Model 3 front plate

Model 3 front plate

My model 3 comes with adhesive front plate bracket. Just worry if it is strong enough to hold the plate with only adhesive bonding to the paint surface. How did you install yours? I live in SoCal, it is required to put the front plate by law, but I noted that there are many cars on street without front plate. Any thought?

Mike20sm | July 26, 2018

The tape will hold. I'll bet they're using a 3M style VHB very high bond tape. It's a shame that The look of the front has to be ruined by a plate. I was imagining a sticker that could have your license plate on it. That might be a good compromise, but not DMV legal

CharleyBC | July 26, 2018

Anybody remember Colorforms toys? They were these colorful shapes made of vinyl that would stick onto a board, so you could assemble pictures from the shapes. Cool creative toy. There's no actual adhesive--they just stick because that's how shiny vinyl behaves on a slick surface.

But the cool thing in this Tesla context is an extension of that idea. Suppose you took a piece of vinyl the size of a license plate, and the color of your state's background. Then in markers you draw your plate number and state name and whatever other markings to make it look official. Then you just stick it on your front bumper!

Ta da: faux plate! No bumper damage.

rbryan | July 26, 2018

Unfortunately that sounds like what the “sovereign nation” folks do . . .

joey1959 | July 26, 2018

As I said in a similar thread: I am in No. CA and I have decided not to have a front plate. It ruins the aesthetics of the car. Maybe I'll get a ticket.
But as Concom99 noticed and noted: there are a lot of no front plates in CA.

creativeguy | July 26, 2018

I see enough corvettes, porsches, and tesla S and X in CA with no plates that I'm not going to worry about it. It's the law of averages. Tesla will be cranking out the exact same car for years, so there is no way a cop can tell my car isn't brand new by only looking from the front.

Cdotpeterman | July 26, 2018

Living the dream in socal. Drove by the Oxnard supercharger yesterday. Two model threes charging there had no front plate....nor did ours as we rolled by. Come to think of it, I don't recall seeing a front plate on one in the wild around here yet.
I'll keep my eyes peeled for the rare front plate equipped model three sighting......however, as a point of reference, the '96 Mercedes we sold last week never had a front plate in fifteen years of ownership....and the '74 TR6 in the garage has never had one either.....enforcement seems to be a low priority in these parts. Resist!

MalibuRed | July 26, 2018

If you do pit it on use Xpel or another wrap under it so no damage to the paint, FYI California is testing digital license plates that might be only required for rear. But is $$

EM34ME | July 26, 2018

Front license plate tape works fine.

I have friends in the CHP. They say that running without a front plate is not a priority for them. Driving as a single occupant in HOV lane without stickers IS a priority for them because of congestion in the HOV lanes. I will run without front plates. I will run without the HOV stickers and so I won't drive in HOV lanes as a single occupant. YMMV.

RichardKJ | July 26, 2018

Biggest problem without a front plate in CA is parking in SF or LA. They love to give out tickets for it.

garygid | July 26, 2018

Park at a SoCal airport without a front plate,
and you are very likely to get a ticket.

gcklo | July 26, 2018

I have driven a car without a front license plate for 13 years in Northern California and have yet to get a ticket.

Cdotpeterman | July 26, 2018

Parked the ol Mercedes at LAX and Bob Hope dozens of times. No tickets ever. Resist.

sroh | July 26, 2018

@gcklo, I bet you have not parked at a meter in SF. The meter maids are aggressive giving fix-it tickets for no front license plate. Happened to me twice. First time I figured I was unlucky. After the second one, I installed my front plate.

I'm seriously considering one of the several removable plate holder designs. So far, I haven't found one that (1) doesn't require holes to be drilled, and (2) doesn't cover the air vent.

garygid | July 27, 2018

I am going to try using 4 magnets on the back
of the standard mounting bracket and matching
magnets glued to the inside of the front bumper
(a formed piece of sheet aluminium, right?).

It should work well if I can find a way to place
the inside magnets with some glue on them.

Total materials would be 8 rare-earth (strong)
disc magnets, possibly two short strips of
Iron, some glue, some tape, and a coat hanger.

