Refund cost about reservation

Refund cost about reservation

Hello folks, how much time to receive my refund after ask to Tesla to cancel my reservation? I asked them one month ago.

SO | January 24, 2019

Depends on your refund method. I did the bank transfer option and it took 3 business days. Others have reported much longer for other methods (IE months).

Don’t’ll get it.

kcheng | January 24, 2019

My IDA told me that my sales tax refund would take 6 weeks, and funny enough, it took just a day or two over 6 weeks to get the $2000+ check.

Uncle Paul | January 25, 2019

A simple refund, like putting back a charge into the same credit card you used is pretty simple for them, but if it is a check, wire transfer or something out of the ordinary, it takes them a while to be assured that they will not get burnt with a refund request.

Previous posts says that while some people seem to take a long time, it is due to Tesla trying to sort it all out, and that the refunds eventually come.

Biggest frustration seems when people constantly follow up of an eagerly awaited refund. The answers (or silence) they receive seems inconclusive and often estimated dates are not met.