2014 Model S 60 supercharging

2014 Model S 60 supercharging

I just purchased a 2014 MS60 from the original owner. After purchasing the car I found out that the car doesn't have supercharging enabled.

In the month that I've owned the car I've spoken to service a couple times and they say that can't really do anything until the transfer of ownership is complete in their system.

Today the car was transferred to my Tesla account so now they are actually able to help me.

It was my understanding that since this is a 2014, I can pay $2500 to unlock "free lifetime supercharging", or I can put a credit card on file and "pay to play". I just got off the phone with customer care (who was very nice and understanding) and he told me I need to pay $2500 just to enable supercharging, then it will be "pay to play" from there. That just doesn't seem right to me... I have a 60 with zero access to the supercharging network, and I have to pay $2500 just to be able to pay $0.26/kWh at superchargers?

He said there really isn't anything he can do over the phone, he made a service appointment for me on Thursday 9/13 to talk with the service guys about this, he said maybe they can do something, saying that even if I do pay $2500 to enable supercharging, I would need to physically bring it in for them to enable it on the car....

Very frustrated...

tes-s | August 30, 2018

Here is a discussion from 2014 - another surprised purchaser:

And a more recent from someone who bought a CPO 60:

Tesla is the only game in town to enable supercharging, so all you can do is talk to them about different options that meet your needs.

Mathew98 | August 30, 2018

$2500 is to enable it for supercharging. It is supposed to cover lifetime supercharging. They don't get to charge pay per use on top of this fee. It is an OTA update. It's best to go to a service center to clear it up with a manager.

Escalate this up to senior manager as charging for both is obnoxiously foolish. It is one fee or the other, not both. Someone screwed up in their understanding.

seanmmvi | August 30, 2018

I don't want unlimited FREE supercharging, I just want to be able to enable supercharging and pay per use...

tes-s | August 31, 2018

$2500 for DC charging for CHAdeMO and access to the supercharger network. Same answer you got in your prior thread. Tesla has always said you have to go to a service center, but seems to be able to enable it OTA as you found out.

Wilber | August 31, 2018

seanmmvi - I used to own a 2014 Model S 60. When i purchased the ability to supercharge was an option you had to pay for.. It was $2000 and that paid for lifetime free supercharging. The 'pay per use' system didnt even exist then. I dont know exactly how Tesla does things for your situation. But, IF you pay the $2500 i feel fairly certain that would pay for free lifetime supercharging. Maybe they have some other option now to allow for pay per use - but seriously doubt that approach would require $2500 up front. But it could be reasonable to charge some kind of fee to start it - like $500. Good luck, and let us know how it works out.