Will Model S ever offer Blindspot Detection, Parking Sensors?

Will Model S ever offer Blindspot Detection, Parking Sensors?

Sorry everyone, I could not find a 'search' button on this forum, so if this is an old topic, I apologize.

I really want to buy a Model S, but I feel that for $95K, it should come with Blindspot Detection and Parking Sensors. My wifes' $40K Mazda CX-9 has these features and she and I both have become use to them. My current BMW has them as well.

My parking garage at work is very tight and poorly laid out (it's actually 2 blocks from the Tesla DC sales office) and the parking sensors have saved the bumper on my BMW more than a few times. I really don't want to get a new car without them, AND NO I do not want some monkey shop drilling holes in my new $95K car to add some Chinese made after-market system.

So, is Elon planning on offering these two very nice features to the Model S anytime soon?

Thanks and flame suit on.

Kallisman | May 10, 2013

Try for search. Parking sensors are available in Europe, blind spot detection seems to be supported by software, but not available yet afaik.

Thimo Jansen | May 10, 2013

Parking sensors are an option if you get the Tech Package, I ordered them on mine.

Manta | May 10, 2013

@Thimo - Where do you see the parking sensor option? I checked the Options & Pricing page as well as the Design Studio, and I don't see any mention parking sensors in either place.

ylyubarsky | May 10, 2013

I think Thimo is from Europe. This option for European customers only

PBEndo | May 10, 2013

If you adjust your mirrors properly, there is no blind spot.

Parking sensors, however, would be helpful.

rdalcanto | May 10, 2013

Even with mirrors turned out, there is still a blind spot. The problem is worse if you are merging at an angle, like when you are getting on the highway. The blind spot monitors in my Jeep have been awesome and I will miss them a lot in my P85+. Tesla needs to make them standard.

olanmills | May 10, 2013

The answer is a very definitive maybe.

ian | May 10, 2013

There is every indication that they will eventually add these options. When? That's the question. It's very encouraging though that they are offering them on the European models.

oakport | May 10, 2013

It is we, the early adopters of this fabulous technological view of tomorrow who have enabled the Tesla dream to become a reality. The options so far discussed in this forum (in the best of all possible worlds!) should have been up and running before our vehicles were delivered. We all understand why this is the case, but never-the-less many of these options will probably not be available for retrofit to the 2012 models! Knowing what I know now, 3,000 miles and 6 months into driving the most exciting car I ever expect to own, would I change my mind and wait until all the bugs, and missing features, were ironed out before I first sat in the seat of my new Tesla? Absolutely not! However, I need to continually remind myself that this is the cutting edge of cutting edge technology. We are the pioneers and we should expect some of our wagons to get stuck in unforseen muck. I have made my decision and laid down my money. 6 months in, I still get excited every time I drive my MS out of my garage, not to mention every time I yield to the temptation to pushing the accelerator to the floor and feel the thrill of being pressed back in my seat as my MS surges onto the freeway. In all my 72 years on this planet, this is, by far, the finest toy I have ever owned! Thanks, Tesla, for the gift of exhilaration!

Brian H | May 10, 2013

As data accumulates, I believe it will be found that the MS is therapeutic and live-extending to drive.

Brian H | May 10, 2013


riceuguy | May 10, 2013

I wish more folks shared Oakport's sentiment. Tesla doesn't "owe" us these features. If they retrofit them, I'll be thrilled; if they don't I'll live. I knew what I was buying, and every over-the-air update is practically magic.

Anthony H | May 10, 2013

@riceguy, I agree.

I'm freakin delighted the company actually delivered. The odds were really against them. When I put down my deposit three and a half years before the car arrived, I believed it was a long shot.

Really long.

Any enhancements or new upgrades we get after deliver is simply a gift. If some of those can be purchased for post-delivery installation, then we still win.

TS | May 10, 2013
PBEndo | May 10, 2013

@rdalcanto "Even with mirrors turned out, there is still a blind spot"
If you read the posted links you should see that is incorrect and is easily demonstrated in any standard car. There are no spots in the MS where a car in the adjacent lanes cannot be seen in the mirrors.

