Why did you buy a Tesla

Why did you buy a Tesla

Asking as many Tesla owners possible to share their story. "Why I bought a Tesla Model S" Can't wait for DS call to get mine.

dborn | November 26, 2014

Main reason- to stick it to OPEC! Sick and tired of being blackmailed by primitive people in suits. Playing around with my fuel price as they see fit. Paying a $1.50 per litre at present - madness!!.
This way I can make my own fuel - free-ish from the sun.

richard | November 26, 2014

Mine is due June next year after switching to d spec, ( we have to wait in the uk for right hand drive )

After my test drive experience, I can honestly say I have never been this excited about a car, not because it's electric, not because I will never have to use petrol or diesel again, nor because I can have a fast car without paying crazy bik tax.

But because:

1 it looks very cool
2 it can be insanely fast
3 it has more space inside than any car I have previously owned
4 it is very easy and comfortable to drive
5 it has the advantage of no gear changes, but still has nice engine braking
6 it will change the car industry in the same way apple changed the phone industry
7 99% of the time it will refuel itself while I sleep
8 it will be warm for me on those winter mornings
9 it is more efficient and costs less to run than anything that has most the above
10 - I like tesla's game changing approach to updates, warranties, recalls, patents etc.

Basically there are cars out there that do this or that better, but none that come close to combining all of those benefits in one package, the downside, I may have to think a little more when I do actually go more than 120 miles from home, which for me is not more than once a month, and will be even easier by the time my car arrives.

Anthony J. Parisio | November 26, 2014

To help make the world a better place. So if I don't put my money where my mouth is when they are giving me an unbelievably better car when will I step up?

achilles.perry | November 26, 2014

Richard listed my reasons's perfectly. One test drive, and you're hooked.

3s-a-charm | November 26, 2014

1. It's a very fast 4-door sedan
2. It looks pretty good from almost every angle (grows on me every day)
3. Silent (like the idea of stealth acceleration)
4. AWD tipped the buying decision and the added power made the decision sweet
5. Understated luxury - a way to drive an expensive luxury car without being too flashy (///M or AMG)
6. Tech - I love tech gadgets so the 17" screen and lack of physical buttons was a big draw

The Eco/oil benefits did not impact my decision nor did the cost of ownership. Not to sound trite about that but hopefully I am part of the next generation of buyers who buys this car simply because it is a better car than any similar ICE car rather than solely for the Eco benefits. If it were simply about screwing oil companies I would have bought a Leaf plus another hybrid for long trips. I live in a market driven and reliant on oil so in a round-about way, oil is helping me afford a vehicle like this... Ironic.


david.baird | November 26, 2014

Eco(ish), looks, practicality, low TCO, tech appeal, performance...

Basically for me cost the same net as my previous XC90, so a total no-brainer.

damonmath | November 26, 2014

Less moving parts. More cargo space. Future technology today. Priced less than competing luxury models in overall ownership. Faster than any car in its class. Best of all, NO GAS!

mrspaghetti | November 26, 2014

My test drive made me realize that what I "knew" about electric vehicles was completely untrue (i.e., that they were golf carts). I was shocked to learn that the Model S was not "almost as good as" or even "on par" with traditional vehicles, but actually superior in every way.

In my lifetime I expect to see a day when you have to use some kind of app to find gas/diesel stations. Gasoline powered passenger vehicles will be rare, though big trucks will still run on diesel. Electric cars will be the norm.

Plugged In | November 26, 2014

Because I wanted it.

Because I wanted to tell the oil companies and OPEC to go stick it where the sun don't shine.

Because I always said I'd buy American when I believed something American was worth buying. In almost 30 years I had bought 8 cars: 6 that are Japanese makes and 2 German.

Because I loved it when I test drove it back in January.

Because I believe in what Musk is doing.

Because I could.

JGB | November 26, 2014

Plugged In,

You have the two best reasons for buying an “S”.
Because I want to and because I can.

Webcrawler | November 26, 2014

I wanted to own one of the best cars ever made.....

neilhamrin | November 26, 2014

It's all been said and said well. This car guy wanted it and I can. Enjoy every moment of driving.

Pungoteague_Dave | November 26, 2014

Reasons I bought a Tesla:

First Tesla (S85): amazing combination of technology, silence, power and handling.

Second Tesla (P85D): immaturity combined with irresponsibility. That is the same reason Elon is making the car - 691 horsepower. In his case I might mix a little hubris into the description. But that's all good in my opinion. The world needs brash people with extraordinary vision. That this car would not exist without testosterone isn't a bad thing, but the audience is halved when universe of buyers pretty much excludes women.

