V9 kills splitscreen mode?

V9 kills splitscreen mode?

Since the 2nd row in model x obstructs the rear mirror.
Why would Tesla kill the split screen mode???
Now you cant have the rear camera displayed at top of screen?

I am glad I watched youtube videos about v9 so I can not update.
As it looks like a major interface downgrade?

lilbean | October 7, 2018

So the Model 3 owners don't feel as bad about the crappy UI.

karanmk | October 7, 2018

I really, really miss the split screen.

jimglas | October 7, 2018

@lilbean: did you update to V9?

lilbean | October 7, 2018

@jimglas No way. I'm still on 2017.36.2. :)

Tâm | October 8, 2018

Yes. It is a major interface downgrade to the level of Model 3.

Tesla Model S and X has such a bigger area of 17" vertical screen which works much better than the smaller Model 3 15" horizontal screen.

It seems Tesla wants to downgrade to Model 3 user interface dysfunctionality to match the universality of programming.

It's just plain laziness to destroy a better configurable user interface to match a more spacious monitor to a smaller monitor modality!

Please go to your web page and beg Tesla to fix it!

Please stop giving the Thailand Cave Rescuer a hard time and start sending someone to V9 department and rescue its user-configurable interface for Model S and X!

MisterBee | October 11, 2018

V9 Is a big Step backwards:
Split Screen Gone, ridiculous!
Reduced Graphic size cannot now see if Tesla is in center of lane.
Vehicles shown on both sides very jittery. Looks like vehicles are crashing into my vehicle.
Graphics way behind those on other vehicles.

Jeff A | October 11, 2018

Yes, I too consider V9 a step backwards in UI usability, the other new features are great though... but they do not override my disappointment at losing split screen.

- Blind spot detection -- good to have, cars of this price should have that.
- Phone/map sharing, really cool... that was a no brainier add and I am glad to have it.
- 360 view of the world -- really buggy though, most are hop in and out of my lane as they approach from behind, still needs a lot of work.
- I don't have the HW for dashcam, wish I did.

I would gladly give all that up though to have split screen back.

burdogg | October 11, 2018

Question - for those with split screen desire - is it just the backup camera on top issue? I also don't like them taking away the options...but in reality, I have only ever had the nav on top and music on bottom - since Nov 2015 :)

I see no need to have Web page up, or energy graph (I have it in the speedo) or phone. I never cared for the camera. So I know it is just me, as this new thing doesn't make me upset - wish they allowed option though.

So I really am just curious if it is just all the camp of Backup camera at top - as that is all it seems to be from what i have seen everywhere - all those that want the camera at top don't like the new version. Others like me...doesn't change at all how I had it before.

The 360 view - while buggy - it is progress, shows me they finally opened up all 8 cameras use and gives me hope that my payment towards FSD will at least give me some offering in the future...

patswin | October 11, 2018

I really don’t like map on all the time. Except when on road trips I have music and camera up most of the time. I find at night the map is especially ugly. This massive gray box with various shades of gray roads in the middle of the dash.

dineshkbansal | October 11, 2018

I have not received the notification for version 9 update , do i need to contact Tesla about it ? ( Model X 2018 owner)

mbirnie51 | October 11, 2018

I have well over 100k miles on Tesla vehicles with near 30 k miles on extended road trips...that is where the camera becomes essential for me to be on top of screen; so much so that I left it there during daily driving. Being able to choose my screens between the 17" and the dash was well suited to allow everyone to pick a unique set-up.

Before v9, the camera was useful for a degree of blind spot view, at my age you need all the help you can get. I used the flip screen option and enlarge option too.....I'd love to see them come back.

#1 wish....bring back "FLIP SCREEN" option

#2 Allow us to set all our screens to the views we like

#3 Give me an opportunity to upgrade my CPU so I can take advantage of all the v9 changes (I'm AP 2.0)

betty_yee | October 11, 2018

I do not see how the owners who tested this weeks ago gave this shades of grey user interface a past. It's like having a color tv and that is taken away to only be given a black and white tv. I agree with others bring back the flip screen option. There should be a option to rollback firmware updates.

totodali | October 12, 2018

Does anyone know how one can go back to the previous version and disable version 9 update? I used the back camera as my rearview mirror since the rearview mirror in model X is useless and does not show you anything. Now with version 9 that forces one to place the rearview camera at the bottom of the 17" screen, one has to take his eye off the road to view what's in the back. I dont get it, what's the use of having the navigation map up all the time? I use the map very rarely when I don't know where I am going, having it up all the time is totally waste of screen and defeats the purpose. I want my split screen back and the navigation map turned on only when I need it.

Vawlkus | October 12, 2018

You can’t totodali.

Tesla hasn’t ‘removed’ split screen, they’ve imported the M3 software and made that their software base for all cars. Once it’s debugged, Tesla can start adding back the functions that the S and X had before.