I agree that there definitely is a greater chance of a collision when lanes are merging at a large angle though. A similar problem exists when 2 cars on a multi-lane road start to change lanes into the same area of the middle lane separating them. This is not due to a "blind spot", it is due to the cars moving toward each other. Because of the angled approach, the cars are not in adjacent lanes until immediately before the merge. Before a collision, the car would be visible in a properly positioned standard mirror but only as the cars get very close. Unfortunately, the electronic blind-spot sensors don't work as well in this situation for the same reason. They give a warning, but only at the last second when the 2 cars are already moving towards each other.

A far better solution is simply adding a convex mirror. It covers the angle problem, is more reliable, less expensive, provides far more information than the blind-spot sensors and doesn't rely on the driver using the turn-signal. It also prevents the driver from unknowingly changing lanes in front of a fast approaching car that isn't in its "blind-spot" when the lane change is initiated. The detectors don't indicate faster cars approaching from behind with the same range as a mirror.
The most important benefit of a properly positioned mirror is that you can develop a constant awareness of the vehicles around you. If you have to make a sudden emergency maneuver to avoid a collision, a blind-spot detector is useless - it will merely blink/vibrate/or beep a split second before you hit the car in the adjacent lane or may not activate at all since you didn't have time to turn on your signal. (Or if it is a passive indicator, you will have long learned to ignore it since it constantly blinks) If you pay attention to your mirrors, you always have an awareness of the cars around you and may be able to avoid the accident by taking a different course.

Relying on blind-spot detectors is a mistake. Drivers become less aware of their surroundings.

Either way, the driver still has to use the signal and react to the sensor or image in the mirror. The best solution is to take the human out of the equation. Google autopilot FTW ;)

gary.greene | May 10, 2013

+1 to what many have said. I love the car as is, know how to check my blind spot (been doing it successfully for many years, park my car (parallel or otherwise), back up without hitting anything (learned this in driver's education).

TimInNOVA | May 11, 2013

Thanks TS for the link to the article:

I'll have my $5,000 standing by for when Tesla adds these features. In the meantime, my M5 will just have to do ;-)

I'm looking forward to a petrol-free and high-torque future!

Thimo Jansen | May 11, 2013

@paul_villasenor, @ ylyubarsky correct, I'm from Europe, the Netherlands. Didn't realize this was a EU-only option.

elguapo | May 11, 2013

Agree with others who say TM doesn't owe it to us. I love my car as is and am thrilled they were able to actually make the MS as is. I would be happy if they offered retrofits - that would be great. That said, the car is incredible already.

lgrovema | May 19, 2013

FYI - here is the Press Release for European Options - Supposedly all these will be available in US cars as well in the next 3 or 4 months.

In advance of the first European Model S deliveries, we are excited to announce the release of some new vehicle option packages designed to optimize multiple aspects of the ownership experience and vehicle performance. Below are details of each newly available option, any of which can be easily added a-la-carte to your existing booking, if not already included:

Cold Weather Package: Stay warmer as the weather gets colder with new heated second-row seats, heater windshield wiper nozzles & cowl, improved defrost grill, and an upgraded battery coolant heater to improve vehicle performance and range in cold climates.

Park Assist: New front and rear-mounted bumper sensors measure the distance between Model S and other objects, making navigating tight spaces much easier and more comfortable. Audible and visual feedback will be communicated clearly on the instrument panel.

Lighting Package (included standard on Signature Series): In order to improve both utility and ambience in your car, this package is designed to improve your visibility in and around the vehicle, and includes additional lighting in the footwells, door jams, door panels, and storage areas.

Security Package: In addition to the standard security features, overhead intrusion sensors and battery-backed alarm sirens are now available.
Performance Plus: This re-tuned suspension adds a very comfortable, yet firm ride that helps to transform Model S into a true driver’s car. Delay between driver input and steering response is reduced through optimized dampers and bushings, helping you to unleash the maximum potential of Model S Performance.

At this point in time, the new options are not yet available for selection in the online configurator, so our Product Specialists are standing by to answer all your questions about product details and pricing and/or update your configuration and paperwork if you’d like to upgrade your vehicle with the new selections. In order to add any new options to your configuration without delaying your vehicle’s production timing, all updates must be submitted no later than Monday, April 15, so please reach out to our Product Specialist team as soon as possible to specify your preferences.

Getting Amped Again | May 19, 2013

I drive with the rear-view camera on the top half of the display at all times. It's very wide angle and vehicles are easily seen when they are not visible in the mirrors. I still turn my head when changing lanes, but this works for me.

