Tesla getting worse ?

Tesla getting worse ?

So I started my Tesla journey in July 2018 when I started my Solar project.

First contact was at the Standford location, it was fine and they took my contact info and called me back a week or so later to get the proposal going.
I was impressed over the next two weeks, everything was on track. No red Flags. everything look like I was dealing with a top class company.

I was at Tesla in Sacramento this, requested a weekend test drive, drove away 30min with an X. Place an order the following week.

But late august seem like everything when to crap... I entered Tesla HELL for 4 month, and still counting.

Short to say that I never completed my full reservation for my roadster, I canceled my solar roof, and if I could I would return this lemon of an X.
(But I'm stuck with my solar install, even so its not working yet)

But my point is, I seen Tesla get worse , not better since mid July 2018.

Service appointment are now a month off, calling the Tesla line is over 20 min wait...
I dont think I ever was able to get my local service center / showroom to answer the phone
(I use random extension to talk to a human being there)

So... when does it get better when Tesla fired ~10% of its workforce ? Why cant you get timely service on a $162K car ?
(And a car that was deliveried with known defects... was NOT inspected at the factory of dealer.. twice)

For people that might remenber me... I'm talking about my second P100D delivery. First one I could not drive of the lot... second one was derivable, but with stuff like non opening glove box, missing applique (I'm still waiting for my Tesla and P100D emblems they said they would mail to me).
EAP took over 300 miles to calibrate and it never worked correctly... etc.. etc.. (charge port not closing, sent the wrong floor matts, Free supercharging was not enabled and it took weeks to get that, etc.. etvc..)

ARGH!!! TESLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | January 21, 2019

Sorry for your problems. Tesla keeps getting better here (Northern CA). Just got an appointment for the intrusion alarm install less than 7 days out. No need to talk to anyone as I made the reservation online. Sounds like all your items are in the trivial category, but they should be made right. Still if you hate Tesla, you should sell it and get something you'll be happy with.

sschaem | January 21, 2019

I agree its all been trivial problems, but the time and efforts it take to get little things done is demoralizing.

Tesla assume everything will always go perfectly, so when something doesn't, as a customer you are pulled in this "Tesla hell" tm.

Best example would be to flag account with an outstanding issue, if after 5 days the account doesn't get a status update, have someone review the progress.

Other one. Have the car inspected using a sheet that include all the common defect / problems.
Dont ask a customer to take delivery if the car was not fully inspected. And if it doesn't pass inspection, inform the customer.

Anyways, I'm just ranting and this will go nowhere. But it does help my sanity...

I also see Tesla brand being affected by stupid mismanagement problems. (from my supercharger chit chats with other owners) As a Tesla investor its demoralizing.

Tesla-David | January 21, 2019

6 year owner (3 cars: 2 MS’s, M3); Powerwall 2 installation. Only positive experiences from all my Tesla purchases, and only incredible and excellent service.

NKYTA | January 21, 2019

S & 3. No issues.

Maxxer | January 22, 2019

Sorry to hear your stories

I have been having no problems whatsoever for the 1026 days I have been the happy owner of 2 Tesla Model 3 reservations.

reed_lewis | January 22, 2019

First, I really like my Tesla even though I have had some issues with it.

But it always amazes me that whenever someone posts a complaint post, others always chime in with "Well I have had no issues.." Which implies that the OP is wrong because they had had no issues.

It is like saying that since I have not won the lottery, no one else has either. A single positive does not disprove the negative.

RJMIII | January 22, 2019

@reed_lewis I would think this is more of an example of a single negative does not disprove the positive.

reed_lewis | January 22, 2019

@RJMIII - You could have thousands of people saying they had a great experience with Tesla, but if a few do not, that does not mean that the few who had a bad experience are lying.

Just because you had a great experience does not mean that someone else might not.

rxlawdude | January 22, 2019

And this is highly locale-specific. Areas with lower Tesla penetration tend to have sedate SvCs where you can practically walk in.

Areas like SoCal, specifically coastal Orange County, things have really taken a dump. Again, what Tesla needs is someone with excellent logistics and ERP understanding. There is no reason someone should wait months for a Service Center appointment and find their car sits untouched for days after dropoff. That's just dumb.

TranzNDance | January 22, 2019

My dad had to travel across SoCal to get to an SvC. I am 10 or 15 minutes away from two of them in the Bay Area. | January 22, 2019

@reed_lewis - Not aware of anyone saying the OP is lying here. Clearly he's had some problems, and it seems legitimate to me. He asked a question which others responded too. For many of us the question OP poised "Is Tesla getting worse?" is no. Doesn't mean he or others see it differently or have a unique problems most others are not having.

adamabonada03 | January 23, 2019


sschaem | January 26, 2019

Thank you for the feedback. And to be clear I do believe more people have good then bad experience.

What I would like Tesla to address is how they handle customers that dont have a good buying experience.
Specially on what seen to be very difficult car for Tesla to build. The margin on the X is high, so Tesla should have some of that money reserve for after service. (Also hire quality sales people to oversee the purchase / delivery process)

You cant please everyone, but at least showing that you are trying would go a long way. The mistake I done was let Tesla handle issues, call back after the due date and realize they completely forgot I existed. (This happen to me on the energy side, where my solar project is still not resolved because PGE requested document in November that Tesla never provided.. untill I called Tesla this month to get an update... same day, PGE now gets the documents requested)

Some of the delay might be intentional, like refund on deposit, refund on over payments, etc... Where financially corporate might have put in place a "delay as much as you can" policy. I have been waiting over 3 weks for my solar roof cancellation, not a peep from Tesla. I have been over 2 month for my Model X refund on over payment. I also had a Roadster pre-reservation (done while everything was great with Tesla and me) that I'm also canceling.
Yep, I was that big of a fan of the company ... no more.

In term of disclosure. My dad got a model 3 without problems last july, but something I personally consider minimal bothered him. He took delivery in Fremont, and the car was filthy. He had to wait for someone to go get it washed when he mentioned it, and they did a poor job at it and he said he still had dust/dirt crusted inside the door handles and every cracks. But build quality look impeccable. (What matter to me)

I know Elon is concerned about Tesla company image, so much so that it was his primary reason to take Tesla private (Stop the flow of negative news by short sellers), I just wish Elon was that involved pationate about customer satisfaction.

What surprise me... Why is Elon not demanding that he gets a report on after sale customer surveys ?

Why is Tesla not interested in getting better ? Even if everyone had perfect cars delivered exactly has expected, there is always details to iron out.

One thing would be for Tesla to hire someone to monitor their message board and compile a digest of people problems.

side note: during my first failed model X delivery I took a dozen pictures of the assembly problems to add documentation to my buying experience. As a shareholder I requested that I present those problems to someone in managment... I was denied. Saying that they knew already/

2 month later, I get another model X with nearly the same problems. #1 issue, no factory or dealership check point inspection.

Example, first model , the waterproof insulation was botched. ripped in some places, not installed correctly at other, other not even glued on and came off.
Second car, the car appliques (P100D, Tesla emblems) where NOT applied. glove box did not open, and the panel gap is now causing the charge port not to open or close correctly.

So yea... Tesla after many years STILL cant build a $160k without problems. And no, and many month, they have not hired or put in placer better quality check.

I wonder if Elon even know about this, or people under him hiding Tesla build quality problems.