Will Tesla Extend the Model S Referral Program?

Will Tesla Extend the Model S Referral Program?

Do you think Tesla will extend the Model S Referral Program?

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EVRider | October 24, 2015

Don't think so. I doubt the referral program is helping Tesla sell cars at this point, it's just costing them money.

sule | October 24, 2015

Yet another post from you for the sole purpose of plugging in your referral link. Stop abusing the forum.

EternalChampion | October 24, 2015

Nope. The new model S upgrades will prob be announced the following week.

Possible seat upgrades similar to Model X, invisible chauffeur drivers door, new headlights, possible fascia change to the nose of the Model S.

Run4Waffles | October 24, 2015

Doubt it. The DMV sent a letter warning Tesla that the referral program was unlawful. Surprised I haven't seen s thread on it.

carlk | October 24, 2015

That's a stop gap before X was unveiled. Now that everything about X is known. People who were holding up for either purchases are making their decisions. There is little reason for Tesla to continue the program imo.

@EternalChampion That's a good guess. Essentially people would pay $2000 more for certain updates by then. No one would complain.

Cattledog | October 24, 2015

suie - Pretty sure I have thousands of posts here, on TMC and in my blog since 2012 that don't have a referral link, so I have posted for four years without it. I have a referral link now so I see it as OK to post with it since Tesla gave it to me and asked me to share it. If Tesla, who owns these forums, chooses to ask/tell us to do otherwise then I'll stop posting it. Sorry if the links upset you, they seem to be attracting many people to the car and 'Accelerate the Advent of Sustainable Transport'. You know, Tesla's Mission. Here's another link.

If you don't like people sharing a link to help people save $1,000 on a car, you should probably contact Tesla.

70D-Tesla | October 24, 2015


Why would anyone use your $1000 referral code when they can use a VA owners referral cost and get $2000 off?

(And they don't need to live in Virginia to take advantage of the $2000 discount)

sule | October 24, 2015

@Cattledog: It upsets me that people are abusing the forum to promote personal benefit by recommending to buyers something that is not to their advantage and is not appropriate either. You should advertise your referral links anywhere EXCEPT on this site.

I don't advertise my link at all, anywhere. I advertise Virginia links to people I know because I want to save them money. Since Tesla was forced to make the change for Virginia and Ohio it is just wrong trying to make $1000 from, essentially, friends. My benefit is continued friendship and promotion of Tesla and EVs.

Your thoughts are different. You will plug your link everywhere and create posts just for that. I don't even want to respond to these threads because it bumps them. In this case I made an exception twice so far, because it was already on top, so no significant effect. I know you will bump it, though.

JGint | October 24, 2015

I do not think they will extend the program but we should know soon. I think it was a worthwhile try for tesla to reward people but the government laws are preventing it to work like it should.

Here is my referral code to save $2,000 of since I am in Ohio. I need 1 more referral to get an invite to the tesla factory tour. I could care less about the power wall but I really am excited to hopefully see the factory.

Please use my code and help me out.

Thanks all!

EternalChampion | October 24, 2015

Don't you automatically get a factory tour just by purchasing a Tesla?

Bighorn | October 24, 2015

The gigafactory tour.

70D-Tesla | October 24, 2015


Then why don't you care less, if you say you could?

I think you mean "I 'couldn't' care less..." :-)

Bighorn | October 24, 2015

Shoot--I was going to offer to take the Powerwall off his hands:)

JGint | October 24, 2015

Haha yeah yeah

Cattledog | October 24, 2015

suie - It's fine for people to buy from people in Ohio or Virginia, my link is simply one option. I am happy for them if they choose JGint's, and happy for him too. Not everyone makes decisions on greatest economic advantage, so speaking for the 95% of Model S owners that don't live in Virginia and Ohio, we are thankful for those people.

I guess it would be fair to say that you're upset at people like me who are using forum posts to post their referral link, I am am upset that people who don't control the content of this forum are trying to do so with posts like yours. We'll just differ on this.

Back to the main purpose of the post, I think that they'll extend it now for a defined period for one of two reasons:

1. Model X production is not quite dovetailing with Model S when they want it too (in the next 3 months), so they want to prime Model S demand a bit more.

2. Refreshes to Model S (with Model X features or their own new ones) are not ready yet so they'll keep this in place until they are ready - guessing sometime next year, Q1/Q2 right before Model 3 unveil.

EternalChampion | October 24, 2015

I think Tesla will push the Model S upgrades out soon to keep their sales numbers high due to the end of fiscal year coming up.

This is what they did with the introduction of the D models last Fall, when everyone was expecting imminent release of the X.

Cattledog | October 25, 2015

If it's like the end of 2012 (or maybe it was 2013) when Tesla announced a price increase mid-December, the imminent end of the referral program will generate a week of big orders for Tesla. I recall something like a five-fold increase the last week of 2012(3).

Cattledog | October 26, 2015

I also think the late-breaking news/rumors that some/many/all Signature Model Xs won't be delivered until January 2016 will weigh on people. Perhaps an attitude will develop that all Model Xs will be pushed back so I'll just go order a Model S.

tes-s | October 26, 2015

No! Absolutely not! Never!

Until the day it expires...

Pungoteague_Dave | October 27, 2015

Look, this is a sales incentive program, pure and simple. It is like the old ICE auto rebates, with a different cover. It is silly and unseemly for Tesla, and hurts their image in my view, to pay customers to refer others. I have a Virginia link if anyone still needs one...

The link says it is $1,000, so call and remind them that I am a VA owner to get it upgraded to $2k.

priustech | October 27, 2015


No argument there (sales incentive), but I don't see it in such a negative light. Elon's propositions fake the referral program aka sales incentive is solid- it is cheaper for Tesla to sell via referral vs building out staff/stores. It would seem difficult to quantity that.