After a power outage, PW2 goes offline, shows no flow in app, doesn't recharge

After a power outage, PW2 goes offline, shows no flow in app, doesn't recharge

Our PW2 was installed almost two months ago at our vacation home near Parry Sound, ON, Canada. We've had two major power failures since installation, the first lasting over 3 hours back in late August. Once power was restored to the grid, I noticed in the mobile app that there was no flow showing between grid, PW2, and house. Also, the SoC of the PW2 kept dropping by about 2-3% per day. After several weeks, I finally made it back to my vacation home, reset the energy gateway and the PW2, rebooted, and discovered all returned to normal.

Well, this past weekend I happened to be at my vacation home during a wind storm, which knocked out power for almost 25 hours. Thankfully, our water supply, fridge, internet access, automation servers, and lighting all kept power during this time (thanks to PW2!). When power was restored, the SoC of PW2 was 51%, but again I noticed no flow showing in the mobile app.

I spoke to Tier1 support at Tesla, they told me Tier2 will call me back within 1-3 business days. Meanwhile my SoC has dropped to 45%.

It's frustrating to have to manually reboot my PW2 system after a power failure. Clearly it wasn't designed to operate this way, especially at a vacation home that isn't always occupied.

My PW2 is running v 1.24.0 firmware, and since late August has suffered from certificate errors when I try to connect locally via a browser. Hope this gets fixed soon.

2015 85D Model S
2017 75D Model X
PW2 installed July 2018, 7.3kW of solar panels scheduled for installation in a few weeks

birdiebcph | September 29, 2018

We have the same problems you mention. Reset did not fix our system. We are in the 4th week of watching our Powerwalls not charging or providing power. I have been calling Tesla every 3-4 days but can't get them to address the problem. System performed great for 1 year. Without the Powerwalls, our solar gets pushed out to PG&E :( I have also noticed the certificate errors from Chrome. PW version 1.23.0

Model S 85
(2) PW 2

Bitjockey | October 1, 2018

birdiebcph, my installer finally heard back from Tesla about my no charging issue, and they told him I need to get a cable between my Neurio (current sensing circuitry) and the energy gateway itself. See below:

*Currently the Neurio meter is located in the gateway and hardwired to the internet as per best practice, and the communication with the internet is not the issue.

* But as explained - the Neurio meter is communicating with the Gateway wirelessly. This is how it was shipped from TESLA and as a team TESLA has realized this connection should also be a wired connection as per best practice.

* To resolve the issue TESLA will be sending us a cable so we can hardwire the Neurio Meter to the gateway to improve communication.

* Future shipments of TESLA Powerwall 2.0 will have the new hardwire connection included.

I'm waiting for my cable to be delivered and installed. From my inspection, it's not a standard RJ45 Ethernet cable, more like a Molex cable with what I think are 6 pins.

paul | October 2, 2018

This is a known problem, probably with the firmware version, also mentioned in other forums - and mine did the same thing this afternoon.
Manually switching off the grid feed to force the gateway to flick back to battery mode seems to wake up the gateway - after 10 - 30 seconds, the app should start showing energy flow again (battery to home) and then the grid can be reconnected again.

Bitjockey | October 2, 2018

Thanks Paul, hopefully they will fix this soon, either with firmware or with cable.

birdiebcph | October 2, 2018

Thanks for the information Bitjocky! Too bad Tesla couldn't give us this information. I cut/restored power at our main CB. It did not help our gateway come back. Our solar has not charged our PW's for 5 weeks. We have gone from 100% to 50% in standby mode :(. I will post a fix when support gets to our issues.

Bitjockey | October 2, 2018

birdiebcph, did you cut off power to the gateway and then the powerwall, wait until the green lights on the right side of the PW2 are all off (may take 10 minutes), then turn everything on again? That worked for me both times that I had the non-charging issue.

birdiebcph | October 5, 2018

Yes I cut power to the gateway, shut down the solar inverter and the breakers for solar, powered down the PWs until they were dark. Then restored grid power followed by PW's. No charging solar charging for us...