Tesla Web Site

Tesla Web Site

I recently purchased a Model 3 (love the car) and registered on the Tesla web site. I was in the site, playing around with different options for Teslas and before I realized it I inadvertantly ordered another Tesla! Since there was no purchase confirmation "Are you sure you want to buy?" the order went through and $2,500 was taken from my credit card. There is no way to cancel on the site, so I had to spend time waiting for purchasing support to cancel over the phone. They cancelled, but told me that it could take up to a month to get my money back. The person on the phone told me that this happens very often. For such a tech savvy company, it would seem to me that these issues could be very easily fixed in the site:

-Put a button "Are You Sure you want to buy?"
-Add another button "Please Cancel Order"
-Automate the refund process.

Thank you.

vivekgore | January 29, 2019

The Tesla web site has serious issues. It is extremely slow most of the time, not intuitive at all, and doesn't provide useful information. For example, there's page where you can check your supercharging history. Unfortunately, that page doesn't seem to get updated. I was on a trip recently where I used a particular supercharger twice. Both times it showed me that there was a cost associated with the electricity. I am supposed to be receiving six months of free supercharging currently so I was surprised to see that. I am checking on line to figure out the charges and dispute them but there's no history available. I am not sure what to do. I have called Tesla and spoken to them about these issues but clearly they don't care. The slow response time is annoying and very frequently the pages will return errors and you have to refresh. Not what I would expect from a company that claims to on the bleeding edge.