If you are a US citizen - Please Vote!

dmm1240 | October 31, 2018

Voted two weeks ago, stood in line 2.5 hours at the polling station to do it. Republicans control my state and local government and are determined to make it as difficult as possible to vote this year. Many of their shenanigans have made national news. B-roll of the polling place where I actually voted became a staple on cable news last week. I have never felt as satisfied as a member of this republic than I did walking back to my MX after casting my ballot last week. Try it, the satisfaction far outweighs all discomfort.

VOTE! Indeed. It's not only your right it's your responsibility.

SCCRENDO | October 31, 2018

Yes. Please vote if you vote Democrat. To the others I would say don't bother. Just like the climate, election results change naturally and have nothing to do with man's endeavors such as burning fossil fuels or voting..

jimglas | October 31, 2018

Vote early and vote often
(that was a snark)

Shesmyne2 | October 31, 2018

Now is the time for our voices to be heard.
It may be all we've got.
God Bless America.

Still Grinning ;-)

SCCRENDO | October 31, 2018

McDonalds is offering a free Big-Mac if you bring in your voting stub. Apparently the offer is limited to one per person.

Tesla-David | October 31, 2018

voted like our lives depended on it. This election is so very important to check this disgusting administration.

Mike83 | October 31, 2018

Mailed in my ballot a few weeks ago. Our future depends on everyone voting.
Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.

NKYTA | October 31, 2018

Or good women, especially women this time around.

nwfan | November 1, 2018

Voted in TX. Knock on wood. Early voting in my county is easy.
Even opened on Saturday and Sunday with numerous locations.
Hope others had chance to vote and were not suppress in doing so.

SCCRENDO | November 1, 2018

Voted last night. In California vote NO on proposition 6. They are trying to repeal the gas tax

joemar10 | November 1, 2018

Vote, and volunteer to drive people to the polls to vote. I did it last election, and am doing it this one too. Some people can't get there. I am doing it through the Democratic Party, but I never ask how someone is voting.

I think election day should be a national holiday. Not being able to vote skews the election results in the direction of the more affluent faction.

ghgregory | November 1, 2018

SCCRENDO: AMEN! :-) I and my wife voted by mail in FL last week. Now, we can only hope...

sosmerc | November 1, 2018

Will the day come when we will be voting online?
We vote by mail in Washington State and it's pretty excuses not to vote.
But online voting would be even easier. If you can bank online and do other transactions, I would think it could be safe to set up a voting system.
I love the vote often :)........

Tesla2018 | November 1, 2018

I voted early since I am still not tired of winning MAGA.
Dont care about climate change and dont want illegalcaliens after seeimg Miami turn into a drug infested hellhole after the Marial boatlift and Reagannot stopping it. Voted for Obama after Bush got us into a needless war. Then the ecomony went to hell during his 2nd term.
Unemployment is low, the economy and stock market are going great, trade imbalances are being addressed.
I am also fed up with the temper tandrums that the Democrats throw when they dont get their way. Protesting after Bush beat Gore, and after Trump beat Clinton and when the guy was appoved for the Supreme Court. I dont support gay marriage and Roe vs Wade but dont go nuts protesting sonce we have to go by what the courts and people want. I am independant and vote for the person not the party. I hate career politicians and am glad that Trump is annoying all of them and not sucking up to them. I read that 10 percent of current birthhs in the US are to illegal aliens. We need to take care of ourselves first before giving free housing, healthcare and food to people who are unwilling to change what they dont like in their home countries.

Go out and vote for what you believe in and then dont complain if things dont go the way you want in the event you didnt vote.

rxlawdude | November 1, 2018

@Tesla2018, +1 on your last paragraph.

The rest is just full of misinformation and untruths.

Pelicans | November 1, 2018

@rxlawdude, +1 on your summary

skymaster | November 1, 2018

Trump is kicking ass and will win by a LANDSLIDE in 2020.
Everything else won't matter as the blue wave will peter out....

SCCRENDO | November 1, 2018

@skymaster. We hope not. A better scenario would be a blue wave. Reign in Trump and all the ridiculous legislation Stamp out the corruption and drain the Trump swamp. Impeach the buffoon. Lock up his friends and family and wait for a Democrat president in 2020 to clean up the mess.

quentin.east | November 2, 2018

we with colleagues from voted by mail in FL. We understand the importance of this step and asked all our friends to do the same as we did