Supercharging Costs

Supercharging Costs

Is there a list that shows US supercharging states that charge by the minute vs those that charge by the kwh? I remember that before the universal price changes, each state was listed. But I can't remember which did what.

jordanrichard | February 17, 2019

Not that I am aware of. It would take up a lot of space to list every supercharger in the country and the associated cost of charging.

kevin_rf | February 17, 2019

For some sites, don't they also change for the time off day. Thought I read that somewhere.

kcsyaktown | February 18, 2019

They used to have each state in a drop down with separate prices. Now that there's only 1 set of prices, it should be easy to say which states are by minute and which is by kwh. I have an S with free supercharging, so I never paid close attention. Now I have a 3 LR and wanted to budget costs for a road trip. With the new pricing structure, it seems like by minute would be cheaper than by kwh.

kcsyaktown | February 18, 2019

Ok, I did find this link from a year ago. I'm wondering if this is still accurate for states charging by the minute.

RES IPSA | February 18, 2019

You can look at the vehicles navigation map and move around the country. Press on the superchargers and it will show you the pricing structure. Won't give you that info on the Tesla website

kcsyaktown | February 18, 2019

Thanks RES. I'll try that.

kcsyaktown | February 18, 2019

That worked. Never thought to try that. I'm hardly in the 3 since my wife drives it.

httran26 | February 18, 2019

Tesla used to break it down by states but I guess now they just show general cost where states charge by the minute vs by the kW.