2+ hours for firmware at SC?

2+ hours for firmware at SC?

I brought my 2017 75D to the SC for it's 1-yr annual maintenance. They told me they have a firmware update that's only for the MS 75D and requires physically connecting their computer to the car. 2 hour and 15 minutes ago, I was told it takes about 35 minutes. It's still not finished, and is estimated to take another half hour.

These guys claim that they have to download this firmware afresh every single time they install it on a 75D. Should I believe what they're telling me? I'm not terribly inconvenienced, but this sure sounds fishy to me. Just curious.

EVRider | June 26, 2018

Sounds odd, but what can you do other than wait?

wlhnlh | June 26, 2018

What firmware version are you currently on? Is your 75D 'uncorked'? I can only think if 2 recent updates that took that long. 1) uncorking (which did require a physical connection), but that only took about an hour 2) Large maps update, but I did that over my WiFi. I'm not sure what else they could be updating that would take that long. Ask them what exactly it is they are updating as I would be curious myself.

reed_lewis | June 26, 2018

Perhaps they are uncorking it... That would make sense as to why it is only for the 75D...

Stark | June 26, 2018

My 75D is 4 days old... is it safe to assume that mine is uncorked? How would I go about checking?

rxlawdude | June 26, 2018

@Stark, check the tailpipe. If there's no cork in there, it's been uncorked.

lilbean | June 26, 2018

Maybe it's the Martin Tripp debugging protocol.

Stark | June 26, 2018

I've been checking for hours and can't find the tailpipe???

barrykmd | June 26, 2018

My tailpipe had a banana in it when I picked up the car. And Eddie Murphy was watching from across the street.