It is like I am back in middle school. Beyond giddy about the speed, to the point of thoroughly pissing off my wife, who says, correctly, that we had a perfectly good Model S, and will now be getting a car that looks identical and has the same features, albeit with autopilot and improved seats, but basically only because of horsepower that is unusable under normal driving circumstances. She's correct that this is an immature living out of a boyhood dream, with zero incremental benefit from a practical perspective. To which I reply, "The incremental benefit is a smile. You do know that the P85D has 691 horsepower?" 8-}

-Gman- | November 26, 2014

for me, it was 60% awesome car, and 40% belief in Musk's vision of weaning the world off ICEs.

Solar panels on my roof and an electric car in my garage feels nice, but 0-60 in <6 sec. in a large, comfortable, sweet-looking car (that hopefully will need minimal maintenance) feels even nicer! | November 26, 2014

Retired engineer with $ and tolerant wife in need of toy that I can whip around in. Endless joy.

teslabayarea | November 26, 2014

For the cargo space so I don't need an SUV

jim.wilson | November 26, 2014

I wanted a nice looking, good handling, AWD, high performance, 4 seat vehicle to replace my 2001 911 Turbo.

After seeing the press release on the P85D. I decided to test drive a Tesla and after the test drive, I surrendered my deposit on a Porsche Macan Turbo and ordered the P85D that cost $17K more.

Other contributing reasons for buying the Tesla:
1. Trading the roar of an ICE engine for a more serene experience when cruising the Colorado canyons
2. Enjoying a whole new kind of performance provided by the instant max torque of and EV
3. Eliminate 2 cars, in addition to trading the 911 Turbo, I plan to sell my A8 once the Tesla arrives
4. Fewer things to break - ICE engine and all the associated parts
5. End of $400 oil changes, $3,000 valve cover gasket replacements, & higher fuel costs for minimal maintenance and refueling at home
6. No complicated, self destructing launch control when you want high performance acceleration
7. The need for rear tires every 8,000 miles - hoping 19" wheels will allow 15,000 - 20.000 miles

tmaz | November 26, 2014

Because I wanted a "pimp my ride" car without having to do any aftermarket customizations :)

3s-a-charm | November 26, 2014

@jim - this hits where it hurts... just returned from yet another dealership service visit with my BMW and know what you are talking about.

5. End of $400 oil changes, $3,000 valve cover gasket replacements, & higher fuel costs for minimal maintenance and refueling at home

tes-s | November 26, 2014

I walked by the store in the mall. Impulse buy.

adktag | November 26, 2014

Why buy a MS? Because it is the most amazing car I have ever driven...we started with solar panels on the house and the car was a part of our plan. So the same as above except I am a female motor head and my husband is a smart guy. We have done this as an act of faith we are 350 miles from the nearest service center.
Zero emissions and you get to drive fast.

Dramsey | November 26, 2014

Because test drive.

Really, that's it. I don't care about Mother Gaia; I have no particular desire to stick it to Big Oil, and over the years I've seen too many companies Out To Change The World to buy into that crap any more.

But man: TEST DRIVE. Really, it will spoil you for all other cars.

tomrdavis | November 26, 2014

For months I was going back and forth mentally between the Tesla and a Porsche 911 Turbo. (I don't really "need" a new car since my 2002 911 works fine, but you know how it is.) Anyway, when I read that Elon was going to announce a new Model S the next morning, even without having any idea what features the new model would have, I KNEW I was going to get it. In fact I put down my deposit within an hour or two of the P85D becoming available on the website.

The test drive a couple of days later blew me away, and everything I've learned since makes me even happier about my decision.

sdhtran | November 26, 2014

Because I had the means to help support a technology that will help the world. Getting the best car was a side benefit.

renwo S alset | November 26, 2014

To impress people and pick up Chicks.

George with SacEV | November 26, 2014

What else can one drive that does not make this earth a less livable place and still provides the personal rush every time you take an onramp to the freeway?

What else can one drive that can be both practical (hauls huge amounts of "stuff") and beautiful to look at?

What else can one drive that helps change the a better way?

What else can one drive that supports passionate American technology?

What else can one drive that is the "safest car on the road?"

What else can one drive that updates and improves it functionality while you sleep?

What else can one own that ....drives itself (soon anyway with built in technology)?

What else.......

