Can I borrow an EDR (Event Data Recorder) kit locally?

Can I borrow an EDR (Event Data Recorder) kit locally?

I was involved in a hit-and-run accident, tried to get the event information from internal. Called Tesla, Tesla service center doesn't provide this retrieval service (?!). Rep recommended to buy a kit (for all Tesla vehicles) for $995.

has anyone purchased locally? can i borrow it (for a fee)?

I am in Los Angeles.

t777a | February 26, 2019

Jordy at the Tesla Support REFUSED to have me talked to his supervisor. I asked about where is the EDR and he referred me to my service center. The service center is the folks who connected to him. Tesla is NOT cooperating with owners.

Magic 8 Ball | February 26, 2019

IMO it makes sense that TESLA will not help you retrieve the video. I believe it would be too much of a burden and perhaps liability to have TESLA become involved in retrieving evidence.

lumberjack | February 26, 2019


Perhaps Tesla would retrieve it if the request came from law enforcement, or at least tell you if there is any event recorded before you spend more effort getting the hardware. Someone on that thread says their insurance company was willing to pay for the $995 hardware.

RES IPSA | February 26, 2019

Have lawyer subpoena it... My argument would be that you own the footage despite what the manual or other documents might say.

uncle.felix | October 19, 2019

I can image the EDR for you, I am in California