Model 3 collision prevention failure

Model 3 collision prevention failure

I was driving on extreme right lane on a local rode. Tried to make a right by stopping and yielding to the traffic coming from left and started joking the lane in the mean time a vehicle in front of me was stopped not dealing I hit the vehicle in front of me which ended in a bumper damage to both vehicles my M3 front got cracked and the vehicle in front of me had a rear bumper crack as well.

My question to Tesla why didn’t the vehicle collision prevention kicked in to prevent the accident at such low speeds of 5-10 mph? how am I supposed to trust the model 3 safety?


pankajreddy | February 17, 2019

Tesla model 3 collision prevention failed

lilbean | February 17, 2019

Ay ay ay.

Halbach | February 17, 2019

Driver fail

hughbie | February 17, 2019

If the vehicle is moving at less than 7 mph, the Collision Avoidance system does not provide an audible alert, nor does emergency braking engage. Even if Collision Avoidance has been enabled. It is discussed in the Owners Manual (pg 80).

CorkChop | February 17, 2019

if I understand you correctly (which was difficult with no punctuation), you expected the Tesla to prevent you from hitting the car in front of you, but instead of taking blame, you want to know why the car failed?

Read the manual. Just because it is an advanced car, doesn’t mean the drive is blameless.

ST70 | February 18, 2019

@pankajreddy- pankaj "not" reddy for a Tesla yet....stick with your Leaf...

Wanderer | February 18, 2019


EVRider | February 18, 2019

You were only going 5-10mph and you hit the car in front of you? I hope you never drive behind me.

Bighorn | February 18, 2019

You failed and should probably erase this if the insurance company is researching culpability because you just admitted your failure to control your vehicle.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | February 18, 2019

@OP - Were you doing the Birdbox Challenge?

Lonestar10_1999 | February 18, 2019

If you insure with State Farms they may forgive your first collision. Otherwise your premiums are likely to spike up.

Wormtown Kris | February 18, 2019

@OP: You are driving a car with Level 2 self driving, you don't pay attention and hit the car in front of you, at a speed which the owners' manual clearly states will not engage emergency braking, but somehow this is a problem with the car and not the driver?
When you engage Enhanced AutoPilot, do you jump in the back seat and take a nap?

jordanrichard | February 18, 2019

Why were you not paying attention? Don’t blame the car. Last year at a traffic light, early in the morning, facing the sun, I bumped into the back of the car in front of me that I had thought moved/made the turn. It was my fault and I even told the police that. Grow a pair and admit when you mess up. BTW, I wasn’t even cited for that incident because no one was hurt and I fully believe because I was upfront with he police. It was a honest mistake.

guydude | February 18, 2019

This is a common occurrence where some new Tesla owners don't fully understand how Tesla's collision avoidance works. Yes, in some cars like the new Mercedes S-Class the collision avoidance will not let you hit the car in front of you even if you are traveling 2mph. So if you are at a traffic light and for some reason you let go of the brakes and the car starts creeping forward the Mercedes will stop... Tesla will not.

rdr1rx | February 18, 2019

Operator error.

rkalbiarEV | February 18, 2019

What is this gibberish!?

Franny | November 5, 2019

Before I start...Yes I have read the manual!!

My FCW is set at medium which I believe is the factory setting. In the couple months I have owned the car, not once has the warning chime or the red car or the red touch screen happened even when I thought it should have and even when I tried to test it against my better judgement! Yesterday driving 40/45 MPH on the freeway during rush hour, suddenly the car in front of me came to a complete stop. I slammed on the brake and stopped within a few inches and too close for comfort. Not a peep from the FCW. The guy in front of me started driving again after a little while and so did I, leaving a car length between us at like 5/6 MPH. That is when hell broke loose! All sorts of chimes, red car in front, top of the display turning red. I was nowhere near the car in front of me at that point and had just started moving. Being a newbie, I always wonder if I am using the wrong setting or something.Thought I check to see if anybody has any tips before I reach out to Tesla.

leo33 | November 5, 2019

@Franny That sounds abnormal. Reach out to Tesla. | November 5, 2019

@Franny - Perhaps working normally, but hard to say. If the radar/cameras were not working you'd get a warning message. Don't expect perfection (from any manufacturer), as they work many times, but not always. There are a ton of warnings in the manual.

No warning or braking will occur if you are on the brake pedal at all. Any chance you had your foot on the brake? I'd also suggest changing the setting to "Early" warning if you want it to go off earlier. I use it and it does go off on occasion (once a month?), when I'm not really concerned and in control. I did have it go off once when someone unexpectedly panic braked and with the warning I was able to stop in time.

FISHEV | November 5, 2019

@Franny when you hit the brakes, you took over from the Autobraking. Not a good design as it should increase the pressure even if you are braking if it calcuates you will hit the car in front of you. Page 87 below.

I get collision alerts when I shouldn't and no alerts when I should. The AutoBraking seems to suffer from FSD requirements, like BSI and Lane Keeping. Not sure what Tesla's parameters are for AutoBraking. did test Tesla's AB system and found it working so I just hope works if I need it but like other Tesla driving aids, it has not proven to be consistent.

Automatic Emergency Braking does not apply the brakes, or stops applying the brakes, when:
• You turn the steering wheel sharply.
• You press and release the brake pedal
while Automatic Emergency Braking is
applying the brakes.