ap request: power outage disables car charging

ap request: power outage disables car charging

If a power outage occurs when we are sleeping and the car is scheduled to charge, we may not be aware of the outage, and the car could possibly drain the powerwalls. It would be nice if the ap implemented a setting which disabled car charging during a grid failure. Where can I submit such a suggestion?

garyisfinally | August 10, 2018

As a new PW owner, I assume such feature, if feasible, would have to be "car specific". i.e. My Chevy Volt could certainly do without a charge, buy my EV needs the charge regardless. I also equipped the Volt with a 2KW inverter which could power my fridge, freezer, and small utilities for weeks on a tank of gas.

sashton | August 11, 2018

There is a very simple solution if you do not want your PW to cover your car charging during a power outage. Connect your EVSE outside the backup gateway.

shank15217 | August 13, 2018

Tesla should make their tech more integrated, no reason the backup gateway can't talk to the car charging system.