winter tyre Michelin Pilot Alpin 19' energy performance

winter tyre Michelin Pilot Alpin 19' energy performance

I get the Michelin Pilot Alpin 245/45/19 102w and I recorded a huge increase of the consumption to 219 Wh/km @120 km/h constant speed (already warm batteries and warm car) with dry roads and 5°C outside. With Michelin summer types I get 195Wh/km @120 km/h.

I would like to compare these results with someone with Pirelli Sottozero or Nokia Kappellita or other winter tyre.

dcpalmer | November 30, 2015

I use 19" Nokian WR-A3 for my Winter tyres. These give me better energy efficiency (i.e., lower Wh/mi numbers) than the stock Goodyear Eagle tyres. The European Union rolling resistance figure for the Nokians is "C", compared to "F" for the Goodyear Eagles.

Back-to-back comparison, carried out in the Spring this year:-

Nokian WR-A3 (12 March - 14 April), average temperature: 5.5°C: 275 Wh/mile
Goodyear Eagle (15 April - 1 May), average temperature: 6.7°C: 290 Wh/mile

delbo | December 5, 2015

275wh/mi is a very good result,I suppose this is an average of the use during 12 march to 14 april. which model of Goodyear tires are you speaking about?