I have not had time to investigate this yet, but I am
thinking that the bent coat-hanger wire will help.

Has anybody else already tried this, please?

Then, I will park (and mostly drive) with the
license plate and bracket in place, but easily
remove it for shows and various gatherings.

Any suggestions are welcome, thanks.

gentile2 | July 27, 2018

I just ordered this front license plate holder.

It's no drill and avoids putting sticky tape on the front car. It connects to the front grill but raises the plate so it doesn't block airflow to the battery. If my state does away with the front license plate requirement than I can remove it later.

They describe it in this thread here:

wiboater4 | July 27, 2018

Would be nice if on future Tesla's they made a little pocket with a flush mount clear cover that you could mount the plate inside and retain the aerodynamics and contour of the front.

wiboater4 | July 27, 2018

Maybe I could get the front customized like that :-)

Cdotpeterman | July 27, 2018

@wiboater4 In California the clear cover would be illegal also.
The most aerodynamic solution is to resist.

maintreqd | July 27, 2018

I'm in NY which is a state that also requires the front plate, but my plan is to claim i did not receive a front mounting bracket and that it is on order, show that I have the plate with me in the car, etc. I've heard this will get you out of a ticket, and if it doesn't, often you can mail a photo of the mounted plate in and they'll dismiss the ticket (which is where photoshop comes in, because to be clear, this car is far too pretty to have its front end besmirched by the hideous piss yellow and navy plate NYS decided was a good idea some years back...)

stockbandit91 | July 27, 2018

I live in CA and park at beach meters a lot, I thought I would hate the front plate and waited as long as possible to not put it on, turns out it's not so bad, white plate on silver car with a silver frame.

Also for those who don't like a "frog" nose (not me, love the front), the plate does make the car look more "normal"

If you are required to put it on later, just make sure you get it perfectly centered and straight the first time, there will be little chance to move easily.

sroh | July 27, 2018

Does that allow you to remove and replace easily?

I'm more inclined to try this one, which was also mentioned later in that thread you linked. I want to be able to easily remove and then replace for when I'm parking in SF.

spockagain34 | July 27, 2018

I've got the stock front plate on mine, and it looks fine and fits snugly. It isn't going anywhere.

gcklo | July 27, 2018

So, Tesla doesn't provide one that we can put on?

Since car theft is so rampant in SF, if I do go to SF, I would park in a garage.

sroh | July 27, 2018

Tesla does provide one, It's a stick-on that works great. But once it's on, there's no taking it off without damaging the paint.

Bennettb619 | July 27, 2018

You have to have one in NJ. You wouldn’t be able to get your inspection sticker.

Waited4ever | July 28, 2018

I ordered the Bandit by I don't work or advertise for them. If it's not good, I am going to return that. $129 after shipping is on the expensive side for a license plate holder. I will only put it on when I feel like I would be ticketed. Or put it on after I get a fix-it ticket. I will write some reviews after I get it. On the picture, it looks bigger than I would like but we will see once I see it in person.

Karpinski00 | July 29, 2018

In NJ, 100% eclectic cars are exempt from having to go to inspection.

sevugan | October 25, 2018

Try .
- Color of your choice by selecting the 3D Print filament color.
- Print on
- V2 might be the right fit at this time.

Rick | October 26, 2018

@maintreqd i am in NY also and wanted no front plate. They told me at the delivery center that they have to put it on. I think its BS because two years ago when I bought my Golf R, they did that for me. Anyways, I was just wondering if you got it with no bracket or did you take the bracket off? if you took it off, how did you do it without ruining the paint?


wendellstephens | October 27, 2018

I called Tesla service and they came out and put it on for me. If I had done it myself it probably would have been crooked or off-center. Nice service.

globalMan | October 27, 2018

I find this is the best of all worlds. No drilling. Looks great since it is not on the bumper at all. Near zero cost. Installation is a breeze. Most importantly, getting a "no front plate" ticket will be out of question.

