Supermusk to the rescue: Trapped Thai children

Supermusk to the rescue: Trapped Thai children

Elon is offering help and consulting with getting the trapped children out of the cave

Ross1 | July 6, 2018

Engineering team en route to Thailand to rescue the boys

fritter63 | July 6, 2018

Reposting for visibility:

All, I have an idea on a way to help with the rescue of the kids in the Thailand cave. But I don't have a twitter account and don't know how to get this
information to Elon or ANYONE that could pass the info to the Tesla engineers that have been sent to help.

Regarding the concern over the low oxygen levels in the cave forcing a premature evacuation and risky scuba dive for the kids.....

I think that if you were pull a couple lines of 1/2" PEX tubing (plastic flexible plumbing pipe) into the chamber, you could then use that to pump
compressed air into the chamber and raise the oxygen levels.

The PEX can be coupled together to form longer runs, in the field, when necessary. The second line would be used as a return air line so that pressure doesn't
build up in the chamber (assuming that's really needed... could be it will just seep out?).

If you know how pass this along, please help.

Ross1 | July 7, 2018

Here is an update on the situation. Elon getting such good press (even tho he doesnt seem to have done anything yet. Altho one article said a SpaceX/Boring/Powerwall team are on their way.
While we think gravely about these Soccer Kids, it is refreshing to see EM getting +ve press.

@Fritter, the SEAL man who died was putting in the oxygen line...

eric.zucker | July 7, 2018

fritter63: I wouldn't worry about pressure buildup. the cave isn't sealed airtight, and excess air pressure would likely evacuate naturally. If no other way out it would help flush water away from them on the way out which can't hurt.

As a scuba diver, 5-6 hours is a long time to be underwater. Particularly in cold, dark, and otherwise muddy waters. It takes a lot of self-control not to panic.

Elon's idea of inflating a plastic tube to get through the submerged parts isn't all bad. Drilling a tunnel to access the area runs the risk of collapsing the cave ceiling.

These kids aren't safely out of their ordeal yet. they really need all our prayers.

Madatgascar | July 7, 2018

Bump! Good luck team!

Mike83 | July 8, 2018

What an ordeal. Hope they are successful soon. Condolences to the Seal diver to passed in the line of duty.
Thanks to all those helping in the rescue and Elon using state of the art technology to aid. Nice to see humanity doing some good these days.

Mike83 | July 8, 2018

edit. Condolences to the family of the Seal diver who passed away in the line of duty. What a real hero.

Tesla-David | July 8, 2018

I have done a lot of cave diving over the years, and can only imagine how scary it is to bring these young men out with no diving experience and no swimming experience. I pray everyone makes it out with no more loss of life. | July 8, 2018

@Mike83 Yes! Condolences to the hero's surviving family. Real People. Real Lives. Real Heroes.

mrporter6 | July 8, 2018
SCCRENDO | July 8, 2018

A great example of the world coming together. We are stronger together. Isolationism is a giant step backwards

Ross1 | July 8, 2018

Who is thinking this will develop into anothe Musk business?
Perhaps under the umbrella of SpaceX though.

The Caveman Co.
J.Bond Rescue Co. Inc.
Ironman Inc.

Let us suggest some more names..

Nexxus | July 9, 2018

Elon is having his engineering team design a single submersible evacuation tube to bring them out through the submerged water filled areas. Supposedly was to ship it over to Thailand Sunday night.

Ross1 | July 9, 2018

Five out now.
While we are excited to see the skilled saving of young lives, there seems to be no press yet on whether the pods given by Elon are being used.
SpaceX made a solid metal kids submarine, while their supplier Wings made up some flexible (orange) pods. Please post here if you see them being used.
I doubt the metal tube will fit thru the 380 mm minimum gap but it could well be used for a part of the distance.
What a remarkable achievement even to:
Invent these capsules
Complete them within 24 hrs
Test them in the pool (with non-swimmers)
Get them to transport
Ship them on Elon's private jet
Get approval to use them...??
Deploy (hopefully)

Reminiscent of the cramped timeline to ramp production of Model 3 from a credit card (Paypal) exec to 5038 cars a week.

The man ..I call him dangerous.