I'd like park distance control, especially for the front end, which is very low and easily damaged on curbs if you're not careful. I back into parking spots more often that with previous cars, again to utilize the rear-view camera to gauge the distance.

Code4Ever | May 19, 2013

I cancelled my order until the Cold Weather package is available, love the car and will get one but that takes care of my only fear about the car in Chicago winters.

ian | May 19, 2013

@Got Amped - What pbendo is saying is that if you adjusted your mirrors properly you wouldn't have to turn your head to check your blind spot. ;-)


valem88 | May 20, 2013

Any way to tell if those european options will be available as a retrofit to existing cars...

elguapo | May 20, 2013

For a price, I believe most of these options will be availble within 3-6 months. I don't know how you retrofit rear seat heating without removing/replacing the seats, which would be outrageously expensive. I do think Park Assist is probably the most realistic (and highly demanded) retrofit. Despite what some believe/want on other threads, I think current owners will have to pay a good amount of moeny for retrofits - there's just no way Tesla can give them away.

valem88 | May 20, 2013

I would be interested in the enhance battery heating, living in Canada, not necessarily the whole package...

Flaninacupboard | May 20, 2013

elguapo, I added rear seat heaters to a car a few years ago. As a lay person without the correct tools it took me a weekend. A trained tech could remove the seats in less than ten minutes, I'm sure. Removing the seat covers may take an hour. Adding the pads 30 minutes, refitting the covers maybe 90 minutes, refit the seats in 10 minutes. If the seats have controls in the back they just need a 12V line running to them, if they are integrated in some way they may need to connect to a harness, although if planned as an option the harness may be there already (that was the case in my car).

elguapo | May 20, 2013

@Flaninacupboard That would be great. I think everyone's hope is they offer all of these upgrades/options as retrofits in the very near future. As a lay person myself, I had no idea the seats could be removed so easily.

AlMc | May 20, 2013

Good information. I really doubt that the hardware additions will be covered by the service contract....just hoping. As a car owner, it would be great. As a stock holder..well...we should have to pay

Brian H | May 20, 2013

As a stock holder, you hope management gets it right about the value of the additional appeal and the sales and loyalty enhancement it generates. And the potential "precedent" expectations it creates, with their associated costs.

Do you feel lucky? Maybe you should!

riceuguy | May 20, 2013

Worried about your blind spot? Do what I just did:

It might not beep, but it works very well.

NomoDinos | July 11, 2013

Anyone have new info on the possible ETA for U.S. parking sensors? Apparently, I'm too stupid to drive without them. There was a jagged concrete edge sticking out in the dark at the parking structure at work, and I managed to put a nice scrape along my rear quarter panel. Fortunately it was just on my 5-series (words I NEVER thought I'd write). I can't imagine how upset I would have been if it was my beautiful new P85.

My deposit is non-refundable at this point, but I'm still thinking of delaying until they come in. Better to lose $2500 than to wound my electric baby.

ElectricRed | July 12, 2013

I'm in the same boat. I only have a few inches of clearance in my garage and don't want to risk damaging the car. I contacted Tesla and they told me that the sensor option should be available this summer. They suggested I put the reservation on hold (meaning the car won't be built until the hold is released) and wait. Since I was still in the 2-week period I just canceled and got my deposit back for now.

If they haven't started building your car yet you may be able to put it on hold.

phat78boy | July 12, 2013

I was actually trying to hold out for the parking sensors myself. Put my money down in March and I just couldn't wait any longer. I figured , worse case, I would just pay to have them retrofit into the car.

For those that are tyring to hold back....good luck.

Brian H | July 12, 2013

Buy a big hammer, and ...

NomoDinos | July 12, 2013

L2 - thanks for the info, think I'll try to place on hold as my car hasn't started production yet.

phat78boy - true, but I don't know what to think about retrofitting. It's always harder and more expensive to add things in later.

Brian - ... keep knocking myself out so I don't think about how many days I'm not getting to drive my P85?

jrettinger | July 12, 2013

I'm in the same boat. The day parking sensors are announced I'm placing my order (they already have my deposit) for a if I could only decide on a color.

phat78boy | July 12, 2013

I hear you on the cost thing...I just don't have the self control I thought I did. lol

NomoDinos | July 12, 2013

phat78boy - haha, I definitely understand. I still haven't made the call yet because I can't being myself to put it on hold another month or so. If it's not available by the end of summer as some have predicted, I don't think I can hold out any longer!

