Just curious; do you use the frunk or not, and why?

Just curious; do you use the frunk or not, and why?

I don’t primarily because even though I follow the manual’s diagram of hand placement for the two-palm push required to latch closed, the force required is too firm for my taste. I fear denting and/or scratching.

maztec | December 10, 2018

I use the trunk more, because I usually am approaching the car from the back and not the front. Additionally, the trunk is easier to use because I can just grab it and open instead of using the touchscreen or my phone. I also don't put anything in the frunk that I would be afraid of damaging in an accident (computer, kids, etc). As a result, it mostly seems to hold pies and food items that I don't want sloshing around in the trunk or main cabin.

shawncordell | December 10, 2018

I use it all the time. We just returned from a 200 mile trip and we used the frunk to store our jackets/coats. I’ve also used it to store groceries or items I pickup from Target. Sometimes I’ll store my fast food there to prevent the smell from lingering inside the cabin.

Haven’t dent or scratched yet.

TM3Q | December 10, 2018

I only use the frunk to show my V12 engine hahaha :-)

leo33 | December 10, 2018

I use it whenever I get groceries.

TK-421 | December 10, 2018

My first car was a 1968 MGB. The lid that covered the engine compartment was called a “bonnet“; sounds much more civilized than “frunk”. A standard airline type roll aboard fits very nicely under the bonnet of my Model 3.

coleAK | December 10, 2018

Used it all the time in my 911’s. Haven’t ever used it in the 3.

coleAK | December 10, 2018

Oh ya why? The rear has much more space and is easier to open and close.

Pepperidge | December 11, 2018

I use frequently after I got the key fob.

gmr6415 | December 11, 2018

I keep my mobile charging cable in there as well as some glass cleaner and micro fiber towels. I was using it for groceries because of the bag catches, but I've found I prefer the deeper of the trunk for groceries and a small cooler that fits perfectly. When we travel we pack the frunk and trunk.

Manjushr | December 11, 2018

frunk keeps the beer cold very nicely

roger.klurfeld | December 11, 2018

I don't use the frunk a lot because I can open the trunk by just going up to it and using my hand to open it. The frunk requires getting into the car or pulling out the app to get it opened. Voice commands on the Tesla app would solve the problem. I've tried a couple of apps that connect the Google Assistant to the Tesla app, but they are pretty lame.

walnotr | December 11, 2018

Only when the trunk is full.

Kathy Applebaum | December 11, 2018

I didn't think I'd use it much, but I use it all the time now. My garage is a tight fit, so anything in the trunk is awkward to get into the house. Things in the frunk, on the other hand, are right next to the door into the house.

mcmack15 | December 11, 2018

No, because we are afraid of putting a dent in the hood when we close it.

jackcolo | December 11, 2018

I use the Frunk regularly because I back into the garage (for charger access), plus I am accustomed to using the Frunk on the Model X,
My only complaint is having to use the phone app to open the Frunk. This will be cured later this week with the arrival of my new Fob.

wiboater4 | December 11, 2018

I use it to keep items I don't need often. I keep extra jacket in there etc. and sometimes I use it for Groceries because of the bag hooks but most of the time I use the trunk for two reasons easier to open ( don't need to pull out phone or open door and hit screen open and when I pull into my garage the trunk is by the door. Another thing is the trunk can be closed easily with one hand.

gmkellogg | December 11, 2018

I use it for my gym bag.

ff9700 | December 11, 2018

Because of the fussiness with closing it, I only keep items in there I rarely need: charging bag, tire kit, jack pads.

hokiegir1 | December 11, 2018

Hubby usually keeps his demo kit in the frunk. We've also found that when loaded down for a trip, the car rides better with a slight efficiency bump if we split the weight between trunk and frunk instead of having it all in the trunk.

ff9700 | December 11, 2018

@hokiegirl1 the increased efficiency is very interesting

jimglas | December 11, 2018

I keep charging cable and tire repair kit in trunk. Its also convenient for groceries when shopping.

foodking | December 11, 2018

all the car emergency stuff in the frunk.

hokiegir1 | December 11, 2018

@ff9700 -- I'm not talking a huge bump. I think it was about a 5 wh/m difference. But yes, it did seem to have some impact with the weight distributed more evenly in the car. In theory, I'd say when it was all in the trunk, it put extra weight on the rear suspension, lowering the back, and "raising" the front (at least, compared to even distribution or both being empty), so created a bit more drag. I could be way off, but that's what we observed.