Burt Court | November 26, 2014

Pungoteague_Dave must be my long lost evil brother. I'm doing the exact same thing for the same reasons.
old geezer and street racer

Bighorn | November 26, 2014

Was your dad a pilot who did the BWI-LAX route? | November 26, 2014

Tesla was on my radar with the roadster. When I saw the Model S I reserved. My primary motivation was environmental. The SP nicely compliments my solar panels. The wicked fast performance and engineering/build quality was wonderful icing on this cake.

I am driving an SP with an "A" battery pack and 2012 production year. Feeling pretty good about driving this old technology and discontinued Model S configuration..... :o)

alanwwebb | November 26, 2014

"That this car would not exist without testosterone isn't a bad thing"

Lots of women, like me, on this site own and appreciate the performance of the Model S. So, don't get too macho about this.
My first car was a TR-3. I've always had fun and mostly fast cars.I bought a Tesla Roadster Sport the first day they were available to me. I love my Model S. But, when I heard "fastest accelerating four door car in the world" I went on the web and pushed the button.

Yup, I need AWD where I live, so I can now sell my SUV. Nice side benefit to having a super-car sedan.

Bighorn | November 26, 2014

Love your spirit and wonder why we haven't met up in CO yet, but everyone produces testosterone, so it's no slight to women.

Gluaisrothai | November 26, 2014

Local pride in an American auto, in addition to many of the reasons listed above. I can see the Tesal/former Nummi plant from the window of the office I have occupied for ~11 years.

Captain_Zap | November 26, 2014

1) I needed a new car.

2) I couldn't find the performance and control I wanted under 200k. ICE cars got bloated and sluggish over time. (I love torque, the sensation of G forces, fine accelerator control, the smoothness, the sensation of controlled engine braking and downshifting. I want the car to go when I say go, and slow promptly when I ask.)

3) Tesla had the first real viable all electric, no compromise car.

4) Tesla would actually sell you the car. You didn't have to lease and worry that they would haul it away and crush it. If it was just a lease, I wouldn't have gotten in at all.

5) Revenge and rebellion. Revenge for the death of the electric car in the 1990's. Rebellion against the power and control the oil industry has over our lives and our fate.

6) The car was an all around great value.

7) It's gorgeous inside and out.

8) I hated pumping gas. It was an unpleasant time vampire.

9) It was easy! No car wheeling and dealing stress and you knew you got exactly what you paid for.

Captain_Zap | November 26, 2014

+1 Gluaisrothai

snowy | November 26, 2014

For its zen simplicity.

swid | November 26, 2014

My top reasons have nothing to do with the fact that it's electric (and I'm sure that goes for a lot of other people too):

1) safest sedan ever. The safety of my family is my #1 priority.
2) most practical sedan ever. I can fit 2 adults, 2 carseats and luggage for a week with ease.
3) most fun sedan ever. Once safe and practical are out of the way, this one's just for me: 3.1 seconds!

[big gap]

4) it's the best, most expensive nerd toy that this nerd is ever going to buy!
5) better for the environment (probably), equivalent total cost to a $60k ICE (probably), no more gas stations (meh), much less maintenance (yes)

[big gap]

6) because it's not an ICE. I'm not a "car guy", I'm a "driving guy". All those gears, belts, pistons, spark plugs... they're just lazy solutions to the problem of vehicular propulsion. Why not drive a car where the "engine" has one moving part, where torque starts at zero and doesn't stop until way past the speed limit? It's a beautiful, elegant solution, and the engineer in me loves that.

This is Occam's razor in car form.

bobrobert | November 26, 2014

HOPE that the mechanical simplicity of a BEV would cost much less in time & money with the mechanic, and the MS is the only one with the range to make it a viable daily driver.
FAITH from reading so many threads lauding Tesla service.
LOVE after the test drive. Ok, I'm not that pure - it's undiminishing lust for its beauty & power.

RAUDIKAL | November 26, 2014

I bought mine for two reasons. First, to prove that a full EV is practical even for someone who drives as much as I do. This is my primary vehicle for business and personal use. We are a family of four with two younger kids and it's been practical so far. My wife and I packed a 12ft Christmas tree from costco into the car last week. It will be my first winter with the Tesla and my first winter in a long time owning a rear wheel drive car. So I willl find out how the range suffers due to cold and how it handles in winter weather. I ordered the winter wheel and tire set which will be installed next week. Second, the cost of ownership for my Tesla with reduced electric rates means that owning this car for five years is about the same cost as many luxury vehicles that are 60-75% the cost.

On a side note, I enjoy the conversations the car starts with passers by in parking lots, at my kids' activity gatherings, clients, etc. I want people to know that there's an alternative to shopping, buying and owning a car. I have loved owning my Tesla so far.

