My wife keeps hijacking my Spotify

My wife keeps hijacking my Spotify

This is so annoying. I'm using my Spotify account in my TMX but whenever my wife is driving the car Spotify keeps stopping playback on my phone.

Spotify does only support single playback per account so she can not listen to music in the car at the same time I'm using another device.

We have to log out and in to our respective Spotify accounts regularly and this is getting tedious.

Tesla, please link Spotify login to key profiles.

best regards

reed_lewis | August 10, 2018

In the US, where we have Slacker, the same thing happens if you use your own account instead of the Tesla provided one.

EVRider | August 10, 2018

There’s only one Spotify/Slacker account associated with the car (the one provided by Tesla), so there’s no reason for them to provide the driver profile feature, even though they technically could do so.

I’m in the US so I’m more familiar with Slacker, but do you have to pay for your own Spotify account to use in the car (if you don’t want to use the Tesla account)? The only Slacker accounts that work in the car are the ones you have to pay for.

reed_lewis | August 10, 2018

@EVRider - There is a Tesla provided Slacker account that you can get the credentials for if you want. You can use this also with your phone, etc. but is it limited to one stream at a time.

You can also use you own account if you want.

EVRider | August 10, 2018

@reed: I know that, and I assume it's the same way for Spotify. My question was whether you had to pay for additional Spotify accounts that work in the car, the way you do for Slacker; the free Slacker Basic account doesn't work in the car, only Slacker Plus and Slacker Premium, which both cost money. The Slacker account provided by Tesla is a Slacker Plus account.

The reason I asked is to find out if the OP could work around the problem by different Spotify accounts in the car and on each phone. The car would only have access to the personalization that was done with that account, but at least what the car does wouldn't affect the accounts on the phones, and vice versa.

strips | August 14, 2018

There is a Spotify Tesla login that's the default login. I can log on to my personal premium account to get my playlists. With the Tesla account I can not access or create any playlists. Spotify does have family accounts where we get 6 separate premium logins and I have only used 5 of them. The car is a part of the family...

strips | August 14, 2018

But it would be very nice to have my own playlists whenever I use the car or my phone somewhere else.

zhangde.jerry | January 24, 2019

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blue adept | January 26, 2019

People, you ARE talking about two entirely different digital platforms (Tesla v phone), so it only makes sense that there would be separate accounts for separate platforms/that accounts wouldn't transfer across platforms, plus, it provides an additional layer of security to ensure that your car isn't 'hacked' (Spotify has been 'hacked' before...You wouldn't want some hacker gaining access to your car or your personal details associated with your car, now would you?!).

Consider it an ounce of prevention equivalent to a pound of cure.

randy_abigail | June 19, 2019

well, please don't worry about that, you can download Spotify songs as MP3 songs, then you can transfer the songs to any devices for playback without interruption from any others.

tvigs.power | November 20, 2019

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leecynthia1995 | December 10, 2019

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