And we are talking LOADED down. Hubby and I are not small to start with but we both sit with the seats almost all the way back (so toward the middle of the car), and we had luggage for a 2 week trip to various stops. I think we had about 300-400 pounds worth of "stuff" between luggage, demo kit (he was working at one stop), my school and work computers, snacks/drinks, and some cooking supplies we had taken for the holiday.

finman100 | December 11, 2018

I use it a lot for the smile appeal and often get passersby to stop and ask what kind of a car is that. I say Tesla and they it's a toyota?

Good grief we have a ways to go in getting the Tesla name out there.

My co-workers call it a bug trunk (old VW Beetles had the engine in the back, too!)

CharleyBC | December 11, 2018

I thought it was a super-cool feature at first. As others mentioned, I find it difficult to close (yes, I've RTFM), and just kinda awkward to use. Just the other day we decided to use it for all the various car bits that we've been accumulating--stuff we want along, but don't use often: charge adapters, air compressor, lift pads, etc. That'll free up more of the trunk for the day-to-day stuff.

jdcollins5 | December 11, 2018

I use it mainly for take out food to keep smell out of car. I have no problem with closing hood.

M3BlueGeorgia | December 11, 2018

We use the frunk for the stuff we rarely access, but need to have. A blanket, the charging cable, extension cord, the adapters and safety cones.

BTW: Recommend carrying a couple of small orange safety cones in case you have to run the charging cable across somewhere that people might walk.
If you have to run the cable across a sidewalk, you'll also need a 30" cable protector so people can cross it without tripping and without damaging the cable.

SpeedyEV | December 11, 2018

I prefer not to use the frunk because it leaves fingerprints. Also, the extra space is usually not needed because the trunk is cavernous, especially if you fold the rear seats. Having said that, I use the frunk under these circumstances:

* To store my laptop bag or other stuff when I don't want it touching my bicycle in the trunk.
* For takeout food to prevent the cabin/trunk smelling like a kitchen.

jjgunn | December 11, 2018

Yes, carrying A couple cases of wine after a trip to wine country. Also my car cover is in there.

Pierogi | December 11, 2018

I try not to use the frunk very often because with my standard black paint there are already scratches from my fingertips where I've closed the frunk. I'll likely get some PPF applied to the hood to prevent further scratches, as I've determined it does not matter how careful I am or what technique is used, the black paint will scratch when I touch it to close the frunk.

surfpearl | December 11, 2018

Even though I have PPF on the frunk lid, I've decided to keep it nice and scratch-free by storing only items that are not accessed on a regular basis: charging bag, first aid kit, roof shades, jack pads, tire repair kit etc.

globalMan | December 11, 2018

I park my car in the garage with its head facing out, so the frunk is more accessible.

jithesh | December 11, 2018

Frunk: Small shopping.
I find it easier to park rear side in and also while taking the car out in that position.
So whenever I park in shops parking lot or my apartments lot I always park with rear side in. Doing so makes frunk more accessible to store and retrieve bags.
+ I also find it lot of fun when people get really amused by seeing me storing things in a place where they expect an ICE engine. LOL.

Trunk: Large shopping
While doing large shopping like in Whole Foods or Costco, I store in trunk only as it wont fit in frunk anyway.

Pen18 | December 11, 2018

No, too delicate for my hands.

socaldave | December 11, 2018

@Pierogi - I close the frunk by lowering it till the lid touches the closing mechanism, lift my hands away, invert them (so my palms are on the edge of the frunk with my fingers pointing back towards my legs/front of the car) and gently press down with both palms on either side of the logo. Scratch-proof!

mygalkin | December 11, 2018

Yes, for groceries, business and gym bags. It's convenient when I park in my narrow garage due to the door being in front.

