$3K for FSD after purchase option

$3K for FSD after purchase option

I bought my X 100D back in late 2017, FSD just went back to $3K as an after purchase option.. Not a bad deal if you get the new computer board with the AI chip as well as FSD.

Wingz4life | March 2, 2019

I agree...and someone just mentioned that Elon said if you already have EAP, you can add FSD for $2k. I purchased last night for $3k, so ill give it a week and ask about the $1k difference. For $2k, it is a great deal that locks you in if more hardware is needed.

bob | March 2, 2019

I think this is great news - but... In some ways I think Tesla needs us more than we need them. The neural net needs lots of the hardware upgrades in the field for several months prior to going live with the FSD technology. This is a typical technology first adopter issue. My guess is we will see another price drop of this feature before it's actually live. Just my 2cents.

burdogg | March 2, 2019

What is even crazier now - anyone that didn't purchase FSD OR EAP can now get plain AP for $2,000 and FSD for another $3,000 - meaning FSD for those that didn't buy any of it are only paying $5,000 after the fact. Great deal. (This is due to the drop in price

I paid for FSD at $8,000 back in Dec 2016.

raffidesigns | March 2, 2019

@Wingz4life I’m going to wait a few more days. Elon did say it’ll take a few days for the system to correct to $2,000. I’ve heard some horror stories of Tesla’s refund being delayed. Even for vehicle returns.

airwaves60 | March 3, 2019

Where is the option to purchase FSD located on my Tesla account?

raffidesigns | March 3, 2019

@airwaves60 Once you click on manage under your vehicle’s VIN, scroll down to Autopilot Upgrades.

Wingz4life | March 3, 2019

Thanks raffi! I ordered too quickly for the fear of it going away at $3k. I’m not worried and know Tesla will refund me when the dust settles. Again, I think it is a fantastic deal at $2k and it will def go up from here on out imo.


anders | March 12, 2019

Strange, the FSD upgrade option is gone from my account. December 2018 MX.

Tropopause | March 12, 2019

I still see both AP and FSD for $2k and $3k for my 2018 Model 3. But I ain't doing it! Should be back to normal by Monday- $11k for both.

salman303 | May 26, 2019

In Switzerland, purchased EAP, still can't find the option to purchase FSD on my account. Also I think software updates are lagging here, still on 2019.8.3

MhoPower | May 28, 2019

Was this something that came and went? I have a lat '16 MX with EAP and upgrade to FSD currently shows $6k. I seem to remember in being $3k at the time I purchased the car.

jjgunn | May 29, 2019

MhoPower | May 28, 2019
Was this something that came and went?

However, if you purchased EAP -- you already have some of the FSD features.

It shouldn't cost $6k to get the rest of the package. Work with Tesla as your situation is unique to current purchasers.

MhoPower | May 30, 2019

Thanks jjgunn