Guesses as to how long before the Bolt gets the ax....?

Guesses as to how long before the Bolt gets the ax....?

As everyone knows, GM has announced that the Cadillac brand will take the lead of GM's "EV revolution/future". So where does that leave the Bolt? I suspect that the Bolt will be gone by next year, if not by the end of this year. They axed the Volt and I can't imagine with the full on availability of the Model 3, that GM is selling any Bolts. Historically GM axes models if they are only selling 30,000 or less of. I highly doubt GM is moving that many Bolts.

It certainly doesn't make sense to have the premium brand of GM carrying the torch of the future at an equally premium price, while still selling the Bolt at the entry level (Chevy).

Any thoughts/predictions....

carlk | February 8, 2019

GM will never learn. It would certainly be nice to sell EV's at the Cadillac price than the Chevy price but who is going to buy them? It has trouble even to compete with other ICE brands. Just look at the meager number of Cadillac cars GM have sold in the US. Even for that the demography of Cadillac buyers is totally different than, if not opposite to, that of EV buyers. It makes some sense if it's for the China market though. That's probably GM's plan imo.

stevenmaifert | February 8, 2019

GM needs a compliance car for California. If the Cadillac brand sells well enough there to meet the CARB numbers, then no need to keep the Bolt, but we are going to have to wait and see on that.

kcheng | February 8, 2019

Just cause Caddy is the lead brand, doesn't mean their other brands won't have theirs. The Bolt solves any ZEV shortfall, so I don't expect them to can it.

Yodrak. | February 8, 2019

"Any thoughts/predictions...."

One of the Cadillac EV models will be a re-badged Bolt with some cosmetic upgrades. Bolt will carry on with its Chevy badge.

Chevy Avalanche = Cadillac Escalade XLT
Chevy Colorado = GMC Canyon
Chevy Corvette = Cadillac XLR
Chevy Express = GMC Savana

quinney | February 8, 2019

They will stop producing them before their federal tax credit phases down from $3750 to $1875. | February 9, 2019

So what will the new Cadillac name for the Bolt be?
- Dolt?
- XT (or updated to Vista?)
- GMC XLV Mark II Mountain

Yodrak. | February 9, 2019

Odds are there'l be an XL in the name somewhere, somehow. :-)