360-degree surround camera views in V9 update

360-degree surround camera views in V9 update

I've been hearing about the 360-degree surround camera views feature in the new update V9 and thought it's a necessity for a luxury brand vehicle like Tesla. But I'm not actually see it in the release note on my MS-2017 (AP2.5) after the update today, neither do I saw it enabled when I do backward parking etc.. Am I mistaken here that this update doesn't actually have the feature?


jordanrichard | October 9, 2018

Sorry, but EVERY Tesla with parking sensors, which means since late 2013 has had a “360 view”. When you have the car in reverse, a graphic showing an “aerial view” of the back half of your car appears on the screen and if the parking sensors sense something, the lines appear. The same holds true for when you are going forward. The moment you are within 32 inches of something, a graphing showing the front end of your car appears and displays in inches how close you are.

Bill_75D | October 9, 2018

The 360-degree surround camera views feature in V9 refers to the fact that HW2 cars now have all 8 cameras working. It doesn't show on the big screen, but the instrument panel now shows cars beside and behind you instead of just the ones in front of you.

Hood7 | October 9, 2018

I have a friend with a recent Mercedes S, and it has a very cool, true 360-view from a top-down angle. I guess it's got some software that merges the images from the various cameras and creates an aerial looking-down-on-the-car image so that you can see everything on the ground around your car. Looks really cool and I guess could be nice for parking, but I don't know how truly useful it is.

sentabo | October 9, 2018

Hood7, it would be useful for parking when pulling into those large cement blocks. I've gotten used to it and know when to stop but it would have saved a scrape or two along the way.

diamonds2 | October 9, 2018

The Audi A8 I traded in for my MS had 360-view cameras. I found them a huge help when parking.

Though I consider myself an excellent driver, I may be one of the worlds worst "parkers". Those cameras are the only thing I miss about my A8.

akikiki | October 9, 2018

All this whining about something the cars don't have. Last month it was BSW. Now it appears that V9 is providing a BSW. What's next month's whining going to be about?

c.simoni.lo | October 9, 2018

Thanks for the comment folks.. have to say I'm a bit disappointed to hear what '360 surround view' means in this update...

Bill_75D | October 9, 2018

@akikiki - Next month will be the lack of superchargers in Hawaii - oh wait, we already did that.

akikiki | October 9, 2018

Bill_75D. Okay okay, you got me. I get it. I should have just kept that one to myself. You are so right.
(I'll be back next month to do my share of whining about superchargers.) By the way, we still don't have
a single supercharger. And the map first said, before end of 2017, and now 2018, and we are running out of 2018.

Hood7 | October 9, 2018

Yes, I agree that it would be great to have a good view of those @#$&ing concrete parking blocks. And curbs. Ok, I’m converted - I join those wanting the “real” 360 view in addition to the Tesla-version of 360 view.

jgray | October 16, 2018

I have received the V9 update. I am confused as to the 360 view. I see vehicles in the front, right and left sides of the car. I do not see vehicles directly behind the car. Can someone tell me if this is what is suppose to be shown?
Thank you

TranzNDance | October 16, 2018

They need to be close to the car to be seen. Have you looked while at a stop with a car close behind your car?

SpaceGhost | October 16, 2018

It seems the rear camera is a weak link.. On my Model S, cars behind me only show up when the car is a couple of feet away. The IC makes them look much further back and they keep jumping around and appearing and disappearing even when stopped. I made sure the cameras were clean before driving. I wonder if the height of the camera is lower on the Model S, vs the Model X or Model 3. This could cause more distortion for objects in the top of the image due to the wide angle lens.

terrizzi | November 10, 2018

I agree. Wish I had a top down view around the car. Both MB and BMW cars have it and it seems like an easy task to stich and dewarp the cameras around the car.

terrizzi | November 10, 2018

I agree. Wish I had a top down view around the car. Both MB and BMW cars have it and it seems like an easy task to stich and dewarp the cameras around the car.

KDLTesla | January 2, 2019

Had the 360 birdseye view on our Audi and loved it. Not a necessity, but it was surprisingly useful. And we certainly notice its absence. A little odd that if you buy a Nissan Versa, Nissan Rogue, or a Chevy Equinox, to name just a few vehicles in the 17-27K range, the 360 birdseye view is a standard feature. But if you buy a 80K plus cutting edge, technologically sophisticated Tesla, it's not even an option. Hoping a software update can use the current hardware on our Model S to generate the 360 birdseye view; but hearing rumors that might not be feasible. Ouch. r

Psargentpga | January 14, 2019

If not a 360 bird's eye view, at least an indicator of the car's current angle to contrast with the white curved lines showing future turn radius. This would make backing into a spot a ton easier.

akikiki | January 14, 2019

360 Degree view? Check this out. Its in production.

Rylet | January 18, 2019

At this point, I'd be happy just to be able to access the cameras on the screen. But a 360 birds eye view would be amazing!