Pungoteague_Dave | November 26, 2014

@janew, to be clear, I know there are plenty of women MS buyers. But I doubt that more than a couple will check the P85D box. Elon has been clear that the reason he is doing that car is to equal the performance of his wrecked McLaren. It is clearly a guy thing and has an element of personal ego - which I like and respect and have signed up for. My wife was cool with the very fast 85. She's not so cool with the P85D, since the price premium is really about an acceleration feature that cannot be used much, and then only because we're immature boys. I had a TR. There's no such thing as a fast TR-3. It just feels fast, as does my '52 MG-TD at 50 mph. There are a few car chicks, but they are fewer than 1% of women in my experience. I bet participation on this forum is an example - 75% or more male (probably 90%+).

donaldmeacham1 | November 26, 2014

another "old geezer and former street race. This is the dual quad "409' that I had as a young street racer on Woodward Avenue in the 60s reborn in an incredible new iteration.

renwo S alset | November 26, 2014

donald. Had one of those, too. Blew it into a thousand little pieces when it dropped a valve.

Burt Court | November 26, 2014

No, Big Horn, but my dad may have worked on a movie about that...

mromanow | November 26, 2014

I don't need another vehicle.
I wasn't looking for another vehicle.
I had certainly heard of TSLA but knew far more about Nikola than Musk because I live not far from Niagara Falls where Nikola is prominently recognized for his great life's work.
In September a friend mentioned TSLA to me after we discussed how much I love my solar panels & especially love my $16 monthly bill (with 7 people living in the house!) Water costs us more now...
I visited the TSLA web site and perused the forum. Owners remarkably satisfied...
They announced the D and I was hooked.. This vehicle makes sense on every level.
691 & 3.2
Stealthily quiet
Solar powered (at my home) for much less than gas
WiFi updates
Warm vehicle on winter mornings with no idling
Form follows function efficient great looking design
Not pretentious, just distinctive
Sold! End December can't get hear soon enough...
No dancing sugar plums this year, just metallic blue P85Ds carving up the tarmac!

Tstolz | November 26, 2014

Being able to drive a car from the car future today.

Captain_Zap | November 26, 2014


It is not clear whether your friend turned you onto TSLA stock or Tesla Motors and their cars.

mromanow | November 27, 2014

To clarify I mean Tesla Motors and their cars rather than the stock. Being a bit late to the party I've missed the very impressive equity run...

EVino | November 27, 2014

After test driving the Model S, I realized how much peace and quiet I could have driving, with the added benefit of having mind-blowing power on tap without lag.

Once you step out of the box, you'll feel and hear how awful gear changes, rpm whines, and response lag in ICE cars are. The Model S really shifts the mental state. Go test drive it. Enjoy the zen first, speed comes later.

mrporter6 | November 27, 2014

Probably my number 1 reason would be SIMPLE. My first car was a 47 Ford Coupe with a flat head v8 engine that my grandmother could work on. My current car is a Lexus that I am not even sure where the oil dip stick is. To meet the mileage requirements ICE cars are just a jungle of junk that not anyone but a shop mechanic can work on.

On the other side of that ledger is the Model S which is just about as simple a car as you can get. I expect the motor will last 1000000 miles and I hope to get at least 500000. Even if I have to change a motor it is probably a 2 hours job with just a couple of bolts and lift and replace.

To me it is like the airplane business which I was a part of for 45 years. I started flying very complicated piston engine prop airplanes. These things were cool to listen to but they lasted about 30 days before they failed. I flew these type aircraft for 6 years and shut down an engine for one thing or another at the rate of about once per month. After I moved to jets I only shut down an engine 2 times in the next 40 years. The jet engine is just like the electric motor. It turns at very hight RPM (15000) but there are very few moving parts just like the electric motor

Finally, my wife and I are going to use this beauty as our travel vehicle in that we plan on driving all over the USA and Canada in the coming years. Now I will be able to do that for free energy costs. I never thought this was possible 40 years ago but am really excited to be a part of it. Just like I was excited to move to the Jet.

biff | November 27, 2014

I had been looking for 12 months for a car that can carry 5 adults in comfort.

The Model S was the first one that can really do that.

I have 3 kids, the youngest is 16 and when we all travel together in an ICE car with my wife and I in the front one of the kids has to have the uncomfortable middle seat with legs astride the transmission tunnel and with a armrest instead of a chair back to lean back on.

The fact that my Model S is an all electric rocketship is just a happy by product.