…You do not know or care what the price of a gallon of gas is.
…You consider the sound of your seatbelt retractor an annoyance.
…You stop for the yellow light to be first in line for the green.
…You tell your passengers in advance when you are going to accelerate.

…You turn on your air conditioner to let the blind person in the crosswalk hear you.
…You introduce/show your cars to others when parking or returning to it
…You enjoy showing people what’s under the hood of your car
…You tell them who makes it and then they ask who makes it

…”Creep” is something your car does only if you want it to
…You mostly use your brake pedal at speeds less than 5 mph
…You keep checking this internet map with red dots, blue dots and traffic cones

…You fill your daughter’s hybrid with gas credits from the grocery store that you will never use
…You leave that same hybrid car “on” when you park it in the garage and exit
…The license plate frame on your daughter’s Prius says “My next car is a Tesla” and you know it’s true.
…You want to reserve some Model 3s now (and have no doubt it will be a good investment)

…When you are planning a long trip, your daughter reminds you that there is “this flying device” that can get you there quicker (& it does NOT even remotely seem like a better option)

…You have this grin on your face….

Now your turn…

sbeggs | July 21, 2014

So true! Especially the part about telling your passengers "hold on" before punching it!

Captain_Zap | July 21, 2014

...if you buy a lottery ticket and a Pepsi at a gas station so you don't feel guilty about using their facilities.

Velo1 | July 21, 2014

I feel constrained when there is another car between me and the pole position at a red light.

I have pulled up to the gas pump so I could clean my windshield, then drove off while everyone was staring at my car. | July 21, 2014

...if you spend too much time in this forum! | July 21, 2014


TonyR63 | July 21, 2014

Guilty, too.

Bradtc | July 21, 2014

"…You stop for the yellow light to be first in line for the green."
Ha ha! All the time! :)

pabeader | July 21, 2014

Too much time? There are only 24 hours in a day. Sounds just about right to me.

J.T. | July 21, 2014

Loved the air conditioner on for the blind. Hilarious.

MacDaddyDude | July 21, 2014

You make sure your somewhat presentable wherever you go since it is highly likely you'll be answering questions from the curious.

Sudre_ | July 21, 2014

I was just cussing and screaming on my way home from work at the stop lights because I made them ALL green.

gtr | July 21, 2014

When you wife tells all your friends that you should work on the sales staff at Tesla...

Plugged In | July 21, 2014

When you spot another Tesla on the road, you try to catch up to it to 1) Read their license plate (saw one that said "KIK GAS" today)
2) See who it is and
3) "Nod" or wave.

Every time somebody passes by you -- especially when they're trying to show off -- in a big SUV, rather than show off you start laughing (I do) because ... you KNOW they have to stop for gas and pay for their little misdemeanor!

Every time you see anyone driving a Suburban,Escalade, Tahoe, Expedition, Navigator or other similar behemoth, all by themselves, let's just say you feel very smart all of a sudden.

When other drivers look at you, you think "they're undressing my Tesla with their eyes!"

You go to the Supercharger once in a while just to meet other Tesla owners. And yes, you do end up answering questions and being deputized as an assistant Tesla salesperson on the spot.

You see a car commercial and you change the channel.

You see a car dealer commercial and you change the channel faster.

Your next trip to Europe might be to visit Norway, thanks to Bjorn Nyland and his fine work. Tell me you're not thinking about it!

You enjoy watching certain Tesla videos over and over again: My favorites are the modern spaceship commercial and the girl who screams out "OH MY GOD!!! WE'RE GETTING A TESLA!!!"

Pile on!

AmpedUP | July 21, 2014 always order your drinks with NO ICE are constantly showing your friends photos of burning Fords, Chevrolets, Porsches, Subarus, Hondas, Toyotas, Fiats, etc, etc, etc. drive with the AM radio tuned between stations

...your spouse is wondering why you are wanting to buy a clear bra

hsadler | July 21, 2014 slowly through the Porsche dealer's lot - hahahahaha

JMAC7 | July 21, 2014

if you claim to have never lost a race to another car even though the reality is you did :)

Cindy I II III | July 21, 2014

If the Tesla sales person leave potential buyers to you to answer questions.

If you know to mark a thread private just so Brian H cannot correct your grammars.

Jewsh | July 21, 2014

"When you wife tells all your friends that you should work on the sales staff at Tesla..."

Or the Tesla staff ask if you're planning on applying for a job at Tesla. Or (as Cindy mentioned) they turn to you (since you're hanging around at the Yorkdale store) and ask you to describe the information they've just relayed to a customer, but in your own words/experience.


Jewsh | July 21, 2014


' slowly through the Porsche dealer's lot - hahahahaha'

Or you've dropped a friend at the crappy Chrysler dealer and made sure to beep the horn not only to let him know you're taking off but also to rub it in to the dealership staff that their cars are so last year. ;-)

Jewsh | July 21, 2014

Also since Chrysler == Fiat and douchebag Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne hates EVs, I made doubly sure the staff saw the car.

NKYTA | July 21, 2014 attend Tesla conferences and blow off the work ones constantly bump the Tips thread so common questions don't get often asked consider driving three days one way to where you grew up, to only spend two days at the destination and then drive back just can't stop talking about your Model S and EVs have given over 100 test rides to family, friends, colleagues and relative strangers

judimasters | July 21, 2014've been called "A Tesla Evangelist" don't understand why everyone just doesn't understand!

cochise | July 21, 2014 check the supercharger map every hour!