Headline: Elon misses deadline, Thai team saved in his absence.
Couldnt you kill the Press?

Ross1 | July 9, 2018

7 now!

Ross1 | July 9, 2018
Ross1 | July 9, 2018


lilbean | July 9, 2018


lilbean | July 9, 2018

Spam got flagged

Ross1 | July 9, 2018

The Man actually delivered it himself. Named it Wild Boar. Left it in the cave.

Ross1 | July 9, 2018

Yes there were about 100 spam posts put on here, thanks whomever for removing them quickly.
Lilbean was not referring to our posts but the inundation of spam.

Ross1 | July 9, 2018

Very soon there will be negative news from Musk haters, this one and others are borderline.
But, why did Supermusk have to go himself?
Perhaps he needed a break after building 7000 cars in a week. They flash out at an AVERAGE of 1 every 40 seconds. A blur.

Ross1 | July 10, 2018

All out now. Congratulations to all concerned.
And to Elon who tried to save a very small part of humanity.

johnyi | July 10, 2018

Call me a troll if you want, but this rubs me a bit wrong. Other companies flew out equipment, people, funds, etc, to no fanfare. They just helped. But Elon made a big deal about his plans, tweeted about it, made videos, let everyone know he went there himself, and his help wasn't even asked for or accepted (apparently the mini-sub would not have fit some of the passages to begin with). Much ado about nothing. But it certainly generated a lot of PR - for Elon. Just strikes me as a Trump-like "look at me - I'm going to save the world" self-promotion move. | July 10, 2018

@johnyi - not a troll, but you seem to have a very poor view of people trying to make a positive difference and hate those that actually do something original to try and help. Sad.

johnyi | July 10, 2018

No problem with the unsung heroes that quietly help. I don't like people that have to shout "look at me, I'm going to help". "yes look at me, here's this sub we're building that no one asked for". "Look at me, I actually flew here for this photo op; aren't I a great person?". All that hype and nothing to show for it, except for PR for Elon.

Mike83 | July 10, 2018

jealous much?

dmm1240 | July 10, 2018

I read Elon's tweets. He was effusive in praising the divers and rescuers. Said he would leave the sub behind in case they had use for it in the future. The man was already in Asia on business anyway.

So, in your opinion johnyi, Elon should never ever tweet.

Me? I don't like Twitter. Read it sometimes and that's about it. Message boards are about as far as I go with social media and that ain't far. I deleted the bare bones Facebook page I had — it contained wildly inaccurate bio data, I used it to log on to sites that require Facebook ID like HuffPost — I never liked Facebook to begin with and certainly don't after Zuckerberg's performance in front of Congress. Knew there was something bad wrong with that entire setup.

That said, if someone is THERE on the ground and wishes to update their followers on what is going down and showing them a possible solution that their company is working on, I have no problem with it. I didn't take it as breast beating by Elon, more like an engineer trying to come up with a way to rescue some trapped children with a clock ticking. To each his own. Mountain out of a mini-molehill in my opinion.

SO | July 11, 2018

@Johnnyi - read this correspondence in the image. The people running the show on ground in Thailand WANTED Elon to continue with the mini-sub.

SO | July 11, 2018

Here is the link to the image showing the email correspondence.

It was with Dick Stanton, who co-led the dive rescue team.

SO | July 11, 2018

Also, Elon was asked for help via twitter.

Could have he done it with private conf calls? Sure. But we got to see the inner workings how how quick someone can build something and deliver it.

Yes, it’s great that other companies helped out too. But the task for Elon was SIGNIFICANTLY more difficult. What do you think is easier? Donating off the shelf products you have/money/people....or having to quickly build something because the circumstances were unique?

Also what you probably fail to realize is that the pumps to keep the water low enough failed shortly after the last person was out. Had that happened sooner, the circumstances would have been much different.

It’s easy for people to diss something after the fact if not needed. But had it been needed and it worked, I kinda doubt you would have posted your first message. Again, this was a unique product to deliver. Had Elon just delivered a power wall, you probably wouldn’t have heard about it.

johnyi | July 12, 2018

@SO, thanks for the additional context - makes me feel a bit better about this. All I was going on was what was in this thread, and what I read on CNN (which wasn't negative, but also didn't tell the other side of the story). So all the coverage seemed over the top to me.