TheOx | December 11, 2018

I use it for groceries because of the bag hooks; but, more importantly, I store valuables in there (e.g. Swarovski binoculars) that I don't want stolen while valet parking or during a break-in. When in valet mode, both the frunk and the glove compartment are off limits to would be thieves.

rkalbiarEV | December 11, 2018

Pretty much just use it for cooked or smelly food items only. No worries closing trunk other than hand prints, which are kind of annoying.

Garyeop | December 11, 2018

I agree with @M3BlueGeorgia. I use it, but for always in the car things like winter "Just in case" stuff, remaining adapters, etc. Keeps the lower trunk empty for more stuff when needed.

Rocketsauce | December 11, 2018

I rarely use mine... I pull into my garage forward, so getting to the Frunk is a pain when I park.

ModernTriDad | December 11, 2018

Since it requires (w/o FOB) the app to open it upon return to the car and requires extra care in closing it, I use it less frequently than the trunk. I'm definitely a little jealous of the Model S open/close automation, but not jealous of the extra $30K car payment. For us, it is perfect for extra storage on trips and for emergency supplies.

dmanincali | December 11, 2018

I use it on my Model X all the time because it has decent storage capacity and the X lacks a real trunk. I have yet to use it on my Model 3 because I find it too small to be usable plus the 3 has a proper trunk.

seattlemag | December 11, 2018

I don't use it often because the trunk is so large! Then there was that one time I went on a shopping spree in Oregon and literally had no room left in the cabin area (rear seats down, passenger seat full).... then the frunk became essential ;)

coselectric | December 11, 2018

I use the frunk a lot. The floor of the frunk is sloped just a little (or is that my imagination), and the compartment is smaller, so a few bags of groceries won't slide around as much as in the trunk. Also keeps food odors out of the car. It's also more convenient for me to unload in my garage with the door closed because I prefer to park forward in my garage. I'm not a fan of the mechanical violence of the electric latch popping the frunk, and I worry about it wearing out prematurely. But I have to admit I do like the cool factor of putting the groceries under the "hood" of my car. To me it's a subtle advertisement to everyone else in the parking lot that this car is different, which - as a TSLA stockholder - hopefully means increasing awareness and interest in the product.

M3phan | December 11, 2018

Well, thanks for your thoughts folks! I’m really intrigued by your comment, hokiegir1 re. efficiency. Creative idea! And no doubt what many of you said, there is indeed a cool factor for the uninitiated.

Wormtown Kris | December 11, 2018

For bigger loads- kids' sports gear, vacation packing, large shopping excursions- the trunk is the obvious choice. But I like to use the frunk for smaller things. As others mentioned, it keeps smelly food odors out of the interior. I find it handy for errand shopping to just throw a few grocery bags on the hooks vs sliding around in the trunk. And also, as finman said, there is the fun factor to it. It's a novelty. It can generate interest. Here in central MA, there aren't a lot of Teslas around. (Hardly any rear engine 911s, Beetles or Ferraris, either). So using the frunk is unique. It's not a "look at me!" thing, but it can get the conversation started, and I do want to spread the Model 3 joy.

kevin_rf | December 11, 2018

Because of the way I park in the garage, it is not easy to use. I keep the mobile charger in it and that is about it. Did have a bottle of everclear knocking around in it for a while.

RES IPSA | December 11, 2018

I do not use the frunk... would be nice to have the option to use it for a full spare tire if desired

Thersant | December 11, 2018

I too look forward to opening it via voice command. In the mean time the extra step to open it and the dual-knuckle technique to close it are enuf disincentive to relegate it to storing the charging cable and its corresponding JLong. Thanks for the tip on the cord cover and small cones!

shawncordell | December 11, 2018

You can use voice commands to open it if you have an Apple Watch. ;)