ArcticStation | October 27, 2018

In Maine we have an annual safety inspection that includes checking for a front plate--no plate, no sticker. So I bought a frame that I can easily remove if I choose to do so, but so far, I haven't bothered to take it off. It attaches under the bumper, so it (the bumper) remains untouched.

rkalbiarEV | October 28, 2018

@gllivyl Where//What are bolts attaching to on car?

anounceofgold | November 12, 2018

Any recommendations on what type of bolts/screws to attach the plate to front bracket holder? The dealership gave me extra rear screws but they do not work

Sasquatch2001 | November 12, 2018

I was worried about EZ-Pass toll scanners without a front plate, got a "PAY TOLL" message 1st time I tried but subsequent passes just said "TOLL PAID" so I am hoping it works... I better log into my account now that I think about it!

beaver | November 12, 2018

I am a CA resident, I tried to “resist” but within a week got a ticket for no front plate while parked in Pasadena (old town). I also had forgotten to feed the meter. It’s pretty easy for them to tell - If you have a back plate but no front plate then you get a ticket.
If you really want to resist you shouldn’t put any plates on, or at least don’t break any rules including parking (good luck with that).
I put my front plate on and it’s fine, NBD

bharat | November 13, 2018

I got a no front license plate ticket in Sacramento State Park by a fricking Park Ranger!! It was a fix it ticket but was peeved none the less... they don't have anything better to do ? This is where our monies are going???

Rick | November 13, 2018

whats the best way to take the front plate bracket off?

qa_engnr | November 13, 2018

I am thinking to get this one since it looks pretty decent and many have been sold:

The Blue Meanie | November 13, 2018

I actually like the way the stock bracket looks on the car. But yeah I'm leary of how long it will stay on once it goes through some 90+ degree humid summers. I was going to try adding a license plate cover as well, but with the extra weight, I don't see the bracket staying put.

If it does fall off, I'm buying the Slipstream bracket. That one supposedly transfers weight away from the plastic grill. Looks promising.

rj073497 | November 14, 2018

Tesla does provide one, It's a stick-on that works great. But once it's on, there's no taking it off without damaging the paint..Would be nice if on future Tesla's they made a little pocket with a flush mount clear cover that you could mount the plate inside and retain the aerodynamics and contour of the front it will look good and easy to access.....

sroh | November 15, 2018

@qa_engr, this is basically the same thing. You can pick it up in any hardware store for $4. I think it's as good of a solution out there for people wanting to install temporarily. The fact that it's the cheapest is a bonus.

Beagle | November 15, 2018

What bothers me is that the plate holder make it difficult/impossible to mount a frame on the plate. It makes things look unfinished/cheap.

awilso20 | February 13, 2019

I just got a $75 ticket in Denver for not having my front plate on. Didn't even realize it was a law. Super annoying because it seems like a stupid thing to write a ticket over and now I apparently have to put on a plate now which will detract from the look of the car.

Does the model 3 really come with an adhesive mount? Where do I find it or do I have to request it from Tesla?

ODWms | February 13, 2019

Mine was in the trunk.

ken.lunde | February 13, 2019

Same here, for both of our M3s.

RudyElectric | October 9, 2019

ANYONE KNOW HOW TO REMOVE THE FRONT PLATE? Tesla put it on my car with the sticky tape before I took delivery. Would love to take it off. Have not had a plate on the front of my Porsche for about 6 years with no issues. Not the first car I've had without one either.

lilbean | October 9, 2019

I would use a hair dryer to heat up the adhesive to make it easier to remove.

sced06 | October 9, 2019

I'm planning on getting one of the removable plates. I just got ceramic pro and I heard that the sticker sometimes won't stay on ceramic coating. I've gotten a ticket before parked at LAX and since I'm getting personlized plates I kind of want them on the front too. I don't think the plates look bad in the front, especially lower placed like the removable ones are, and the white plates with California written in red looks good on my red model 3

jrweiss98020 | October 10, 2019

I got the SnapPlate -

May not be the cheapest option, but looks like the best of those I looked at. Goes on & off easily if you want, and 1 screw keeps it on "permanently" (until you unscrew it). Can use a plate frame with it.