Which lawn mowers is the best?

Which lawn mowers is the best?

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I am Nancy Brown. It's my first post. I need your help guys.

I am looking for the best walk behind electronic lawn mower for my garden. I have a lot of tall, woody weeds in my yard. I find out some best walk behind electronic lawnmower from this site.

Does anyone have an idea about these vehicles which is easy to set up and easy to use? | May 28, 2018

I like the EGO mower: as it's really well made and has enough battery power to do my lawn 3 times before recharging. Also available at Home Depot.

Here's an entire thread on electric mowers:

Babaron | May 28, 2018

+1 for the Ego Pro mower—love it!!

Should_I | May 28, 2018

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SCCRENDO | May 28, 2018

I am not sure how relevant this is to the forum but it is a reasonable question. Definitely not spam. Sorry I don’t have a good answer.

lilbean | May 28, 2018

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Yodrak. | May 28, 2018

The Tesla Model C lawn mower is clearly the best. The introduction is coming 'soon', get ready to place your $100 reservation deposit.

ggendel | May 29, 2018

I picked up a Husqvarna Automower 450x. Just lay down the boundary wire and let it go. My lawn never looked so good... The bare spots filled in and everything is thick like a putting green. I go out every two weeks to weed and do a little edging. I do a monthly inspection and change the blades (at a cost of $1 per set). The built-in GPS makes sure it covers the property evenly. Once it got itself in a drainage grate and it sent me a text that "My left rear wheel is stuck", so I covered the grate with a smaller mesh. It's a great conversation piece and fun to watch. I'll break even in less than two seasons.

ggendel | May 29, 2018

To clarify, when I said two seasons, I meant two mowing seasons.

Tarla's Driver | May 30, 2018

I would love to get a robotic lawn mower, but our lawn is in five separate sections, separated by driveway, sidewalks, and a large wetlands (front and back are completely separate). I'm also not a fan of installing the invisible fence-style wiring. I'm hoping that in a few years they'll have one that will use GPS, WiFi signals, and cameras to navigate without any wires, and then it might work for our lawn.

In the meantime, I would love to get something like the EGO mentioned above. There are several brands with their own battery systems, and the batteries are interchangeable with a full line of gardening tools, so you're not just buying the lawn mower, but buying into a product line. The issue for me is that I want a good snow blower, too, and a single-stage blower doesn't cut it when we get a major storm in New England. Once I can replace my gas snow blower, I'll buy the mower from the same brand, and probably several other tools.

justin.wurzburg | May 30, 2018

I have a greenworks mower and love it. So much power. | May 30, 2018

@Tarla - Expensive, but I think EGO is the only one making a useful electric snow blower:

Same batteries are used in the mower, leaf blower, and other tools they make. I have no connection to EGO, but I did buy the mower and the leaf blower. Both have been exceptionally well built and function better than gas ones they replaced. I also like the fast <30 minute charger has a fan to keep the battery temps lower while charging (a mini thermal manager), which helps extend battery life. | February 5, 2019

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