Captain_Zap | July 21, 2014

..if you try to put a rental car in PARK by pushing the windshield wiper button.

perlovl | July 21, 2014

You and your spouse actually wanted the same car.

gagliardilou | July 21, 2014 matter what car pulls up next to you, you KNOW you have the nicest car on the planet!

MacDaddyDude | July 22, 2014

You go to the gallery, store, or service center just to stop by and see how everyone is doing, because they are nice, great to talk to and you secretly hope to come across someone looking for information that the associates cannot discuss at this point.

J.T. | July 22, 2014

every time you start to say something your daughters say, "Is this about your car?"

mikeadams | July 22, 2014 leave for work at exactly the same time every morning and don't even have to look to see how much range you have left
...whenever someone mentions the price of gas at the water cooler, you are caught off guard and try to determine if it would be wise to make any comment.
...stopping at a gas station for anything feels about as akward as Lebron returning to Ohio

Captain_Zap | July 22, 2014

...if you have weekly household meetings to negotiate who gets to drive the Tesla on which day. AND, you always have a long mileage errand in mind to use as a trump card.

johncrab | July 22, 2014

...if the guy who sold you two Jaguars and now sells Mercedes drives a Model S
...if you drive very slowly by the house where the guy lives who owns a Leaf and a Volt
...if you spend more time in the garage than in front of your new 60" HDTV
...if you can stare at the green light on the HPWC and consider it art.
...if you go to the mall just to grab one of the Tesla Only spots
...if you consider a torque converter "quaint" technology.
...if you can actually become excited over fast food as part of the Supercharger experience.
...if you check out parking lots on road trips for signs of Supercharger construction
...if you enjoy hearing the local hicks say, "Whut's thay-at?

MacDaddyDude | July 22, 2014

John reminded me...

You cancel cable, dish, etc. You never watched anymore nor do you miss it because all your free time is doing something -- driving, washing, forums, etc. with your Tesla.

GAGSTESLA | July 22, 2014

You spend countless hours on this forum defending seats, vanity mirrors, and the lack of cup holders, clothes hooks from posts that pop up almost every day as really not very important.

paul | July 22, 2014

…your boss says "You'll get a charge out of this," and you say, "Level 2?" | July 22, 2014

Kevin, I like your list, especially the about flying:
…When you are planning a long trip, your daughter reminds you that there is “this flying device” that can get you there quicker (& it does NOT even remotely seem like a better option)Their are many other threads about which auto companies will disappear because they didn't adapt. This brings up a whole new metric: How many regional airlines will disappear because it is more fun to drive?

Drakester347 | July 22, 2014

You would seriously rather drive 14 hours rather than take a 2 hour flight? I only say this because I may be traveling from Houston to Atlanta. I would think the fun would run out after a few hours.

But as of now I can't do the trip any way because Tesla has Texans trapped in Texas. lol

logicalthinker | July 22, 2014

... If you are seriously thinking about the names Nikola and Elon for your baby-on-the-way.

... if going thru the deodorant section at the store gets you thinking about the CEO of a car company.

... Actually, if you can't stop thinking about Musk, no matter what, and your wife thinks you've lost it.

logicalthinker | July 22, 2014

... If you find yourself admiring dryer outlets.

logicalthinker | July 22, 2014

...If the car magazines at the supermarket which only marginally interested you before, suddenly become a "find the Tesla article" adventure, which you crucially think isn't entirely good enough, even though the writer is consistently drooling about the car, and you leave the magazines open to that page when you put them back.

... If you go into Best Buy and casually go around checking out the computers, leaving them all on and reset homepages

logicalthinker | July 22, 2014


logicalthinker | July 22, 2014

... If you suddenly enjoy going to certain malls, when you never enjoyed malls before.

jjs | July 22, 2014

....admiring dryer outlets - Now that's funny! And sadly true!

This growing list is REALLY starting to bother me, because you might be a Tesla owner

...if 99% of this list resonates with you and you really don't find it that strange.


PV_Dave @US-PA | July 22, 2014

@Drakester347: Philly to Savannah and back, with wife and three kids. 750 miles (each way) is a lot to do in one day. Next time I'd break it up and find someplace to stop part way.

Fly? That's what I did to Kansas City. No Superchargers there yet. ;-)

logicalthinker | July 22, 2014

If you never tire of the question 'Oh, do you work for Tesla?' from smiling passerby's, as they notice your Tesla shirt.

jjs | July 22, 2014

...if you ever have someone (many different times) ask you if Tesla pays you for showing/explaining/giving rides/test drives. | July 22, 2014

"... If you find yourself admiring dryer outlets"


logicalthinker | July 22, 2014

... You go to fill up your wife's SUV, and 1) have only a vague idea where the gas station is, 2) can't believe the incredible inconvenience of having to wait for an opening in the traffic just to cross the road to get to the station, 3) drive up to a broken pump because you've lost your skill of remotely identifying pumps with paper taped over the screen or bags over the pump handles, 4) reel at the gross smell of the gas and the slimy pump handles, 5) feel sick at the cost for a single fillup.... | July 22, 2014

You all are adding some great stuff here...thanks

arldent3300 | July 22, 2014

Thanks for the laugh. You all are hilarious :) Someone seriously should put these together and give them to Nick Howe so that he could add them to his book.

Vevans2 | July 22, 2014

...when you are given the thumbs up and consecutive nod....