, and no one in their right minds should ever base a car buying decision on what happens on that show."

"It's was not, and it will never be in the best interest of Tesla to have ANY car on Top Gear. The potential for it going bad is just way too high."

Those two statements are contradictory.

If no one bases their buying decision on Top Gear anyway, how can it 'go bad'? 'Going bad' in this context can only mean 'hurt sales' because people apparently do base their buying decision on Top Gear.

SamO | July 6, 2013

Lets clear something up:

Top Gear was found not liable because they didn't lie. They said "if we kept driving at high speed we would run out after 50 miles". Then they showed the car being pushed.

Elon was never going to win.

But the suit wasn't about "winning" but about revealing that Top Gear is entertainment that is mean spirited and lame.

Done and done.

jonesxander | July 6, 2013

@SamoSam, exactly it's not a complete "loss" in the case vs Top Gear.

How much publicity did they get out of it? And Elon defended his baby.

That's all that needed to happen, in my opinion.

S4WRXTTCS | July 6, 2013


The operative word is SHOULD. The subconscious tends to have more pull than what the logical side wants.

I think it really comes down to there being two schools of thoughts. The one school of thought doesn't want any bad publicity. Even if the source of the bad publicity is only info-tainment. You quite simply don't want people to have anxiety over your product because someone misinformed you (the New York times article wasn't a 100% honest) or played on your psyche (top gear by pushing the Roadster).

The other school of thought is the idea that even bad publicity is good publicity. I think this works in some areas, but I don't think it really works for Tesla at this point in the game.

For Tesla I think it really comes down to whether the risk is worth the reward. In some ways I don't think Tesla can avoid the Tesla MS being on Top Gear. So it might be worth it for them to get in front of it in whatever way they can.

Vall | July 6, 2013

A few years ago James May did a review on the Honda FCX hydrogen car and proclaimed it was the future, and that hydrogen is the future. And they have reiterated that on multiple occasions. No mention that a 100 miles on hydrogen cost the same as 100 miles in a prius for example (in the UK an Germany). They mocked the nissan leaf, and Clarkson especially hates EVs in his guts, like many of his viewers. It is about ideology and sentimental irrational attachments. Tesla can't change the minds of those people, and shouldn't waste energy in efforts to do so. There are open minded people out there, they have to be swayed and convinced. Clarkson and his bunch are a lost cause, they will take their love for aromatic hydrocarbons (carcinogenic btw), shifting (a limitation of the narrow power band of ICE) and sound (gasoline explodes in the cylinders, and a large portion of the energy produced is actually the noise, which has to be drowned out by the mufflers) to their graves.

Brian H | July 6, 2013

TM noticed several hundred cancellations after the show. Whether the long term publicity repaid that is open to question.

jonesxander | July 6, 2013

yes of course, that was bad, but once it was done, Elon just needed to make it public that it was bs.

Sudre_ | July 6, 2013

I think the whole debate is irrelevant. Top Gear is a petrol-head show and there is no need to ever have an EV in it. I watched it for a few seasons and I just got bored with it. They do some funny things with the idea of caravaning, turning cars into boats and you name it but after a while it all seems like the same show episode after episode.

I lost total interest after the Roadster show. If they wanted to really show how bad the car was with range they should have raced the two cars (ICE and EV) on the track until one of them ran out. I guess the problem was Jeremy thought of that and the Roadster would last longer than the ICE.

I also found it amazing they always seemed to have a rainy day when the Stig was going to drive a car they didn't like.

Considering Jeremy's hatred of EVs tho I think Top Gear gave it a good review with that in mind. After the lawsuit.... they will completely do everything in their power to trash the Model S.

George with SacEV | July 7, 2013

Just watched a rerun where Jeremy opted for a Ford Mustag GT 500 for a "race" with public transportation from somewhere in England to a bar in Italy. The "insight" that came out was that the Ford had only a 160 mile range between petrol stops, at least as Jeremy drove it.

A Model S would do better than that I suspect. Though I doubt we will ever see that "challenge."

S4WRXTTCS | July 7, 2013

The GT500 has a 16 gallon tank (15.9 to be exact), but it's gas milage is only 15mpg in the city, and 24mpg on the highway or 18mpg combined EPA. It's range is about 285mi if you take the EPA rating, and the Tesla MS is about 265mi using the EPA range.

Without a Gorilla driving the GT500 it will easily handle 250+ miles (at 70mph or greater) before having to stop for Petrol, and the Tesla MS might get 200miles. The only way a Tesla MS will win a range challenge against a GT500 is if either the GT500 was being driven faster than the Tesla MS, or if you just happened to be stuck in some REALLY seriously bad traffic.

One note of interest is the GT500 can achieve 0-60mph in first gear so it would take away one of the key advantages of the Tesla MS. Of course doing this in the GT500 would wake up the entire city block.