Would you like your car this year email

Would you like your car this year email

P446, just got this email (not sure why you would not want it this year, I already responded yes):


Would you prefer Model S delivery ASAP or in 2013?

Our factory is working day and night to produce Model S. We are now beginning to contact customers who are likely to receive their car during the balance of December. As we do so, we are finding that some customers prefer to wait until 2013 to take delivery. We are fine with that, but want to know it now so we make sure we are focused on producing cars in December that people definitely want to have delivered by the end of the year.

Therefore, we are contacting customers that have a very good possibility of their Model S being available for delivery this year to see if they are ready to take delivery ASAP or if they prefer to wait until 2013. For those owners who are ready to take delivery between now and the end of the year, we will expedite the final steps to produce your car and schedule delivery.

Please let us know your preference right away:

mrspaghetti | December 10, 2012


Maybe someone with the exact same config said ”no”

jchangyy | December 10, 2012

It would have to be, right? I can't imagine anything other than that.

GLO | December 11, 2012

I really have to stop reding this thread as it gets me too frustrated. P3534 (60kw)...sigh

Velo1 | December 11, 2012

MB3 - I did the same thing, as when I clicked Yes my Outlook opened, which is for my business email. I realized what had happened after reading some of the posters here. I called Tesla, explained what happened, and the person (Cameron) said he would walk my request for December delivery over to the delivery team. He said within a week I should get an email from them with my status. I suggest calling them. It has only been 2 days and have not seen anything yet.

jat | December 11, 2012

@GLO - you knew the 60kWh versions would come later, and they just got the EPA range certification. Hopefully they will start shipping them in January.

glennk | December 11, 2012

I responded back on the 6th to "yes" then the day after realized that it was in m unified inbox but was sent out using my work email. So I re-replied through my correct account on the 7th but still have yet to see a delivery button. Hopefully I haven't been left in the dust, if so, at least tell me so that I don't refresh mytesla dashboard every 10mins.

biwamura | December 11, 2012

Did not request early delivery, but picked up email today to schedule delivery. #7579, grey, air suspension, 19", no pano, electronics upgrade and steror???? Window Dec. 15-31, now scrambling to get HWPC hookup and finalize financing.

TiburonTesla | December 11, 2012

8,761 here. finally checking in. been following the lot of you for a few months since i resered my spot. first of all, thanks for all the info!

i too received the 'golden ticket' letter on thursday afternoon. i accepted via the little button on the email, and it spawned an outlook message saying 'YES i want early delivery'. i was happy as a clam till monday when i saw new posts saying you had to check your tesla home page. frantically i grabbed the mouse and saw the 'deliver' button was indeed there. no email was sent from tesla saying to click that button. if you guys didn't post it, i wouldn't have noticed it. so i slammed all 3 mouse buttons down at once to complete the wizard steps and received a delivery date of dec 15th-31st. i still have not ever heard from any tesla rep on any topic. they've never contacted me.

i have the performance version, 85 kwh, most of the goodies included. i live in the bay area, so i will pick it up at the factory.

good luck and happy new year to all fortunate soon-to-be-tesla-owners!

jat | December 11, 2012

So I just talked to a Tesla rep, and she said no VIN has been assigned and that happens about 10 days before the car is ready for delivery/shipping. So, the window of 12/15-12/31 is pretty optimistic, and since they have to ship it to Georgia I think the earliest possible delivery date would be the very end of the month.

bobinfla | December 11, 2012

I was told VIN is right before paint shop, then various more steps and inspections which seems to take about a week, but sometimes only one day if everything was perfect. Based on that I'm just making sure the money is sitting in the checking account and ready to go on a moment's notice. Or a week's notice. Or a month, or some other random day.

bradslee | December 11, 2012

P#7740, received the December 2012 early delivery email and replied "yes". Followed receiving the pick up preference email and replied to pick up the car at Tesla Menlo Park Service Station. Delivery time frame is between Dec. 15 and Dec. 31. SolarCity scheduled to do the charging installation on Dec. 15.

GaryOrlando | December 11, 2012

I'm so excited I can hardly stand it... Dec 22 to Jan 5th they said.. I got a confirmation yesterday that they still dont have UL certification on the High-Power hook up so nobody has one yet.

Brought 10' of 6-3 wire and an NEMA 14-50 socket from Lowes .. my Dad's an electrician so I won't kill myself :-)

I guess it will have to do for a few months.

Scorch | December 11, 2012

As an update, I received a call today from Tesla that my car was already in town and in final prep. Never received a VIN, going to be delivered on the 13th :) Also never received an update email. Just pushed the magic button, and then got a call a few days later. So close now...

MB3 | December 11, 2012

Ok. After the above fiasco, I'm back in business. I had done the same thing as Velo. After initially responding from the wrong email account I called them and explained. They immediately pushed the paper work through and later that day I filled out a survey for financing and delivery. Funny, the delivery specialist on the phone said they were only doing direct deliveries, but the questionnaire has pick-up as an option. In any case, I'll be out of town, so I going to have the car delivered to a friends house! I guess he'll get the delivery experience, but I still get the car.

Velo1 | December 11, 2012

MB3 - I was told the delivery specialist would not be available when the car is delivered in December (if it happens for me) as they arejust delivering as many cars as they can right now. But then in January I can call and schedule a visit with the delivery specialist at a convenient date. Also, I would have to prepay before delivery, as the delivery service would not be collecting any payments, which is fine with me.

jkwolfie | December 11, 2012

Acceleration! Got "time to build" note last Monday, finalized Tuesday (black, production, 85kw, air suspension), e-signed Wednesday with the same Feb/Mar timing seen elsewhere.

Six days later i get the note to finalize delivery logistics for a window from Dec 15-31!! What's with that?! Not complaining, but it doesn't seem realistic. What a (great) change! Called rep and he indicated there's a high volume of 85/air suspensions in production. Has anyone had the same experience?

MB3 | December 11, 2012

Velo1. I misspoke. I talked with someone on the phone to help me schedule delivery. I didn't mean to imply I would have a DS at delivery. I won't. I will likely have to prepay too, which is fine, because that way I don't need to give my friend the huge check. That would be another "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"

jat | December 11, 2012

@jkwolfie - exactly the same for me. I actually expect to get it in early January, but that would still be much better than early February.

R3dStang66 | December 12, 2012

I just got the email last Thursday and scrambled for financing Friday. I should have read the email more carefully since it was a high possibility for end of year delivery … lol Regardless, I secured my financing and responded Monday for ASAP delivery. I’m hoping since I didn’t do any trade-in and don’t have to mess with financing it would speed everything up. Dec 15 -31st ETA is my scheduled delivery.
I can’t wait!!! P7290

jjaeger | December 12, 2012

Like everyone else - got the email last week and immediately replied Yes. No contact yet and no change in my button from View Design to Delivery. However today noticed that the Download Manuals & Warranty link appeared on my page. Thought this was a sign that delivery was imminent. Any insight or suggestions would be appreciated. For the most part, I've done everything w/ Tesla online and without any additional contact. Just letting things roll. Getting antsy that i should email them or call now - as would be great to get the car this year. P4860.

R3dStang66 | December 13, 2012


I would give Tesla a call and see what your status is.
I replied to the email on Monday and also called Tesla. Jeff passed my info to the appropriate team and the next day, I had the delivery button available.