I do hope that the camera window being moved to the upper section gets priority: being on the bottom means my arm blocks my sight line to the lower section of the screen.

mbirnie51 | October 12, 2018

I do hope that @Vawlkus is future updates Tesla will revert the MS & MX fleet to a better UI (more appropriately, back to what we had). There should be a premium UI for the MS & MX with all the new features that v9 supports. Is AP 2.5 a CPU enhancement or is it also hardware driven?

Vawlkus | October 12, 2018

Whoa, NO.

Tesla is not gonna revert ANYTHING. They’ll add the features of the older software (IF they can), but they will not revert to the old v8 software.

They need this base so they aren’t having to write code and patches for two or three different car OS’s. This way, it’s one OS for all Tesla vehicles, and they can write simplified code that they can upload to all vehicles and not need multiple staggered rollouts anymore.

It’s intended to ease the strain on their programmers and make it easier to add features across the board.

I also kinda suspect this is designed to help allieviate hardware crashes and programming loops that still crop up in some Tesla’s.

tbelmont | October 12, 2018

I hate this new 9 upgrade the fact that the nav has to be on all the time is stupid, i like the camera and the music on the split screen. When you are driving local you don’t need the nav on all the time. The camera should be at the top, like when you back up it is at the top. Please fix this with a update. Not a very good update if you ask me.

tbelmont | October 12, 2018

I hate this new 9 upgrade the fact that the nav has to be on all the time is stupid, i like the camera and the music on the split screen. When you are driving local you don’t need the nav on all the time. The camera should be at the top, like when you back up it is at the top. Please fix this with a update. Not a very good update if you ask me.

upgrade | October 12, 2018

Agreed, IDK why they thought going with the model 3 layout was a good idea for the X and S. When the S n X have a front dash display. I utilize the map on the dash and now I cant utilize the entire center screen with other windows. I cant even use the web broswer to full screen sucks.


Lack of full-screen utilization
Web browser full screen and last time i checked didn't even work (loading webpage).
Autopilot still not reading speed limit signs.
Open front door for NON-PUP
Dashcam feature only for HW 2.5 (really really disappointed) I hope they push this down to lower HW ver
Rear view cam button location
Supercharger locations and number of vehicles from the App
- No indication on which superchargers are bad and good.
Dash navigation indicates turn indication too late
Summoning - vehicles stop and have to initiate multiple times when parking in the MX in the garage because of a small bump in the cement


Dash displays vehicles much farther away
Autopilot a little more stable.
sharing map destination from phone
Customer service at my Tesla service center

useless or don't see the need:
Passengers playing music from the app - 1. I would allow anyone else to have access to the app. 2. they could just connect via bluetooth.

Otherwise I love my MX still think its the best car so far.

Dreamship | October 13, 2018

I do not like this version scam
I do not like it Sam-I-Am
I would not like it in a boat
I would not like it with a goat
I would not like it with a bear
I would not like it anywhere

interbay | October 13, 2018

+1 Dreamship

sbeggs | October 13, 2018

+2 @dreamship

lilbean | October 13, 2018

Now do we call it a bait and switch?

Wilber | October 13, 2018

lilbean: That's BS! ( . . . as in Bait/Switch . . )

lilbean | October 14, 2018

Good one, @Wilber!

himx | October 14, 2018

Hate primary-permanent map screen, I don't use maps for every day drive. I liked the previous split screen and selection of desired app at the top half or bottom half the screen. Rear view camera view at the bottom half of the screen is not fully visible because right arms hides half the view when hands or on the steering wheel. Also after updating to ver 9 tire pressure warning started showing up.

MhoPower | October 14, 2018

@lilbean Since you are on a build from last year I'm wondering if you have any tips for dealing with the software update nag on the big screen? Have you found solution other than dismissing it every time you get in the car?

This is the first time I've chosen not to update, and it's not because the NAV is always displayed or that the rear camera view must go to the bottom. It's about the other things I am seeing such as loss of flexibility in what apps I can display where and reports of more effort required to reach climate and other controls, etc. If this turns out to be about forcing the luxury Tesla's to fit the UI designed for the 3 (and future X and S models) then I'd rather stay on the build that made better use of the portrait display we have in these awesome cars. That said, I am still looking forward to more AP improvements so I hope that Tesla addresses these issues soon so I can upgrade again.

mom2tne | October 14, 2018

Adding my name to the list of people who want to revert back to the previous version until I get my split screen options back! I don't need the Nav up to run around my neighborhood, in fact, I rarely used it and if I did it was at the bottom! Give me back my top Camera and bottom Music, PLEASE!

lilbean | October 14, 2018

@Mho Power, I didn’t update. I’m still on 2017.32.6.

Wilber | October 14, 2018

lilbean - I think MhoPower was asking is the same question i wanted to ask you. Let me try: Now that i have declined to update to V9, every morning when i get in the car it has that small "update screen" asking me when i want to install. so, i hit the X in the corner of that window to close it. I think that is what MhoPower calls the "software update nag". It would be nice to do something so that it doesnt show every morning. So, didnt you ever get an update nag for V9? What kind of nag have you had since you decided to stay on 2017.32.6?