TeslaOR | July 12, 2013

I didn't buy the Model S for parking, blind spot detectors and various other gadgets. Jeez - just look where you are going! Its called situational awareness.

Most cars in the alleged "blind spots" don't stay there very long anyway the way the Model S accelerates :)

kback | July 12, 2013

@phat78boy - I'm in the same boat. Wanted to wait, but just couldn't. So glad I didn't. I may add features later, but I don't regret for a second that I bought my Model S sooner.

@TeslaOR - I hear what you're saying about situational awareness, and it's true that most issues can be prevented by careful driving and attention. That said, many safety features have been added to cars because it's only human to get distracted at times, and it's always good to have a technology back-up for our inevitable mistakes. Am I always careful driving, backing up, and parking? Yes. Have I ever changed lanes and heard someone honking, only to say "Holy Sh**, where'd that guy come from?" Yes!

To me, the extra technology is to prevent those "Holy Sh**" moments (except when accelerating - I enjoy those.)

NomoDinos | July 12, 2013

@kbackman - Couldn't agree more. The other thing I fear is a toddler walking across my path as I'm backing up. A friend of mine hit a dog despite using back-up cameras as he came out of a tight parking space. I'm all about redundancies helping to further prevent low probability but disasterous events.

Brian H | July 12, 2013

adjust the concrete.

Newampster | July 12, 2013

BMW has the best blind spot, parking assist and lane deviation warning. Despite all that Tesla has a better car. I picked up my MS today and drove the 150 miles home with the backup camera on. It does a great job as a blind spot monitor. Would like to have the others, but it is so exciting to finally drive the Model S. Toys are dim in comparison.

NomoDinos | July 12, 2013

Brian - oh yes, it's been dealt with. I whined enough about it to facilities management that they finally took care of it (which is like an act of God). It's not a great set-up, some areas are so dark that you can't see if something is jutting into your path.

NomoDinos | July 12, 2013

Newampster - completely agree. If it doesn't come in by the end of summer, I'm just going to eat it and go with the aftermarket mod.

nsxpowered | July 14, 2013

Good news guys and early adopters. All of your Model S already have the sensors and they are wired up. A new firmware would unlock the features, but a new bumper may be required. Sorry I don't want to compromise my source, but it is credible. When my Model S comes, I'm going to tear off the front bumper anyways and I can confirm 100% for you guys.

elguapo | July 14, 2013

@nsxpowered Why post something like that? People have torn off bumpers looking (like Teslatap) and have seen through accidents that there is no wiring there. Plus, we know what it looks like on Euro cars and US bumpers don't have those rings/dots.

nsxpowered | July 14, 2013

My source came from internal and at factory. The main harness is the same as the Euro models. The Model S is too low of a volume vehicle to warrant different variances. The most important part of the system is that it's all wired up ready. A new bumper with ultrasonic sensors and firmware is what was needed to get it to work, along with a subharness. Reason why it is all in place is for the unlikely event if the Feds mandated the feature, they would be ready for it.
Just like how the vehicles had swappable battery packs, it was designed from the ground up and no one was able to confirm at Tesla about its existence unless they wanted it to be known.
As you know all cars with factory navigation have different harnesses and it is nearly impossible to swap out something as integral as the main harness. We will just have to wait and see when they do officially release it, because it will not work w/o the firmware, regardless of the hardware.
Hope this clears up the issues. I will tear out my own bumper to confirm that there will be a plug for a subharness next month.

AmpedRealtor | July 14, 2013

@ nsxpowered, wow... so Tesla planned ahead because, according to you, the "reason why it is all in place is for the unlikely event if the Feds mandated the feature, they would be ready for it". So I guess Tesla must have also planned ahead with their hovering capability, in the unlikely event that the feds mandated that feature? How about missile launchers and force field? I mean there's a 0.00005% possibility that the feds might make that mandatory too, so I guess Tesla must have planned for that unlikely event.

Seriously, do you see how crazy this sounds? I'd love to be proven wrong, so please rip apart your new car to your heart's content, but please be sure to have someone taking a video of your face when you find out that there is no magic behind the bumper...