Thule roof rack

Thule roof rack

I whined at Thule today, asking them when they were going to make a roof rack for the Model 3 so I could use my existing Thule equipment. The answer was prompt but disappointing: "After many test, for a matter of security Thule will not be fit the Tesla Model 3 ."(sic)

Guess my options are down to Yakima or the Tesla roof unicorn.™️

rdavis | January 30, 2019

I think anyone is pretty insane to put a roof rack on a glass roof anyway. I once had a roof rack on my Audi a4 until I drove my $ 8,000 bike into a parking deck 2 weeks before my 1st Ironman Triathlon which was in Nice France... I did over $ 1,000 damage to the bike and $ 3k to the car... not to mention my stress levels in trying to get my biked fixed so I could ship it out ahead of my travels to France....

Now, add in a glass roof? That doesn't sound like a good option....

rdavis | January 30, 2019

In case you're really looking for a Thule solution... check out this video:

I've also seen some suction cup cross bars with Thule mounts being done.

coleAK | January 30, 2019

The Yakama feet and bars can work with Thule attachments most of the time. And vise versa. And the Yakama feet rest on the steel not the glass. As for the suction racks, I’m sure they hold but will the glass? Suctioning to the glass roof seems like asking for trouble to me. I’m doing the 2” receiver on the 3. It carries my North Shore 4 bike awesome loaded with 4 enduros. And I also don’t have to worry about dropping a fork on the glass....

As for the Tesla unicorn rack. Everything I’ve seen looks like one of the Tesla form over function designs... narrow bars, fork mount, is it comparable with other attachments...

Kathy Applebaum | January 30, 2019

@coleAK "The Yakama feet and bars can work with Thule attachments most of the time. And vise versa. "

Ah, good to know! Looking at the attachments it seemed likely, but you never know...

surfpearl | January 30, 2019

@Kathy - Thanks for the bad news :) I've been holding my breath. It's hard to imagine going elsewhere after being a Thule loyal for more than 30 years. I will bug them for more info about the issues they've encountered with Model 3.

@rdavis - The first link is a great find, thanks for posting!

jimglas | January 30, 2019

I suspect that they are afraid of being responsible for any damage to the glass roof

my2cents | January 30, 2019

We are a lot of customers in Norway who were wondering the same thing. I contacted Thule HQ support in Sweden and the say:

« I have no set date for the system, all I know is that engineers are working on it. We get a one-month heads-up on new racks and at this point that is the February releases. No Tesla Model 3 in February so at the earliest, it will be March, but it could also be April or May. »

And more details:

«The team that does the Kit development are situated in Hillerstorp Sweden and do most of their measuring on fairs and then they test the racks locally. We have good cooperation with most car manufacturers and access to cars early. I do not know how that relationship is with Tesla and their dealers. The problem with the fixpoint mountings on Model S has probably triggered more extensive testing on a greater number of cars to make sure the same issue is not present on Model 3. We are also in the middle of redesigning our whole roof rack system and that puts a lot of pressure on the Kit team and they will need to prioritize cars with a larger user base first.»»

gchiello | July 16, 2019

Good note from @my2cents. Did you receive any more recent update?
I've purchased today the original roof bars convinced of market's availability of a related bike accessory.
Anything on the market you have found to date?