I work for a large company that does this type of thing all the time for natural disasters, has a crisis response team for it (not paid by the government other than tax write-off I'm sure, it's part of their community give-back). And no one ever hears about it, even employees (I happen to know guys on that response team). 911, Katrina, earthquakes in western China, and most recently Puerto Rico, and that's just the ones I heard about. They had to take the Chairman's private plane (no company jets) to fly in equipment to Puerto Rico because there were no commercial flights going to the island those early days after the hurricane struck. No fanfare - they just did it.

dmm1240 | July 12, 2018

I'm not all that big on self aggrandizement either, johnyi.

OTOH, look at Puerto Rico. Tesla sent down several power walls and a solar array and got a couple of hospitals up and running. The press picked up on it and ran a couple of articles.

I don't know whether Tesla picked up the phone to call Electrek, etc or whether the websites called Tesla. However, the one constant we do know is that more hurricanes are going to slam the Caribbean. Tesla's solution doesn't depend on working power lines to function and their installations can withstand hurricane force winds and rain. This is something everyone down there needs to know. Puerto Rico's government is so impressed that they're now actively pursuing a distributed power system based on solar. That's a good thing all the way around. If no one knows about it, then it doesn't happen as quickly.

SO | July 12, 2018

@johnyi - I appreciate your company’s contributions!

nwfan | July 13, 2018

And don't forget Tesla adding battery to S60 during Hurricane that hit Florida last summer.
Nothing wrong with helping people. And at no charge to those needed the extra range to

Clear evidence of the efforts that EM and companies he's involved with who go the extra effort.
Please let me know how many others do the same and continue regardless of the press exposure.

SO | July 14, 2018

And then we see things like this:

If I were Elon, I’d have a difficult time wanting to help anyone ever again. The media and hatred is absolutely relentless against him. Unbelievable!

flatulence | July 14, 2018


SO | July 15, 2018

Ugh. Elon did not handle that guy well.

Tesla2018 | July 15, 2018

Musk called the guy a pedophile which was a dumb ass move. The sub wouldnt have worked since the crevices were too narrow. Maybe if it was at a section that was wider it would work, but that area was at the entrance so it wouldnt have been worth it to put them into a sub when they were almost all the way out.
Musks name calling because he didnt get his way is almost as bad as Trumps crazy midnight tweets. He needs to go home and get some sleep or get approval from someone before hitting the send button. Just hope the guys who run the investment companies that have a lot of stock in Tesla dont get upset and dump it all because they dont want to invest in companys with CEOs that make false sexual accusations against people who are heroes and saving children.

Mike83 | July 15, 2018
100 divers helped but two divers seem to be the real heroes.
Lieutenant Commander Saman who died and
Dr Harris, from Adelaide in Australia
The news is pretty anti Tesla as usual and the FUD keeps coming.

Remnant | July 16, 2018

@Tesla2018 (July 15, 2018)

<< He needs to go home and get some sleep or get approval from someone before hitting the send button. >>

This advice is as wise as simple.

Both Elon and the Donald should follow it.

Shock | July 16, 2018

"Musk called the guy a pedophile which was a dumb ass move. "

Yep, asshole move to be sure and totally unwarranted. Made himself look like a dipshit. These people who have lots of followers should be getting their tweets checked first by a confidant before putting them out on the world. Trump is a big offender as you point out, but this was very amateurish of musk.

SO | July 16, 2018

Probably any public post should have a 5 minute delay and an “are You sure?” Confirmation

May reduce this situation a bit.

SCCRENDO | July 16, 2018

Agree. Not good.

carlgo2 | July 16, 2018

Musk...that's just nuts. WTF. Being compared to Trump now. Isn't that a sign to stop this shit? More evidence that social media is addictive.

lilbean | July 16, 2018

What if Elon had information about the guy and is right?

SO | July 16, 2018

I’m thinking Elon does have info and is right. Especially since he doubled down on it. However, Elon did not handle the situation well. Should not have been mentioned on twitter in that way. Let the authorities investigate.

lilbean | July 16, 2018

If Elon is right, he is a hero because the longer it’s kept a secret, the more children are hurt.