How to remove old or recent music stations?

How to remove old or recent music stations?

A service tech must have driven the car and added couple stations? I hate having to look at the artist pictures LOL.

suddled | February 20, 2019

Hold your finger on the recent ones and you should be able to delete them with a little X that shows up.

Teslanene | February 20, 2019

Hmm try that an only favorites comes up with X not recents.

Sunergy-NJ | February 20, 2019

I click on the "stations" I don't want anymore, it starts up, then I click on the favorites "STAR" so it turns white instead of black, meaning it's no longer a favorite, and it goes away.

april1914 | April 7, 2019

I tried the above and they went away, but the next time I got in the car all of them were back.

howard | April 7, 2019

I have not found away to delete recents only favorites. When my older son rides he plays a whole mishmash of stuff. Like to clear it when he’s done.

zsoldier | April 22, 2019

The only effective way I’ve found is to cycle through all my favorites (like 20 of them) to just fill the recents with my favorites.