MhoPower | October 15, 2018

@lilbean @Wilber Precisely!

lilbean | October 15, 2018

Oops. I was thinking of the AP nag. Yes. I get the nag every time. So annoying. I just have to dismiss it every time. It’s “dangerous” to me because when hubby drives, I’m afraid he is going to accept it like he did in the 3. I wish there was a “don’t ask me again”option. When I ignore it enough times in the 3, the update option gets taken away from me. Not so in the X.

wmyers | October 15, 2018

Yes, major downgrade and had I known, I would've delayed the update until the next-level AP came with it. I rarely use the car's GPS and now I'm stuck with it. My wife innocently asked me the other day why I have the GPS up all the time now when I'm not using it. Answer: "BECAUSE SOME FRIGGIN' TESLA ENGINEERING TEAM DECIDED I NEEDED IT."

Wilber | October 15, 2018

Thanks lilbean - I guess in addition to the email i sent to Tesla complaining about V9, I should send another complaining about the update nag!

lilbean | October 15, 2018

You’re welcome, Wilber! Thanks for sending the email. :)

aberry1014 | October 15, 2018

I'm new to the Forum. Have had my MX 75D for 5 weeks and absolutely LOVED it. That's in the past tense you may notice. V9 was my first update. Wish I had read this forum before updating. I too seldom use navigation and used the rear camera and music split screens all the time. Also liked being able to switch positions on the screen. I would go back to the previous version software if I could but have been told I can't. I sent an email to Tesla but doubt it will have much effect. Thanks to all who share information on this site.

lilbean | October 15, 2018

Hi @aberry1014! Welcome!

Triggerplz | October 15, 2018

I still haven’t gotten the V9 update which isn’t a problem as I’m not gonna update until they come up with something I have to have and this update I don’t want or have to have

info | October 15, 2018

Having read the negative comments about V9, I've decided not to download this update. I too use my rear camera for blind spots when changing lanes. I'd like to thank everyone on this page for the gripes. I love my split screen and only use the GPS maps on occasion. Would hate to have the map starring at me all the time. Elon get real and listen to your clients.

SteveMost | October 15, 2018

Yeah, muscle memory is a bitch.
But I love the AP changes already, lane change and the lane lines blind spot warning are great.
I’m getting confidence that “madmax” will be awesome.
Chill. (FWPs)

lilbean | October 15, 2018

So true, @SteveMost. We had a power outage and I kept turning the light switches on when I walked into a different room. Ugh!

hpjtv | October 15, 2018

I used split screen a lot. Top is Navigation and bottom is web page. The web page I use to log in to my BlueIris security system when I'm away on long trips or keep an eye on my place when my son is home alone. Or keep an eye when Amazon delivery comes so then I can open and close my gate remotely. Works quite well. I haven't gotten the notification for V9 yet but hope the internet settings haven't changed (as long as there's still a web browser, I can live with no split screen).

lilbean | October 16, 2018

@hpjtv I heard the browser is slower.

hpjtv | October 16, 2018

Well at least there's still a browser. Thanks.

joborrow | October 16, 2018

V9 is fine. The GUI takes is terrible. I mostly drive locally. I know my way around and do not need Tesla nav. However I do want to know accidents, police etc. So.... I used to put WAZE on top, music on bottom. No more... Cmon Tesla, give me back my GUI

jennatx | October 16, 2018

I absolutely hate not being able to put rear-cam image on top as I always did before V9; I find myself constantly glancing over to check behind the car and I'm staring at the big stupid GPS map instead! Can't even rely on it to keep the rear cam on in the lower portion of screen; usually have to launch the camera image for every drive. Also, the promised dash-cam feature doesn't work so I'm assuming my car doesn't support it. Wish I had never upgraded!

cmszafraniec | October 16, 2018

Very disappointed that the split screen flip feature is gone. Having the option to switch between different screen options added to the versatility of the driving experience. Would encourage the engineers to customize this option for the Model S and X. Having the map permanently situated on the top screen is unnecessary during short, local trips.

cmszafraniec | October 16, 2018

Since the V9 update, the Tesla app does not sync with our vehicle. We are unable to see the amount of charge available in our vehicle. In addition, when charging at a Supercharger, we cannot see how much it has charged. However, we do receive notification that our vehicle is charged sufficiently to continue our trip. However, we cannot see the amount of charge via the app.

elvnga | October 17, 2018

I used to keep the maps on the bottom half and camera on top for daily driving. On road trips I would replace the maps with energy (because the maps show in the binnacle) and therefore have instant access to all the data I want on the highway. It is my very big hope that they will at least enable some form of flipping the display.

I also do not like the fact the map goes all the way to the top because the map makes it hard to glance at the clock and see the other small icons at the top of the screen.

jjgunn | October 17, 2018

This is killing me.....I still have the orange clock & didn't install the update.

Pulling my hair out. What should I do??