Jack Pads

Jack Pads

I'm scheduled to pick up my Model 3 on 9/29 and in Pennsylvania I have to get my new car inspected by someone other than Tesla. (emission testing issue is another topic).

Anyway, I'm going to have my local shop inspect it and I know they do not have the Model 3 jack pads.

Q: How important are they? Are the necessary for putting a Model 3 on a rack? Should I invest $100 in 4 jack pads before inspection?

socaldave | September 17, 2018

Emissions testing?

Here's a pic of the jack points, from TMC:

Alex_SD | September 17, 2018

No, you don't. I just had the Tesla ranger rotate my tires and he didn't use any specific Model 3 jack pads. Just make sure that you have some rubber pads on your jack plate and that you place them correctly. You can use cheap Amazon pads like these ($9/pair):

Also, the Reverse Logic M3 pads are very tall! You need a low profile jack to be able to fit them under the car. They don't work with my "regular" 2.5 tonnes jack!

M3BlueGeorgia | September 17, 2018

What would the third party inspector be looking for?

The thing to check carefully when you pickup the car is for damage to the paintwork or the interior, to avoid getting into a pissing match later as whose fault it was. Anything else would be covered under warranty.

If there is any issue at pickup, you have the choice of taking the car and getting it fixed later at the SC, or delaying the pickup. People have gone both ways on this.

The good news though, is there is a high probability you'll find nothing to complain about. The vast majority of pickups are uneventful. Just remember to do a full visual inspection.

socaldave | September 17, 2018

D'oh! I didn't answer your question - seems like the short answer is yes. Lots of owners are using this (or similar):

What one owner does, and is freakin' ingenious, is use hockey pucks as jack pads

gmkellogg | September 17, 2018

@socaldave oooo I have a basement full of pucks!

socaldave | September 17, 2018

Here's a short 2 min video about this I just found on TMC, using an adapter:

cmacfarland | September 17, 2018

@Alex_SD Did you have the Ranger come out just to rotate the tires? Would save me a 3 hour drive if they can come out.

apodbdrs | September 17, 2018

According to the below video link the pads help to avoid punching into the battery.

Alex_SD | September 17, 2018

Yeap, just tire rotation and software updates. and it was FREE!

cmacfarland | September 17, 2018


Great! I had them come down to remove my temp tag (the dealer had overtightened the screws into the plastic bushing and I couldn't remove). Glad to have the Ranger come back for free!!

jamespompi | September 17, 2018

$100 is insane for a set of jackpads. I'll go with hockey pucks for my car lift. Thats the one thing that annoys me the most about having a Tesla is the lack of simple aftermarket products.. People are just making up ridiculous prices for their items. 80$ screen protectors and so on.

WonkoTheSane | September 18, 2018

@socaldave In PA cars with exhaust pipes have to have emissions testing. Also in PA any station that wants to inspect cars must have the ability to do emissions testing because they have to be available to any car, not just the ones sold there. Tesla will not spend the tons of cash required to get emissions testing (and I agree with them) so they can't inspect their cars.

WonkoTheSane | September 18, 2018

@Alex_SD, good info thanks. I will follow the link later.

WonkoTheSane | September 18, 2018

@M3BlueGeorgia In PA we require an inspection sticker showing that the car is safe for the road. This is also where they ensure you have insurance. Standard inspection includes lifting the vehicle, pulling a wheel, checking brakes ... as well as a lot of other stuff.

WonkoTheSane | September 18, 2018

@apodbdrs This is where I saw the jack pads for the first time, butthanks for linking the video.

WonkoTheSane | September 18, 2018

@jamespompi totally agree, that's why I posted. If they were $25 I would just have bought them.

gtbuzz | September 18, 2018


I work in Atlanta but most of my coworkers are in Philly so I've had this conversation with them a number of times. As wonko stated, PA requires annual roadworthiness inspections. There's a lot of rules on who can and who can't perform them though, so IMO it's a big racket.

Case in point... Florida, with it's salty humid air is about a bad an environment for cars and they don't require annual inspections. I see just as many crappy cars on the road down there as I do up in Philly. And it's not like there's constant occurrences of cars just disentigrating on the road.

WonkoTheSane | September 18, 2018

@gtbuzz I agree that it is a racket but I also see some sense to it. Ohio does not (or did not, not sure anymore) require inspections and there is some serious junk on the roads there. They can be road-side inspected by the police if they feel it is warranted; duct tape and bailing wire does wonders. I see good and bad to it. The racket part is how the state government parcels out licenses to inspect.

joe.lynn.atp | September 18, 2018

The shop that inspected mine didn’t pull a wheel because they said they could measure the brake pads without doing it — the aero wheels have spaces big enough to see through.

Obviously the emissions inspection doesn’t apply, although I was half expecting that PA would have figured out a way to make us pay the fee anyway.

Warp Drv | September 18, 2018

I got my Model 3 in PA and had to take it to my local mechanic to get an inspection sticker (unlike ICE cars, you don't get a second sticker for emissions). It never occurred to me that there was anything special about jacking the Model 3, but I don't think they did that anyway. The car had about 100 miles, so the inspection was more of a formality (but I did have to pay the full inspection fee).

I was told that the reason PA Tesla dealers don't inspect is that PA requires inspection stations to be able to do emissions testing even though it (obviously) makes no sense for Tesla. So the Tesla dealers are not officially qualified to do PA inspections.

shangye3737285 | January 20, 2020

I change my tires using jack pads. They works well. They are not 100 as you thought. Only $40