Which model 3 is best in your opinion, for my needs

Which model 3 is best in your opinion, for my needs

I will be pulling the trigger on buying in a few months when I have the amount I wanted to put down as a down payment to keep my monthly payments where I want it. I live in Florida and my commute is roughly 36 miles round trip 5 and sometimes 6 days a week. I can charge at my house and there is a supercharger station about 40 minutes away if need be. I work at a car dealership and can charge there as well. My only big drive is occasionally Clearwater to be a beach bum and that is around 190 miles round trip and there is a supercharger in Tampa. Once every 2 years or so I go to NJ to visit my family graves and see old friends etc etc.

I do not really care about autopilot and I am not an audiophile nor do I really care about power seats. To me, a car is more about getting from A to B than anything else.

I am leaning towards the standard range because my commute isn't that long and I can supercharge when i go to the beach.

The only thing making me consider the mid range is the once every few year trip to NJ and possibly living in Florida and running the AC when its hot.



Bloob | March 3, 2019 <-- use this tool to see what your trips to NJ would look like with various models

jamilworm | March 3, 2019

It sounds like the SR is best suited for you, if you don't really care about the "luxury" elements. If you don't mind the manual seat adjustment and cloth material then definitely the SR is the way to go.

jamilworm | March 3, 2019

@Bloob - that tool is ok except that it doesn't have all the Model 3 configurations. I've been waiting for them to add the MR for a while.

apodbdrs | March 3, 2019

From what you wrote, I agree with jjamilworm.

Tesla2018 | March 3, 2019

If you go to NJ you can rent a car for $9 a day for up to 14 days if you pick it up in FL and drop it off up there around Apri to June since rental car companies want to get more cars up north for the summer. In Sept you can pick up a car in NJ and drive it down to FL since they want cars here for the winter tourists.

You can buy a cheap ticket on Frontier airlines or Spirit for about $70 for the other half of the trip. In addition, you have a car to drive when you are up thete, and if it breaks down along the way, you can call the rental company and get another car instead of wasting a few days at a repair shop.

Wormtown Kris | March 3, 2019

@steve4nj: $35k SR probably works fine for you. I would strongly consider +$2k for AP. TACC alone is a gamechanger, especially if you even infrequently encounter stop-and-go traffic. Personally I think +$2k more for the SR+ is worth it for the "more premium" interior and a good bit of extra range, but you'll have to decide if that is worth it to you. Good luck!

badaman | March 3, 2019

Why buy a Tesla and not Bolt to get full $7500 credit if all you want is an EV to get from point A to B?

swanson21 | March 3, 2019