0.99% APR but...

0.99% APR but...

Too bad Telsa doesn't qualify but are there any CUs/banks that come close to 0.99%

Rates as low as

for up to 36 months when you buy a new car through the PenFed Car Buying Service

ImWaiting | November 4, 2018

First New York FCU takes 1 percent off its loan rates for hybrids and EVs. That means .99% for 24- and 36-month loans, 1.49 (48 and 60), 1.99 (72), 4.24 (84) and 4.74 (96). I'm sure those rates will vary based on credit score.

juliocchox | November 4, 2018

I got my previous loan from penfed service. I dont believe you can order a tesla from the website in order to qualify for their rates.

ialsoagree | November 4, 2018

I live and work in two different counties and I'm still not eligible for a First New York membership, damn.

robmpreston | November 4, 2018

APL FCU in Maryland has 1.99% for ANY term length (up to 84 months), but you have to live or work in Howard County or have a close relative that is a member