Dashboard going black

Dashboard going black

I am a first-time Tesla owner of a new 75DX.I am absolutely loving the automobile, especially as it becomes ever more intelligent and capable with each point-update. However, I had a disturbing experience last night when I took my daughter to a concert. Immediately after pulling into the parking stall and putting the vehicle into Park, the dashboard went completely black, as though it had shut itself off. The headlights and main display remained on but I could not access any dashboard-based functions, like putting the car into Drive or Reverse, etc. I panicked just a bit since I didn't know if I would be able to drive home and I immediately wondered if there was some way I could force the car to turn its systems back on. Fortunately, after a minute or so, the dashboard returned to normal and everything was okay. But now I'm a bit worried about what to do if this was ever to happen again.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions as to what may have happened and what to do if it happens again?


paul | November 3, 2018

Yep... just had that today. Had driven 120kms to visit a friend.
On the way back I stopped at a restroom. Got back in the car... and the display was dead.

Keep in mind the display is *not* needed for the safe operation of the car. You can drive
it just fine.

Just reboot by holding down the two scroll wheels on the steering wheel for 5 or 10 seconds - the
display will restart in a few seconds. Fortunately this is usually rare.

If the console in front of the steering wheel fails, reboot that by holding down the two buttons above the scroll wheels for 5 or 10 seconds.

dewittbo | November 3, 2018

Thanks, Paul. I had forgotten about the reset buttons. And it was the console in front of the steering wheel that had gone dead.

jjgunn | November 3, 2018

Had it happen once to me on firmware version 2018.26.1

That was a few months ago as I'm on 2018.42.2 now.

Just be patient & do the double-scroll wheel reboot & wait for everything to teturn. Don't panic. It just takes time.

scotteeboy71 | November 4, 2018

I'm guessing you're talking about the instrument cluster behind the steering wheel. Check out my thread titled "drove 30 minutes without speedometer". I have been having the same issue, though maybe worse. Doing a steering wheel reset does not necessarily solve the issue. Service says there is a bug going around affecting the latest MCUs that cause the issue you are reporting.

lilbean | November 4, 2018

Oh, that’s the Model 3 update. It makes the X like the Model 3.

lilbean | November 4, 2018

Yes. Like @Jackman said, it’s in Model 3 mode.

hoffenberg | November 6, 2018

You know what they say. Once it goes black.....

ruthieX | November 6, 2018

This has been happening to me. Two weeks ago, the radio locked up. No biggie. I rebooted. Tonight, though, as I was talking to my husband on the phone, the dashboard in front of the steering wheel suddenly said "car off" and then went black. The monitor stayed on but was frozen. I pulled over. I was glad to see that I still could drive and that my lights stayed on and that I could turn the hazard lights on. I rebooted the car. Everything eventually came back on and I headed home. Then I realized that all of the screens were frozen and the speedometer said "0 mph." I got home and then did another reboot. This time everything came up fine. I am getting ready to leave on a longish trip (Boston to DC), driving by myself, and am worried that I might get stranded. I've been glad to see the reassurances that the car will still run. Still, I'm on hold (40 minutes plus) with Tesla support to see if they can go in to the computer in my car and see what happened. Has anyone else done this?

lisacasey27 | March 4, 2019

My car had both the dashboard and information screen go black and was not able to be driven. It had to be towed to a Tesla service center. They are also behind in windshield replacement parts as well as airbag replacements. I am beginning to worry that a lot of work went into producing these cars, but not enough effort went into servicing them.

rob | December 14, 2019

Wow I didn't know there was a separate reboot for the dash screen. That did boot mine and it's not blank, but now it's ghosted and totally washed out?