Why reserve early?

Why reserve early?

I test drove a Tesla Model S P85+ over the weekend. Needless to say that I was blown away by the car. I also won't say how beautiful the car is. And I certainly won't say how smooth and comfortable it was - like floating around on a (wicked fast) magic carpet. Nope, I don't need to say any of those things.

At the end of the test drive, the salesperson gently mentioned several times (politely) that I should put in my reservation ASAP. I told him that I wanted to take delivery of the car around the December 2013 / January 2014 time frame. I need to wait so that I can save up a little more money and additionally, I'm hoping that Tesla will incorporate parking sensors by then.

Is there any benefit to putting my reservation in now? Will I lock in a lower price if Tesla increases their prices?

teslamonkey | July 31, 2013

I had a similar "soft" urging by the salespeople this past weekend. It was implied and I have read rumors of a August 1 price increase. I know the last increase on the base price was announced ahead of time but on the other hand Tesla increased some options earlier this month with no notice.

Anyone know if there will be a price change?

Brian H | July 31, 2013

Based on last year's experience, if there's an increase you would get a grace period of about a month to finalize (and schedule delivery). If you let that slip, the new prices would kick in.

negarholger | July 31, 2013

Tomorrow we will know if there is a price increase.

Seems like a new form of discount...

CalabasasKid | July 31, 2013

I just got my reservation in to the system earlier today. The sales consultant finally acknowledged to me that while there is no quota system, they are being graded on how many reservations they book. So that explains why many of us are experiencing a bit more pressure during our test drives.
I was also told to check the web site tomorrow for potential changes to the options offerings. Sensors and perhaps Cold Weather Pack might actually appear. Needless to say, I'll be confirming my order once I can modify my order to include those options.

S4WRXTTCS | July 31, 2013

I think its pointless to reserve early.

Reserving doesn't give you much protection from price increases. In fact from information on the Tesla User Group forum it seems like August 1st is the date that people have to finalize their existing reservation to avoid the price increase of the 21inch Tires or the Air suspension price increase (they increased those a month or so ago). I'm not sure where people are getting the price increase rumors from. I've been waiting for the Parking Sensors so I hope Tesla doesn't jack the price up yet again for what I want.

Tâm | July 31, 2013

Early Reservation:


1) Get your car early.

1a. Good for those who can't stand the thought of buying another drop of oil. Others don't mind oil so it doesn't make any difference for them.

1b. "Status" as stated by Jim Cramer (CNBC Mad money). Even millionaire Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak is lamenting that he still haven't got one yet and wishes that he will have one for his birthday gift.

2) You can FINALIZE the price early and avoid price increases. Base price increases were announced with a press release but other increases were quietly changed (such as options, service plans...)

1) Early means you can miss later/latest features updates.

2) If you don't finalize timely, your price is not locked in and you might not notice price increases until after the fact.

3) You haven't saved up for it.
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earlyretirement | July 31, 2013

If you don't need the car until December or January 2014, I'd just wait until closer this Fall to order. You'd still get the car by the time frame you want plus you have the added benefit of probably getting the parking sensors.

I wish I had more patience to have waited until the Fall but I wanted it ASAP. But honestly if you don't plan to get it anyway until January 2014, just wait until closer to order.

Brian H | August 1, 2013

Yeah, just forget about it until December. Pretend it doesn't exist. Ignore it.

Good luck with that!

MS-lover | August 1, 2013

once you get the car you'll wonder, for the rest of your life, why did I wait! Safe as much as you can !

JZ13 | August 1, 2013

I was just told by a PS yesterday that wait times are going up to 3 months starting 8/1 due to the amount of cars that are being diverted to Europe.

ModelNick | August 1, 2013

Thank you everyone for your input and insight.

Don't know if it's true, but I read on this forum somewhere that the P85 and P85+ models seem to go out to customers faster than the other models.

I'll most likely place my order at the beginning of November. I assume that I can finalize it at any time after that, or do I have to wait for Tesla to send me an e-mail to finalize before my car would go into production?

What would the order of events and time frames be after I make my reservation?

CoreyM | August 1, 2013

After you place your order, you have 14 days before it automatically confirms. Or, if you want to confirm sooner you can call or your "My Tesla" page will include a "Confirm Now" button. I ordered last night and immediately had the option to "Confirm Now".

Something else that I've seen written in this forum is that a higher % of production is going to shift to cars being shipped to Europe, which could push out delivery times for US orders made later this year...apparently this is starting mid-August, but again, this is just from the forum and not anything I've seen published by Tesla.

LionPowered | August 1, 2013

European production delayed my July delivery by about 1.5 weeks. I can see how it could get worse. But that also means it gets better for Europeans :-)

Tâm | August 1, 2013

In general, the more expensive you pay for the options the faster you get your car.