Tested Sentry Mode and it seems to record back in other observations

Tested Sentry Mode and it seems to record back in other observations

I just ran a few tests on the Sentry Mode, to see if everything was working.

I drove to work as normal and parked. I turned on Sentry Mode before locking the car. Left the car for about an hour and went to test Sentry Mode. As soon as I approached the car (without my iPhone), the car entered Sentry Mode and started recording. After walking around the car a few times and trying the doors, I left until it stopped recording. Then I went to pull the USB drive. Here are my observations:

1. Within the TeslaCam folder, it created two folders, one called "RecentClips" and one called "SavedClips".
2. In the "SavedClips" folder, I found the recordings that showed me approaching my car and trying the door handles.
3. It records the front camera, left and right fender cameras as 3 different files, all dated with a time stamp in the file name
4. It saves clips up to 9 minutes before I approached the car! As if it's always recording (maybe into "RecentClips") and then moves them to "SavedClips" once a threat is detected.
5. It continued recording and saving clips for a minute or so after I left and stood about 6 feet away.
6. When I went to pull the USB drive to review the recording, I noticed the little red dot was not there on the camera icon, implying it was no longer recording the dash cam as normal.
7. When I looked at the files, there were no dash cam recordings at all from my commute, confirming that it was not recording the dash cam.
8. After reviewing all the files, I reformatted the drive and re-inserted it to test again.
9. After reinsertion, I had to tap the camera icon couple times to get it to have the red dot, indicating it was recording the dash cam. I moved my car forward and back a little bit.
10. Set it to Sentry mode and locked the car.
11. Approached it about 5 minutes later and the car entered Sentry Mode.
12. Pulled the drive and scanned the files.
13. Same two folders created, RecentClips and SavedClips.
14. Dash Cam recordings have returned as normal, except all 3 cameras are recording.
15. The Sentry Mode recordings were combined into the same Dash Cam Clips.

I suspect the Dash Cam clips and Sentry Mode Clips were combined due to my leaving very little time between when I parked the car and the time I triggered the Sentry Mode.

I'm surprised that the Dash cam is recording all 3 cameras, unless that also has to do with the leaving little time between when I parked and when I triggered it. I'll test the dash cam once I get home to see if it only records the front camera as it did before.


jimglas | February 25, 2019

nice summary and test

Magic 8 Ball | February 25, 2019

This thread confirms dashcam records the 3 cams.

MRNot01 | February 25, 2019

Interesting observations..

scherer326 | February 25, 2019

do you just tap the dashcam icon once to save the incident and then hold down the dashcam icon for a few seconds to be able to remove the usb successfully without deleting any data. Is this the correct process or am I missing something.

jdcollins5 | February 25, 2019

I tested Sentry Mode today by bumping the driver’s window. The Sentry Mode active screen popped up. I downloaded the DashCam and the driver’s side camera on the fender (Left Repeater) captured me walking up and bumping the window. Pretty cool.

As the OP stated the update adds the Recent and Saved folders to the TeslaCam folder on the USB drive. It also adds the two rear-facing side cameras (left repeater and right repeater) to the existing front camera files. You can view all three cameras now when downloading.

Mike83 | February 25, 2019

Besides what others have said there is also the update to Tesla if the data switch is toggled. A USB may not be needed for a incident.

hector | February 25, 2019

Just confirmed that indeed, yes, the dash cam feature is now recording via all 3 cameras used in Sentry Mode: the front camera and two fender cameras.

Can't believe we just got a full video security system update for FREE. I paid $1200 for a security system years ago for our former escalade and that had only 1 camera!

wiboater4 | February 27, 2019

Can't wait to get the update. Sounds awesome!

CodingMark | March 5, 2019

Any idea on when others will get the Sentry Mode update? Are you in an early adopter program? My Model 3 is using build 2018.50 and I've read apparently Sentry Mode is available as of 2019.05.

Carl Thompson | March 6, 2019


I am _not_ in the early access program and I got the 2019.5.4 update and Sentry Mode on Friday February 22. Tesla seems to have staggered software rollouts and sometimes it can take a while before everyone gets it. This particular release seems like it's taking a very long time as some people had it weeks before me. The best thing to do is make sure your car is connected to your WiFi an make sure it has WiFi signal where you part for the night.

kumar_rashmi | March 12, 2019

I have an USB drive in front port. It does record from front and both side cameras. However, I am not able to find recording from Sentry Mode. I am not sure how to get footage from Sentry mode recording. Does anyone know how to access recording from Sentry Mode?

neylus | March 12, 2019

Mine activate sentry screen by simply getting close to the car. No touch needed.

marktrosen | April 3, 2019

I also have a usb that is working with DashCam and saving those clips. I can activate Sentry Mode, and I've activated it by approaching the car - but it is not saving Sentry clips to the USB.

jim0266 | May 19, 2019

@marktrosen I seem to have the same issue. I'm on 2109.12.1.2. Yesterday after we parked on a trip I walked away from the car. It locked and turned off. I had my wife go back to the car without a keycard, and had her walk around the car. The lights came on and she could see sentry mode active on the screen. Nowhere was this saved to my SSD drive. All other clips are being saved. I noticed the alert on my phone.

When we returned several hours later I did not touch the icon on the screen to save any clips. Do I need to do that after a Sentry event?

apodbdrs | May 19, 2019

With camera on, once sentry mode is activated, it automatically records any activity near your car in "safe clips" from the the cameras; front, right side rear and left side rear. For example, if there are three different events an hour apart, separate timestamps are created for each event. Very usefull. I really like the sentry feature. Also, an alert is shown on the Model 3 car display that there were "X" number of sentry events. Stopping recording by holding the camera icon for 5 seconds till the red light turns off, the USB flash drive can then be removed and the different be viewed on a computer.