ZimmoCon | June 13, 2019

After two good decades of BMW X5 and X3 brand loyalty, I just switched to my first MX. Great car with stunning innovations, no doubt. But there are some befitting features I really do miss and cannot understand why a top class brand within the price league of a fully equipped BMW X5 doesn‘t want to offer to its customers:
- 4 zones clima with back row regulation;
- ventilated seats (were part of my purchase contract, but struck out by Tesla without prior notice, which truly disappoints me !!);
- CD/DVD player with direct media storage on car‘s system;
- Qi wireless phone charging;
- surround view (this topic)...
For Tesla natives this might be whining at a high level, but for me as a crossover neophyte who consciously estimated these features in daily use since ever, I really feel sad about these (unforeseen) drawbacks...
Nevertheless Tesla reinvented the car for me and offers great driving and lifestyle experience every time i access my new era in driving experience. So overall: well done Elon !!

reed_lewis | June 13, 2019

It is not possible to show a camera view of whatever is directly in front of the car because there is no camera there. The best that can be done is using the three cameras in the center of the windshield, but that misses a large area directly in front of the car.

The sonar sensors do work pretty well, but with low curbs, it does not display the distance to them on a reliable basis. So you can still bump into curbs without knowing they are there. | June 13, 2019

@Zimmo - Congrats on the new X!

CD/DVD seems dead 5 years ago, but legacy automakers are often 5-10 years beyond the times. Some still include cassette players! Some are stuck in old ways. Tesla looks forward a lot more than looking backwards. Time to adapt to new tech :) Try out loading your music onto a USB drive, you may find it far more handy or try out the streaming music.

No problem asking for features others offer. Sometimes Tesla adds them, and other times not. No car has every feature in existence, but Tesla does have a lot more than other automakers - from 5 star safety ratings, to 17" touch screens and a ton of cool software features. BMW made ok cars, but also leaves out a lot people want as well. I actually created a site just for describing and voting on desired features on Tesla vehicles: (click on desired features). So far Tesla has implemented over 100 suggested features.

The bird's eye view comes up every few months. Basically, it can't be done with the current cameras. There is no front downward pointing camera as @reed points out. Then the side cameras are for AP, and point outward, not downward. So with the current design, software cannot solve it.

Now Tesla could add 3 more cameras and offer bird's eye view. Perhaps they will in a future model, but my guess is not.

reed_lewis | July 10, 2019

@TT - I wonder if a single new camera in the front of the grill could be added to to give a complete 360 view? The rear facing cameras on the side stitched together with the B pillar camera should be able to display the side and the rear facing camera has good coverage there.

Also I wonder how low the beam from the radar goes in front of the car. Could it be used to show obstructions near the front of the car like curbs, etc.? I do not know, just speculating.... | July 10, 2019

@reed - The B-pillar side cameras do not cover the area immediately to the sides of the cars. Most systems that I've seen require a camera under the side-view mirrors to get that coverage. Yep, a front camera also required that is in the grill. Clearly possible if Tesla adds three additional cameras.

Not sure on the radar or minimum distance, but generally radar ignores all fixed objects and only looks for moving objects. Radar gets a lot of reflections from the road, signs, walls, etc. that are all filtered out even before the data is sent to the AP processor. I suspect the currently designed radar would not be usable for curb detection.

reed_lewis | July 10, 2019

@TT - I guess I concur with you on the three cameras then. Two on the B pillars which point down, and on on the front of the car pointing downward also.

The hard thing is going to be keeping that front facing one clean. It is going to get covered with road grime, bugs, etc. quickly.

Although I had a rental of a VW and the backup camera was mounted behind the circular VW logo and when you backed up it popped up to reveal the camera. Kind of cool:

ssadat3 | September 12, 2019

I have a new 2019 Model S and I am surprised with the back camera at night. If I am backing up in a dark driveway, I see nothing unless I brake. The brake lights help me see. Did anyone notice that? The camera shows nothing in total darkness. We have other vehicles like Lincoln and Honda and their back cameras show much better in the same location in compleate darkness.

nuaimi | September 18, 2019

Any update about the 360-degree surround camera views
When going to come?

EVRider | September 18, 2019

@nuaimi: There are no plans to provide 360-degree surround views, and if you read the previous replies, you’ll learn why that can’t be implemented now.