Cherry Hill, NJ - THIS SATURDAY 11/24 - anyone else

Cherry Hill, NJ - THIS SATURDAY 11/24 - anyone else

I am expecting to pick up this weekend at the Cherry Hill New Jersey delivery center. This will be my third proposed delivery date. Just curious who else I might meet, and what your story is. Is this your initial delivery date? What other dates have you been scheduled? What were the reasons for the delay? Not looking to slander, no particular slant, just curious on everybody’s situation.

davidbergmd | November 20, 2018

I'm sure this is not specific to the Cherry Hill dealership, but I have been quite disappointed with customer service in general. From the national (home base, CA) level to the local dealership level, there are too many departments and my experience has shown that there is a gross lack of communication between those departments, ultimately resulting in a lot of confusion, disappointment, mixed messages, and incorrect information for the customer. Good luck, hope this is your last attempt at delivery. Enjoy the car.

stumarg | November 20, 2018

I have nothing but good things to say about Cherry Hill. I picked up my car 9/6 on the first delivery date. I've been back one time for service due to creaking behind the steering column in the dashboard. They diagnosed the problem, fixed it and things have been great since.

brian | November 20, 2018

Yeah, wasn't complaining about Cherry Hill. They have been very nice so far. That said, I called today to check in again on delivery for this Saturday since it's been moved a couple/few times so far... and when I called YESTERDAY they said "It's been scanned into our overflow lot in Bensalem. Call tomorrow, but we should have it here" - As of TODAY, they said it was in Cincinnati, OH BUT, they insisted they would still have it for me on Saturday. So, to get a 2nd opinion, I called the corp number in CA, they CONFIRMED it was in the Columbus area, but said that within the past half hour, my date was changed by a human (manually) to the 29th. Which is a discussion I NEVER had with anyone. So, very frustrated for sure... just looking forward to this being a distant memory.

a0011744 | October 7, 2019

Difficult delivery so far in Texas. Late communications and delays. Anyone else?